The 10 Best Cake Turntables in 2019

Cake turntables are spinnable platforms that can help you in getting around the cakes for consistent detailing and even icing without having to struggle much. Cake turntable is an essential tool for cake decorators. Seasoned cake decorators can benefit from these as these make decoration so much easier. Placing the cake on a spinner and turning it instead of walking around or lifting helps you place the designs with much ease. You achieve even and smooth surfaces faster. Not any cake spinner model available in the market will do the job.

We have specified the factors to consider before buying the best cake turntable in this review so that you can take wise decisions.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best cake turntables

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1. Ateco 612 revolving cake decorating stand

Highlighted Features

  • Made from durable cast iron and aluminum
  • The base has a durable powder coat finish
  • The top has a diameter of 12 inches
  • Comes with a non-slip pad
  • Made in USA

This revolving cake stand from Ateco is a perfect tool for decorating cakes. The base of this stand has been made from cast iron and features a durable powder coat finish. The top is of 12 inch diameter and 0.125 inch in thickness. The entire unit stands five inches high. The set comes with non-slip pads.

This cake decorating stand comes from a top brand that has been offering kitchen solutions for over a century. This cake turntable is the best when it comes to longevity. The cast iron base renders this turntable strong. You will not experience any shaking or undesirable tilting while using this stand.

The base of this stand is lighter yet sturdy. This makes it easier to transport it. Also, the base is lined with non-slip rubber. This helps in securing the stand in its position. The nonslip pad prevents the cake from falling or sliding while decorating.


  • Plus Circle
    Spins perfectly
  • Plus Circle
    Has been beautifully designed with a nice finish
  • Plus Circle
    Features a nonslip rubber base


  • The model is not detachable for cleaning purposes
  • When you turn the top, it keeps going freely on own and has to be held to make intricate decorations at any point

2. Kootek rotating cake turntable

Highlighted Features

  • Hidden ball bearing turns the table smoothly
  • Platform rotates either in counterclockwise or clockwise direction
  • Ideal for both right handed and left handed decorators
  • Comes with two stainless steel icing spatulas
  • Is ideal for spreading crumb layer smoothly and evenly

This is yet another incredible turntable available in the market. This inexpensive model does not compromise with performance in any manner. If you want to design your cakes perfectly on the sides or the top, then this package from Kootek is all you need. You are offered a turntable, two stainless steel spatulas, a decorating comb and three smoothers.

The concealed ball bearings underneath the top ensure smooth rotation thereby letting you design your cakes effortlessly. The top measures 11 inches in diameter. You will have to use a board if you want to decorate cakes of a larger diameter. Kootek turntable spins quietly thereby letting you work with peace of mind.

You need to remember that this turntable is just basic and does not come with a brake feature for locking in the plate. However, the best thing is that this plate does not really move unless you move it. The spinner is dishwasher safe and is made from high-grade plastic. This turntable would offer you years of seamless service owing to its great quality.


  • Ideal for making layered cakes
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with an icing smoother and decorating comb
  • Plus Circle
    Top measures 11 inches in diameter


  • Ball bearings rust after regular use

3. Ohuhu revolving cake turntable

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy
  • Features a beautiful glossy finish
  • Stainless steel bearings ensure smooth turning
  • Features nonslip surface and base

This high quality metal turntable can prove to be a great option if you are looking for a good looking yet robust cake spinner. This cake turntable has been designed from high-grade aluminum alloy. This further translates into a high degree of sturdiness which would offer uninterrupted service for years to come.

A product backed by a warranty is a sign that the makers have faith in their offering. This cake turntable is backed by 1-month money back guarantee. You are also offered a 1-year replacement warranty over this product. This tool weighs just 5.5 pounds and is light enough to move from one place to another. Yet, it is heavy enough to prevent the machine from moving while in use.

If you are looking for a turntable that is easy to use and also portable, then you should go for this Ohuhu revolving cake turntable. The aesthetics and the quality of this tool is something that you would be proud of while using it. The glossy finish renders this cake turntable beautiful. The smooth finish makes cleaning easier.

Both the surface and the base of this turntable are non-slip. This ensures that your cake is secure in its position while sitting on the tool. The chances of tumbling and slipping are minimal. The special thing about this turntable is that it is FDA-approved. Hence, you can use this revolving table being assured that it is totally safe to use.


  • Is FDA-approved
  • Plus Circle
    Top is 12 inches in diameter
  • Plus Circle
    Nonslip platform secures the cake in position while decorating


  • Spins easily and does not stay still for long  

4. Kootek aluminum alloy revolving cake turntable

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from heavy duty aluminum alloy
  • Offers excellent stability on countertops while designing
  • Rubber feet and nonslip surface prevents the cake stand from moving
  • Comes with an icing smoother and three decorating combs
  • Stainless steel cutter lets you cut and serve the cake easily

Kootek cake stand is a wonderful kitchen accessory for both amateurs and advanced bakers. This turntable’s base has been made from aluminum alloy of high grade and is enhanced with a nice finish. The top has been made from stainless steel. The glossy effect makes it really attractive. The base has a beautiful brown lining.

The rubberized lining not just enhances the looks of the tool but also prevents the turntable from sliding so that you can work peacefully without struggling. This revolving cake turntable is not just beautiful but also features a high-quality construction. This cake turntable would remain functional and intact for several years to come.

The top is made from stainless steel which is naturally associated with strength and durability. The top of this turntable is non-stick. The top is also non-toxic and resistant to corrosion. The LFGB certifies this turntable to be safe for food preparation. This package comes with three decorating combs, a server and two spatulas.


  • Plus Circle
    Tools are strong, durable and corrosion resistance
  • Plus Circle
    Is LFGB approved and non-toxic
  • Plus Circle
    Backed by money-back guarantee by the makers
  • Plus Circle
    Rotates 360º both clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Plus Circle
    Icing spatula spreads icing evenly


  • Features solid construction but gets scratched easily 

5. Cake decorating turntable by Sindh

Highlighted Features

  • Turntable rotates smoothly on its axis on either sides
  • Comes with three icing smoother and two icing spatula
  • Features a nonslip platform

Are you looking for an easy way to decorate your designer cakes from different angles without getting stressed easily? This cake decorating turntable by Sindh is all you need for decorating your cakes. The rotating plate moves fluidly. The plate is not exceedingly loose despite having a no locking mechanism in place.

There is a lubricating ring present between the rotating plate and the base. This helps the turntable to move smoothly in either direction. Made from food grade materials, this turntable is odorless, non-toxic and safe to use. Your cake does not slide easily on the top so that you can decorate your cakes to perfection.

The Sindh cake turntable is light. The surface is durable, smooth and corrosion resistant. The top features a non-slip surface. You get two icing spatulas and three icing smoothers along with this turntable.


  • Plus Circle
    The top doesn’t lock in place but isn’t loose
  • Plus Circle
    Is sturdy enough for designing a multilayer cake


  • The turntable wobbles while turning it slowly

6. Cakes of Eden ForeverSmooth Cake Turntable

Highlighted Features

  • 12” smooth rotating turntable
  • Features rubber nonslip feet
  • Comes with a 12” silver cake board that lets you transfers cake with much ease
  • Features durable ball bearings

The ForeverSmooth cake turntable glides quietly and effortlessly in either direction even while frosting heavy multi-tiered cakes. This ultimate cake decorating set is perfect for all those who love baking. This 5-piece premium set makes cake decoration quite easier. You do not have to strain your wrist and neck to frost spots that are hard to reach.

You can effortlessly frost, trim and combine your icing perfectly with this complete cake decoration set. This premium quality cake decorating table uses durable ball bearings to run the turntable smoothly and quietly. This product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. The three-inch nonslip base prevents the turntable from wobbling while in use. This sturdy revolving table is sturdy and moves smoothly and quietly.

The best thing about this cake turntable is that it is backed by 100 percent money back guarantee. This hints of the confidence that the makers have in their product.


  • Icing combs lets you design easy and quick frosted design
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a locking switch
  • Plus Circle
    Includes everything you need for professional cake decoration


  • The plastic top is thin and bends easily

7. Cake Boss decorating tools Plastic Cake Decorating Turntable

Highlighted Features

  • Helps spread icing evenly on cakes and other baked goods
  • Features a fun retro design
  • Also doubles as a cake stand
  • Features bearings made from stainless steel

If you are looking for a complete cake decorating set, then you need to go for Cake Boss decorating tools. The turntable in this set features a retro-inspired design. The fun white and red color scheme would remind you of kitchen accessories from 1950s. Made from lightweight plastic, the turntable comes with a locking switch that holds it steady while decorating. The table rotates in both directions.

The rubber gripped feet keeps the turntable steady on the counter. The ball bearings cut down the noise and ensure that the table top rotates smoothly. The platform features a rubberized ring to keep the layers steady while smoothing and frosting. The turntable can be cleaned effortlessly.

This set lets you pipe or frost beautiful icing using the indispensable decorating tools. This decorating turntable makes it easier for bakers of all levels to decorate baked goods. All you need to do is learn to hold piping bag in one hand and gently rotate the turntable with the other hand to decorate the cake like a professional cake designer.

The non-skid base secures the entire turntable in position while designing. The convenient switch locks the turntable surface in position while decorating.


  • Lockable switch prevents the turntable from moving while decorating


  • Plastic is light and not sturdy
  • Cake boards don’t adhere to the platform and may topple off if not careful

8. Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Cake Turntable

Highlighted Features

  • Features an impressive tilting mechanism
  • Base is weight balanced
  • Nonslip feet secure the turntable on the work surface
  • Nonslip soft grip on the top plate secures the cake in its place
  • Tilting mechanism is controlled by large push buttons

Do you struggle to impart a smooth frosting to your baked cake? If yes, then the Wilton Tilt-N-Turn cake turntable will make your task easier. This decorating cake stand features a nonslip surface and secures your cake in position firmly without letting it slide. The feet are as well nonslip and prevent the turntable from moving about.

The base is weight-balance which prevents undesirable tilting while decorating the cake. The rotating mechanism is seamless and smooth. This makes it easier for even a beginner to frost the cake with much ease. The spinner’s top can be removed effortlessly from this turntable. This implies that the spinner can be washed off easily and you do not have to wash the entire unit every time.

There is a button on the machine that can be utilized to control the plate position in eighteen different ways. You can tilt it easily for decorating your cake the way you desire. The push button lets you secure the device in a comfortable position regardless of you being a left or right handed individual.

The turntable is sturdy and made from heavy-duty plastic. This turntable can accommodate cake boards that are larger than 12-inch diameter. You can use this revolving table for designing round cakes, standard cakes and also 3D shaped cakes.


  • Provides 18 different secure plate positions
  • Plus Circle
    Is perfect for adding details like writing, bordering and placing cut out designs
  • Plus Circle
    Ensures smooth turning in both sides
  • Plus Circle
    Can accommodate cake boards that are larger than 12 inch in diameter


  • The grip on the tilt part does really work well

9. Topeka Trading Company Rotating Cake Decorating Turntable

Highlighted Features

  • Made from durable aluminum alloy
  • Features an excellent design with a nice finish
  • Height of 5.3 inches is good for comfortable use
  • Stable top and base

Topeka Trading Company offers highly durable turntable which prevents your cakes from slipping and cleans up in a snap. The smoothly gliding top rests on a stainless steel frame and features a rubber base that is nonslip. The wide base ensures stability while decorating cakes and cookies so that you can pipe intricate designs carefully.

This turntable is better than the plastic models in terms of durability and performance. The base is made from silicone and the body of the spinner is made from an aluminum alloy that is sturdy. The silicone base is nonslip and keeps the tool steady so that you can work comfortably.

The body looks extremely attractive as it is polished to a mirror finish. The top has a glossy silver finish while the base has a black finish. Cleaning is extremely easy because of polished surface. The pack includes useful items such as a smoother, two decoration combs and also a spatula.

The spatula is made from stainless steel and also features a plastic handle. The other two extras are made from high-grade plastic. All three not just look elegant but also perform exceptionally well. The diameter of the top is 12.2 inches and the base is 7 inches.


  • Features a nonslip base and surface
  • Plus Circle
    Textured surface lowers the possibility of slippage
  • Plus Circle
    Platform swivels in both directions
  • Plus Circle
    Promises reliable functionality  


  • Tends to wobble during usage  

10. SugarWorks Artists Cake Turntable

Highlighted Features

  • Made from highly durable food grade aluminum plate
  • Base has been designed wide to impart stability
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Made from stainless steel and aluminum

This innovative turntable is highly durable and made from food-grade aluminum. The work surface cleans up effortlessly and easily. It glides to full 360º on stainless steel bearing. The spinning speed of the turntable can be controlled by an easy-to-turn tension key. You can lock the rotating platform in place by tightening the key completely.

The wide base ensures a stable platform for flawless piping, decorating, sculpting and icing. This turntable is ideal for both beginners and professionals. This spinner is superior in comparison to what budget models can offer. The body of this turntable is made from food-grade aluminum. The material is sturdy and would last for years to come.

This turntable is nontoxic and is safe to use. This one does not pose issues of bending when you place any heavy object on it unlike plastic turntables. The sturdy stainless steel ball bearing facilitates fluidic movement without resulting in any annoying sounds. You can prepare heavy cakes of over 7 pounds with this sturdy metallic cake stand.

The diameter of this top is about 12 inches. If you intend to decorate larger cakes, then you can utilize a board. The speed key is a convenient and unique feature of this turntable. This component also lets you stop the plate and control the turning speeds.


  • Plus Circle
    Made from food grade materials
  • Plus Circle
    Stainless steel bearing ensure effortless spinning


  • Is slightly expensive when compared to other turntable models

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Cake Turntable


A good turntable always features an elevated top. The bigger a turntable is, the easier it becomes for you to work on your cake. You will not have to strain your back much while designing cakes if the top is elevated. Seasoned decorators recommend bakers to get turntables of atleast 5 inches so that the tool placed on the work table is closer to the eye level.   

Turning mechanism  

Certain models come with ball bearings to ensure a fluidic movement whereas some models lack this feature. It is better to go for model that features ball bearing mechanism as it ensures a smooth turning without any noise.  A good turning mechanism does not demand much oil and a single application goes a long way in offering hassle-free services for years.

Lock feature

A lock feature is a desirable aspect of a cake turntable. It offers you greater control over decoration and helps you adjust the speed controls while designing your cake. 


Some cake turntables tilt apart from rotating. These help you control the position of the top plate. This feature makes it incredibly easy for cake decorators to put their skills to great use.  


Turntables are usually made from stainless steel, aluminum, wood and plastic. Wood and hard plastic last long enough to permit you to master cake decoration. If you are looking for something that lasts really long, then you should go for designs made from aluminum or stainless steel. Models that are ideal for beginners are usually made from plastic while professional grade models are made from quality metal. 

Detachable top 

There are several turntable models that come with detachable tops. These can be detached from the unit easily and can be cleaned with much ease. You do not have to clean the entire unit after each task. You can simply detach the top plate and put it in a dishwasher or clean manually.  

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