The 8 Best Broiler Pan Reviews in 2019

Broiler pans can be an ideal choice for those who intend to shift to healthy eating choices. A broiler pan is basically designed for oven use and ensures that all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins remain intact in the food while cooking. As the heat reflects in these pans from the top, this ensures that the food items are cooked evenly throughout.  

If you are a cooking perfectionist and intend to add broiler pans to your kitchen collection, then this review shall certainly prove to be a motivation. As broiler pans can cook meat with least amount of oil, you can be assured that this will reflect on your health in a positive manner. In this review, we have identified some of the best broiler pans available so that you can choose the right one for your kitchen.   

If you are looking for a healthier cooking technique, then you need to get a broiler pan today. 

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Broiler Pans

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1. Granite Ware Bake, Broil & Grill Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Cooks evenly and browns better
  • Dark interior absorbs oven’s energy evenly
  • Steel core distributes heat evenly
  • Can grill, broil and bake using this set
  • Porcelain enamel surface in naturally nonstick, non-porous and inert
  • Baking pans and roasters are free from PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals

This 3-piece set from Granite comprises of a perforated tray, a grill rack and a roasting pan. What we love about this set is the choice of base material. All the three pieces consist of a carbon steel core which is both strong and light. The material has amazing heat retention properties which cooks the food faster and enhances the energy efficiency of the entire process.

The external layer features enamel which is perfectly healthy and nonstick. It does not release any toxic chemical to your food while cooking. The pan comprises of porcelain which has been fused masterfully with steel thereby producing an inert glass surface that is nonstick naturally and also dishwasher safe.

The perforated tray is ideal for vegetables which makes the grill rack perfect for meat preparation. Made in the USA, this granite ware cooks evenly and roasts better than any other conventional roaster.


  • Versatile for cooking fish, vegetables and meat
  • Plus Circle
    Cooks meals evenly
  • Plus Circle
    Features superior quality carbon steel core
  • Plus Circle
    Is sturdy and safe to use
  • Plus Circle
    Has right dimensions and size to fit in all kinds of oven 


  • Less fall resistive
  • Porcelain can chip if dropped

2. Range Kleen Porcelain Broil & Bake Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Pan and grill rack made from superior materials
  • Materials used are of OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] quality
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Ideal for vegetables, fish and meat
  • Can be used for both grilling and baking
  • Materials are dishwasher safe

This is a user-friendly broiler pan and grill rack set that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cooking. The set has been designed with heavy-duty porcelain steel which is perfect for cooking fish, vegetables and meat. The grill grate takes away the excess fat from the meat.

The Range Kleen broiler pan can be used as a baking dish as well to bake some of your favorite savories. The porcelain finish ensures that the surface is nonstick and requires little grease for cooking your food to perfection. This product can be cleaned with convenience and ease. It is dishwasher safe.

Range Kleen broiler set comes with a pan and a rack set to offer your convenience while cooking. You would be quite satisfied with the usefulness and quality of the product. The core material is heavy duty stainless steel which imparts toughness to the design.

We absolutely love the size of the broiler pan which is apt for home use. It is neither too large nor small. It is perfectly medium that can fit into all kinds of oven and offers appropriate cooking surface area for vegetables, fish and meat. This user-friendly broiler set also offers some scope for outdoor cooking. The choice of material and the design makes it just perfect for both outdoor and indoor cooking. The heavy duty porcelain steel makes your task easier. 


  • Plus Circle
    Designed for healthy cooking
  • Plus Circle
    Size convenient enough to ensure portability
  • Plus Circle
    Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking


  • Not ideal for cooking large meats
  • There have been reports of coat chipping with regular use

3. Nordic Ware 42210 Toaster Oven 2-Piece Broiler Metalic Gold

Highlighted Features

  • Safe for use in toaster ovens
  • Great for use on RV and camping stoves
  • Nonstick finish ensures easy food release and also cleanup
  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • Made in the USA except the broiling rack that is made in China

This Nordic Ware toaster oven 2-piece broiler set is perfect for use with RV stoves, toaster ovens and camping stoves. The nonstick surface finish makes it a popular choice for outdoor trips. The product is lightweight and hence facilitates portability and outdoor cooking.

Nordic Ware 42210 broiler set is durable. The cooking surface is sufficient to prepare dishes of small proportion and light meals. It is perfect for single use and for preparing snacks. It is also travel friendly. Cleaning it is simple. One just needs to wash it with a mild dishwashing liquid.

Nordic Ware 42210 broiler set does not consume much space in your kitchen cabinet. It has been sizes for small spaces and for easy storage. It can be used in both regular and toaster ovens. You can cook or broil your favorite meals in a toaster oven, electric grill, RV or camp stove suing Nordic Ware Broiler pan set.


  • Perfect for outdoor recreational cooking
  • Plus Circle
    Is conveniently sized for portability
  • Plus Circle
    Consumes less space during storage
  • Plus Circle
    Maintenance is easy


  • Is not dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for cooking large meals

4. Norpro 273 Broil & Roast Pan Set

Highlighted Features

  • Consists of two-piece stainless steel broiler/roast pan
  • Perforation allows grease to drain off while cooking for healthier results
  • Made of stainless steel for durability and strength
  • Idea for use with shellfish, vegetables, breads, boneless chicken, rib and loin cuts of meat

The Norpro 273 Broil and Roast pan set is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of healthy cooking. The materials used in the designing are such that it promotes healthy cooking. Norpro pan set is made of stainless steel and consists of perforated top so that the surface is non-sticky.

Norpro set requires minimal amount of oil while cooking which makes it a healthy choice for broiler pans. The grease drains off because of the perforation. This implies that a great amount of meat fat is taken away from the food. The set is quite durable and is also dishwasher safe.

This petite broiler set is constructed from stainless steel which imparts it durability and strength. This set is enough to cook one or two servings of food. This product is from Taiwan. This might not be the right product for large families.


  • Design perfect for healthy cooking
  • Plus Circle
    Perforation takes away extra fat
  • Plus Circle
    Small cooking surface area


  • Not suitable for large families

5. GE WB 48X10056 Range Broil Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturers parts used in the designing
  • Broil pan catches dripping from broiling foods
  • Is fairly large
  • Can cook vegetables, fish and meat
  • Features quality and solid construction

This broiler pan clearly justifies the brand name. The GE pan has been made from black ceramic which renders a solid feel to the design. The design consists of numerous slits and serrations that ensure that the cooking process is perfect every single time.

There is no way one can question the cooking capabilities of this set. You can easily cook veggies, seafood and meat in this broiler. Cleaning can be accomplished by washing with a non-scratch sponge soaked in regular dishwashing liquid. The set can withstand temperature of up to 500º with no issues.

If you love broiling and are looking for a model than can cater to large families, then you will truly enjoy this broiler pan. If we look at its dimensions, it is 13 inches deep and 17 inches wide. It is more than enough to cater to the needs of both large and small families. You can match the GE part number with your oven to check if it will fit into your oven model or not.


  • Sports an elegant design
  • Plus Circle
    Works well with GE ovens
  • Plus Circle
    Can tolerate high temperatures


  • Is difficult to clean manually because of the complex designing
  • Food might stick to the surface

6. Granite Ware Roaster/Broiler Set

Highlighted Features

  • Strong carbon steel construction
  • Safer in comparison to foil type pans
  • Is drop resistive
  • Features a nonstick surface

Made in the USA, this Granite Ware roaster is immensely popular for even cooking and for browning better when compared to other roasters. Designed from carbon steel, this roaster set has a sturdy construction. Porcelain has been fused with steel to produce an inert and non-porous glass surface that is non-stick.

Porcelain can chip if dropped but it does not alter the effectiveness of the cookware in any manner. The porcelain surface in nonstick and has no harmful chemicals. The best thing is that the set is dishwasher safe and hence you do not have to worry about its maintenance.

The heat distribution mechanism is something that we are fond of. The pan cooks your meat evenly throughout. This imparts a great texture to your meat. The cooking surface is 19 by 12 inches which is quite huge in terms of surface area. This implies you can cook meals of large quantities of in no time.


  • Even heat distribution mechanism
  • Plus Circle
    Permits easy cleaning
  • Plus Circle
    Offers a large cooking surface area
  • Plus Circle
    Innovative designs helps meat browns better


  • May not fit in small sized ovens

7. Nordic Ware Broiler & Pan Set

Highlighted Features

  • 2-piece broiler set for broiling vegetables, fish and poultry
  • Includes a multi-purpose baking/drip pan
  • Quality cookware can stand the test of time 

This pan set features a state-of-the-art design for meeting your broiling requirements. This pan features a tri-ply construction that has been specially formulated. It comprises of a carbon steel core that consists of two layers of aluminum for even and quick heating. It also allows efficient heat retention.

The nonstick coating ensures easy cleanup and use. You can put it in a dishwasher for cleaning or can choose to clean it with a dishwashing liquid. The latter option should be prioritized while cleaning as it prolongs the life of the product. The side handles help you move around the pan with much ease.

The slotted rack drains oils and fats from food into the pan below thereby making your recipes healthier. This Nordic Broiler pan set ensures flawless broiling of pork, chicken, fish and beef every time. Affordably priced, this set aims to help the users create quality food. Sized spaciously, this is a great pan set for cooking a healthy family meal.


  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Plus Circle
    Made in the USA
  • Plus Circle
    Is sized spaciously


  • May not fit small sized oven

8. Frigidaire 5304442087 Range/Stove/Oven Broiler Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Features a nonstick coating
  • Is aesthetically designed
  • Is spacious and can cook meals for a large family

Frigidaire is a reputed brand known for offering reliable products for kitchens. The non-stick porcelain exterior works exceptionally. The food slides off easily without sticking to the surface even when you do not use any cooking oil.

The best thing about Frigidaire 5304442087 pan is that it is easy to clean. You just need to soak the pan in soapy water and scrub it off after sometime. You can also clean it in a dishwasher but there is a problem of the surface chipping associated with it.

Frigidaire 5304442087 can cook large amount of food at a time. It can also take risk of constant meals during holiday season owing to its sturdy construction and due to the thick porcelain coated surface. Another advantage of porcelain surface is that it distributes heat evenly throughout for cooking food evenly.


  • Features sturdy construction
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a top tray and a scraper 


  • Coating may peel off with time
  • Some users have reported discoloration on the surface with regular use
  • Is quite expensive when compared to similar products

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Broiler Pan

Materials used in construction 

It is essential to look into the materials used in designed a broiler pan. This is because its overall strength is dependent on the kind of material used. It also hints about the overall heat management. You can also identify whether the materials used for cooking are safe or not.

The best choice would be to go for steel or carbon core material for efficient heat retention. Those looking for a nonstick surface should go for a porcelain surface. Aluminum renders attractiveness to the pan but requires secondary layers for heat retention as well as for heat absorption capacity.


Versatility hints the kind of items that you can cook using broiler pans. There are certain pans available in the market that is ideal for preparing meat only. Then there are others that are ideal for snacks. All-purpose models are also available that can be used for cooking fish, vegetables and meat. You can go for the model depending on your requirement.

Cleaning & Maintenance  

If you do not want to spend your free time scrubbing away at the sink, then you can consider going for designs that are dishwasher safe. However, it is not safe to clean porcelain surfaces in a dishwasher as the surface can chip. It is best to go for models that are easy to clean with mild dish washing liquid without having to put any additional efforts.   

Dimensions of the pan

Before settling for any design, it would be best to check out its dimensions.  This will help you understand the purpose that a particular design can serve in the kitchen. There are certain models that have been designed for travelers and individuals. These are small and lightweight. These are unsuitable for cooking large meals.

There are also other models that are ideal for cooking meals for larger families. However, you need to remember that these cannot fit into standard ovens. Hence, you should always look into the size of the pan and the cooking surface area being provided to you.

Checking this simple factor will prevent you from making any error while making a purchase. If you cook large meals regularly, then going for a small sized broiler would only offer inconvenience to you.   

Corrosion resistant and breakage 

Nobody on this planet would want to invest their time, money and energy in shopping for things that keep breaking constantly or become useless quickly over time. This is the reason why majority of people consider investing in high quality materials that are impervious to breakage and corrosion.

What people want is a pan that works and suitable for regular use. Hence, you need to spend some time in studying the features of pots and pans available so that you can invest in the right model which is apt for your kitchen needs.   

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