The 10 Best Bread Knives Reviews in 2019

Baking loaves of bread at home saves you some few bucks while giving you the freedom to customize your pastries to desired size and flavors. Just like the commercially sold bread, you will be required to slice it into sizeable slices and to achieve this; you will need a quality bread knife which will not only slice the bread with high precision but also comfy and durable.

While some of the brands are designed to serve you for generations to come, others will not withstand the test of time. This can be costly but with these 10 best bread knives, you will enjoy the versatility of a bread knife by not only slicing bread but also fruits, tomatoes, cabbages among others. In this review, we have also done a shopping guide on what makes a quality bread knife. 

Best Pick

Chicago Cutlery Serrated Bread Knife

Chicago Cutlery Serrated Bread Knife managed to score the first position making it our best pick. The knife features a 10- inch high carbon stainless steel blade which is resistant to stain, rust and pitting. Its handle is well contoured and triple riveted with brass for stability and style making it easy for you to slice your bread with ease.

Budget Pick

Pure Komachi Bread Knife

Pure Komachi Bread Knife is our budget pick. The knife is affordable, versatile and lightweight. Its blade is made of high carbon stainless steel for a super sharp cutting edge which retains sharpness for long. Its handle is ergonomically designed to offer you a secure and comfy grip even when used for an extended period.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Bread Knives

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1. Chicago Cutlery Serrated Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Has superior quality high carbon stainless steel blade for precision cutting
  • A rustproof blade which is stain-free and pitting resistant
  • Comfy handle with triple brass rivets for added stability
  • 10-inch serrated blade for bringing style in your kitchen

Being a leading producer for quality kitchen utensils, Chicago has not disappointed its customers. The knife is crafted to make your kitchen life easy and fun. Its blade is made of high carbon stainless steel which is rustproof, stain-free and resistant to pitting. A 25-degree taper grind edge provides unmatched sharpness required to slice your bread effortlessly.

Boasting of its full metal tang and triple brass rivets, this knife gives you full control and stability. Its handle is ergonomically designed to offer you comfort all the time making the preparation of your meals enjoyable. That's not all; the knife also has a classy look which brings a luxurious touch to your kitchen.

It also comes with a full-time warranty which is a sure sign of quality. Overall, Chicago bread knife is a superior quality cutlery which can be a great addition to any kitchen. The knife has great features which you cannot be found in any ordinary knife. It is designed to withstand the test of time giving you the freedom to own one without breaking the bank.

2. Pure Komachi Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and comfy handle
  • A superior quality blade which retains its precision
  • Corrosion resistant blade

This Pure Komachi bread knife is specially designed to make your cutting hassle-free. Its high carbon stainless steel blade retains its sharpness for an extended period. Its handle is professionally contoured to fit on your palm while providing a comfy and secure grip even for extended use.

The knife has an FDA approved resin coating which is corrosion resistant and facilitates easy cleaning. Overall, Pure Komachi bread knife is elegant and finely crafted with a fatigue reducing handle and a high-quality rust-resistant blade.

3. ORBLUE Serrated Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch ultra- sharp blade
  • Features one-piece design for increased durability
  • 2.2 and 0.1 thick stainless steel blade which cuts with zero resistance

Slicing thick bread has never been easy but with this ORBLUE knife, you can now size your crunchy bread, pastries, tomatoes, cakes, bagels, and pineapples effortlessly. Thanks to its 8-inch ultra-sharp serrated blade which gives a clean cut without tearing.

The blade boasts of 2.2 and 0.1 mm thickness which helps deliver more precise and clean slices. Unlike any other ordinary knife which has screws which loosen with time, this ORBLUE bread knife features a one-piece design so you do not have to worry about wear and tear of the screws.

Overall, ORBLUE serrated bread knife is crafted to make your kitchen life easy. Its blade delivers clean cuts with high precision effortlessly making it one of the best bread cutting knives.

4. Victorinox Serrated Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra sharp serrated blade for high precision cuts
  • Comfy and slip resistant handle
  • 10.25 inches long

Since 1884, Victorinox has supplied the market with quality products that stand out from its peers and this knife is not an exception. It features a serrated blade which allows you to cut almost everything effortlessly while delivering great results and clean cuts.

The knife is professionally designed for both professional and everyday user who may be in need of a super quality slicing knife.  Though it is sold as a bread knife, you will enjoy versatility like no other by utilizing it to cut your vegetables, delicate fruits, sandwiches, and crispy bread without tearing or squeezing the delicate interior.

Its Fibrox Pro handle is ergonomically designed to offer you a secure and comfortable grip making the preparation of your meals easy. In addition, the handle is also well contoured and lightweight giving you the freedom to use it for long hours.

Victorinox serrated bread knife is NSF certified to have met all the sanitary standards a great reason why you should perform your cuts with confidence. Most professionals have used this knife without disappointment which makes it one of the best bread knives ever.


Highlighted Features

  • Delivers great performance with high precision
  • Ergonomically designed handle for added solace
  • Contains 67% high carbon steel which does not require any sharpening
  • Has a classy G10 black Handle which is triple riveted for extended lifespan

This ZELITE INFINITY bread knife is constructed using a premium quality Japanese steel which has a 67% high carbon steel layer which maintains high precision without calling for honing. The blade is rust and stain resistant which saves your time while keeping high hygienic standards.  A classic black G10 handle is triple riveted to the full forged metal Tang for extra strength and increased durability.

The handle is ergonomically designed to offer comfort and balance the 8-inch AUS-serrated blade.  Regardless of whether you are cutting crunchy bread, bagels, cakes, soft fruits, or tomatoes, ZELITE knife will deliver clean cuts without tearing or squishing effortlessly.

Its performance has wowed professional chefs worldwide which makes ZELITE INFINITY probably the best bread knife in the world. The series has set the standard on the industry by impressing customers with its style and performance.

Its price may make you think it’s of cheap quality but it’s not. You do not need to break the bank to own one which gives you every reason to customize your meals and surprise your guests with finely and visually stunning pieces.

6. ZYLISS Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Soft and comfortable handle with a secure grip
  • High carbon stainless steel blade which stays sharp for long
  • Ideal for cutting crunchy bread, pastries, squash, and large lemons
  • Has a blade guard for user safety

For over 50 years ZYLISS have crafted products that stood out from its peers. And before every ZYLISS product is released in the market, it undergoes stringent inspection to ensure it has met all the required thresholds and this bread knife has not been left out. It has been designed to make your kitchen life simple. With its high carbon stainless steel, you can enjoy precision cuts without tearing.

Its handle boasts of a soft rubberized grip which offers a comfy and secure clutch while maintaining stability, control and reducing fatigue levels. It is also dishwasher safe which makes clean up a snap. Has a blade guard which prevents the blade from injuring your hands when traveling or picking it from storage.  

Overall, ZYLISS bread knife is a quality and professionally crafted knife for easing your cutting woes. It features a sharp-edged blade with an ergonomic handle for making your kitchen life simple.

7. J.A. Henckels 31467-201 Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch blade with large serrations for cutting through the hardest crust easily
  • Designed with high carbon stainless steel for durability
  • Comfy polypropylene handle with a satin finish for better control and elegance

If you may be looking for the best bread knife for hard crust then you should give this J.A Henckels a try. The knife features an ultra -sharp edge with high carbon stamped German stainless steel for precision cutting even through the hardest crust.

Its blade is 8-inches long with big serrations for convenience even when slicing bigger bread. Its handle is made of black polypropylene with a satin finish with triple-riveting for bringing style and durability. A complete visible tang design offers full control and balance enabling you to cut your pastries, bread, tomatoes and delicate fruits effortlessly. It is dishwasher safe making its maintenance easy.

8. Victorinox Cutlery Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Comfy propylene handle
  • High carbon stainless steel blade which can be re-sharpened for long
  • Has finger guard for user safety

With a high carbon stainless steel blade which can be honed over and over again, Victorinox bread knife delivers great performance with its wavy edge which enables you to slice your bread easily. Its ergonomic handle is built to withstand regular use while offering a comfy and secure grip.

When your hands get wet, or greasy, you do not have to worry because this knife has a finger guard for preventing any accidental slips when your hand is not at its best. Once you are through, you can easily toss your knife in a dishwasher. With this knife, you will enjoy craftsmanship and greatness of a bread knife at its best.

9. Wusthof Classic Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Superior quality blade
  • Ergonomic handle with triple-riveting
  • Cuts through hard crusts without crushing or tearing

Designed with special steel, this Wusthof knife is designed to deliver unrivaled performance. Its stainless steel blade is forged from high carbon steel which is tempered to ensure maximum strength and durability. The blade maintains its sharpness for long without calling for sharpening giving you the freedom to keep entertaining your family and friends with visually stunning pieces.

Unlike other ordinary knives which cannot cut through hard crusts, this Wusthof 10-inch serrated series will deliver unmatched performance even for the hardest to slice pieces. Its handle is triple riveted for increased strength and stability.

Though it costs slightly higher, it is worth it. The knife is designed with attention to detail to ensure you enjoy using it even for extended hours or for hard to slice pieces.

10. Imarku Bread Knife

Highlighted Features

  • An ultra-sharp ceramic blade which hardly requires sharpening
  • An ergonomic handle which gives you full control
  • Comes with a protective sheath, cookbook, and an elegant gift box

Cut through hot bread, tomatoes, veggies, and fruits effortlessly without tearing or crushing them with this amazing Imarku bread knife. Featuring an ultra-sharp ceramic blade which is 15 times sharp as compared to stainless steel and does not stain, rust, nor absorb oils, salts, and acids keeping it looking great.

Enjoy efficiency and convenience with its professionally balanced ergonomic handle which provides optimal support needed to get the job done. A protective sheath is included for easy storage.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bread Knife

Degree of sharpness

Most people think that an ultra-sharp knife is risky to use and chances are you may end up injuring yourself, but this is not true. Struggling to cut with a blunt knife can increase your chances of injuring your fingers than an ultra-sharp one. This is because a blunt knife can slip due to excessive force.

A sharp knife allows you to cut effortlessly without using force. The sharpness of a knife is usually determined by how hard the steel is. Note that hard steel can be challenging to sharpen as well as retaining its cutting precision. While a hard knife becomes blunt easily, buying light steel is also not good. A balance is better. 


One of the factors which reduce the durability of a knife is the materials used. Most of the popularly used materials include stainless steel, ceramic, and high carbon Normally, stainless knives tend to last longer. One way of determining whether a knife is stainless steel or not is by checking out if the description requires you to use oil. Stainless knives are rust resistant and only need proper cleaning to keep them in good physical shape.

Some manufacturers will use high carbon steel which is stronger and studier as compared to stainless steel but require proper care. With proper maintenance, carbon steel knives can last longer. Ceramic knives, on the other hand, are more durable compared to stainless steel and high carbon models. They are strong and resistant to rust but are hard to sharpen when they become blunt.  Be aware of manufacturers who do not mention their steel type.

Blade length

The length of your knife blade determines your experience when cutting your bread. Anything from 8 –inches long and above is a great pick for cutting big sized bread as well as small sized ones.


A good bread knife should cut through with high precision without calling for much strain. While a serrated knife is a great pick for slicing bread evenly, thinner blades give more clean cuts as compared to thicker ones.


A bread knife can be used not only in cutting bread but also other types of foods like vegetables, pastries, bagels, and delicate fruit among others. While they are multipurpose, not every model will allow you to cut everything. If you need one which can allow you to enjoy versatility without impacting on its quality then you should know in advance what you can do with it.


Most people pay more attention to knife quality that they forget to look at its weight. Though the bulkiness of your bread knife does not play any part on its precision, it plays a role in how fast you will get fatigued. A heavy knife will strain your hand, especially when used for extended hours. Always go for models that are lightweight.

User safety

When using your knife, it may accidentally slip out of your hand especially when your hands are greasy or wet exposing you to injuries. Models with finger guard or offer a secure grip even when the hands are greasy help improve your safety leaving you to do what you do best; prepare your meals.

Ease of maintenance

Like any other cutlery in your kitchen, bread knives require proper maintenance and this may differ depending on the materials used. However, most models will require you to hand wash the knife and dry it but others may require oil to prevent oxidation from taking place. Dishwasher safe knives will make cleaning a snap.

Storage is also part of maintaining your knife. Some manufacturers may include a sheath for protecting the knife from any moisture and for preventing any chances of injuring your hand. This feature is also essential for those who may be looking for a knife to travel around.


Depending on the brand you choose, you will notice that the warranty period differ. Choosing a knife that comes with a lifetime warranty will give you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the appropriate time to slice your bread?

When you remove your bread from the oven, you will be hit by a strong sweet aroma which can be tempting. But at that stage, it is not highly recommended to slice it while hot. You will need to wait for one to two hours for the starch to cool down.  Though it may smell sweet consuming it while hot, will not be in a position to enjoy some of the hidden flavors.

Can I cut bread with any knife?

Bread crust is hard to cut it with the regular kitchen knife and will require you to use force which will eventually tear it or deform it. This is where a bread knife comes in. Unlike your kitchen knife which has a straight edge; a bread knife has a wavy or serrated edge.

The serrated blade perfectly scores the bread with zero clearance giving you even and clean slices without tearing or squeezing it.

Can a bread knife be sharpened?

Just like your regular kitchen knife, your bread knife will require sharpening from time to time. Note that not every model out there will call for sharpening. Some brands have ultra-sharp blades which hardly call for sharpening.

When using your knife, you should keep track of its performance to know when it needs sharpening. The best way of sharpening your knife is by using a ceramic sharpening rod. The rod should match the size of your blade serrations otherwise it will bar you from honing it.

Electric sharpeners can also be used to hone your knife but with time it will lose its serration and is not highly recommended.

Who makes the best bread knife?

There are many brands out there and at times it can be hard to make a choice. But it is always a good idea to go for popular and leading manufacturers who have been in the industry for long. New brands are not bad to give them a try but you should be careful.

Choose your preferred bread knife depending on your needs. All the above models vary but are of high quality if only chosen depending on your personal preferences.

Final verdict

Slicing bread may seem so easy and simple but if you do not have the right tool for the job, you will always be disappointed with the results. Surprise your family and guests with visually stunning pieces by taking advantage of our top best bread knives which have been carefully selected and tested to help end your kitchen woes.
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