The 10 Best Camping Cookwares in 2019

Refueling is extremely essential especially after a long day on the trail. If you are planning to nourish your body with healthy food and not freeze dried meals, then you need to carry a cooking set along. But do you know which cookware sets would prove to be the best for backpacking?

If you want to know the best backpacking cookware sets available in the market, then you are just at the right place. Our goal is to make this task easier for you by providing you a comprehensive review of the best options available. It can be a daunting task to select the best cookware for camping. We researched all the great options available in the market for hours before shortlisting the best sets that have been reviewed by us. All these sets have variations in features, weight, size and materials. 

We did a thorough assessment of the best camping cookware available in the market. You need to read further to dive into individual products that we have shortlisted and elaborated. We have specially considered all the vital things to consider before buying the best camping cookware available in the market.  

Different options exist based on what you intend to do. Some sets are quite basic and do not occupy much space. Others come with numerous pieces that give you a feeling like you are carrying your entire kitchen. We have presented the best options available and hope that you will find a suitable match apt for your camping trips.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Camping Cookware

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1. MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with single hiker in mind
  • Features a collapsible nesting design which makes it easy to store
  • Cooking surfaces are treated with nonstick material
  • Made from non-toxic anodized aluminum, wood and BPA free plastic materials

This compact cook set is all one needs for solo dining purposes. This inexpensive, feature-rich set is one of the lightest cookware mess kit that camping enthusiast can carry with them. This non-toxic anodized camping cook set is not just durable and compact but is also lightweight.

The MalloMe set does a great job when it comes to conducting heat and for speeding your cooking time. The bamboo spoons and foldable fork accompanying the set are quite sturdy. A small sponge has also been included in this mess kit for cleaning purposes.

The mess kit comprises of a pot cove, an anodized aluminum nonstick pot, a nonstick pan, a soup spoon, 2 bowls, a wooden spoon spatula, a folding stainless steel spork, a cleaning sponge as well as a Nylon travel bag with a drawstring pouch.

If you take a look at all the items being offered in the kit, you would realize that a lot has gone into creating this set. The MalloMe camping cookware set is quite affordable and is a must-have accessory for solo travelers.


  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Plus Circle
    Lightweight for backpacking
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a nice carry bag
  • Plus Circle
    Handles are sturdy and reduce burns and spillage
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a wood scraping tool and cleaning sponge


  • The cups are really small for adults

2. G4Free Outdoor Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Highlighted Features

  • The set comprises of a large pot, a small pot, and two pans
  • Both pans and pots features folding handles for compactness and space saving
  • Ideal for hiking, backpacking and camping
  • Offers additional space for carrying matches, stove, sponge and seasoning
  • Handle is foldable and features a silicone tube cover for protecting from burns 

If you have a large appetite or are camping in a group, then G4Free outdoor camping cookware mess kit can prove to be a great choice for you. This four piece set stacks easily into a mesh bag for easy storage. Although it is slightly bulkier when compared to other camping cookware, this one fits into a camping bag easily.

This set includes one small and a large pot and two frying pans. It comes with a mesh bag for storage. The pots have been made from lightweight aluminum that features a nonstick coating. The handles have also been made from aluminum and feature a rubberized coating.

This cooking set conducts heat quickly owing to the construction from non-toxic anodized aluminum of premium quality. Both the pan and pot have folding handles for ensuring compactness and for space saving. This set is just perfect for hiking, backpacking and camping.

After assembling, this cooking set has enough space to hold a stove, matches, a sponge, pepper, salt and other seasoning. Overall, the durability of this set is great and the handles are easy to grip.


  • Relatively easy to clean


  • Doesn’t come with serving utensils
  • Handles tend to become too hot especially near a camp fire

3. Stansport 360 Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Made of sturdy, high quality stainless steel with copper bottoms
  • Mess kit for individual backpackers, campers, cyclists and scouts
  • Safe to use as it is Lead and BPA free
  • Nests together entirely for easy transport and compactness
  • Includes a frying pan with locking handles, a boiling pot with lid and a stainless steel plate

If you are a single camper looking for a kit that offers both cookware and a dining dish, then you cannot go wrong with Stansport 360 Stainless Steel Mess Kit. This kit resembles exactly an old aluminum cookware set. However, it has been modeled after an army mess kit. This has dramatically improved its looks and the quality.

This set has been designed high-quality stainless steel. The copper bottom helps in heating quickly and for distributing the warmth in an even manner. This is the same blend found in high end all-clad pots and pans. The Stansport 360 Stainless Steel Mess Kit is perfect for an individual who wants to boil water, cook a meal and use a plate to eat a meal.

This mess kit is simple yet elegant. The dish, pan and pot would for years if you clean and maintain it as per the instructions provided.


  • Features rugged construction and lasts for years to come
  • Plus Circle
    Copper plating for spreading heat evenly
  • Plus Circle
    Compactness ensures easy transportation


  • Knob is too shallow on pot lid
  • The portion is too small for two persons

4. HealthPro Titanium 3-piece Hiking Mess Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from titanium for multi-functionality
  • Does not have a tendency to rust
  • Users can cook two items at once because of double boiler setup
  • Lid pan and pots can nestle together for compactness

If you are looking for a hiking mess kit that weighs lesser than a 12-ounce can of beer or soda, then you can consider this ProHealth HealthPro Hiking Mess Kit. Made from titanium, this cookware set conducts heat evenly and quickly thereby promising an efficient cooking session.

This HealthPro kit comes with two pots and a pan. The pan can also be inverted to be used as a lid for protecting your food. The pots can be used separately or can even be nestled together for creating a double boiler. All these items can be used as dinnerware.

You can triple your cooking efficiency and capability with this three-piece hiking mess kit. By pairing the pots with the lid pan, the makers have created a double boiler system that permits the users to cook two items at a time. This saves both time and fuel.

The lid pan in this HealthPro mess kit has been designed to nest on top of the pots for utilizing the heat captured from the pot. This prevents burning and cooks the food slowly releasing all the flavors. This cooking technique is perfect for cooking various sauces such as spaghetti sauce, oatmeal and dehydrated meals.


  • Plus Circle
    Is durable and does not corrode or rust
  • Plus Circle
    Has a double boiler setup
  • Plus Circle
    Assures even heat transfer throughout
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a nylon mesh bag


  • Does not include any accessory
  • Is quite expensive for the category

5. Terra Hiker Camping Cookware Set

Highlighted Features

  • The camping pot can boil 400ml water in just 2.5 minutes
  • Made from non-toxic aluminum that is safe to use
  • Serving ladles and bowls have been made from food-grade PP plastic
  • Thermally insulated plastic handles are heat resistant and keep your fingers safe
  • Anti-slip design offers a secure grip to the users

If you are looking for a cookware set that has a deep boiling pot and comes with a kettle for boiling water perfectly for making quick meals, then you can consider investing in a Terra Hiker Camping Cookware Set. You can easily cook veggies, pasta rice and use boiling water for dehydrating camp food when you have a kettle handy while camping. The Terra camping cookware set promises convenience without compromising with your health and safety.

This cookware set has a deep boiling pot that can accommodate two liters of water. The teapot and the pan can hold a liter of water each. The kettle also helps in dispensing water into dried food packets with much ease. You can also make quick cups of coffee or tea.

The water boiling capabilities of this camping cookware set has been appreciated by many users. However, the bowl, cleaning sponge, bamboo spatula and the serving ladle also serve their purpose. No matter if you are an amateur backpacker or a professional hiker, this cookware set would satisfy all your outdoor cooking requirements.

This cookware has been made from imported hard-anodized aluminum. It is wear-resistant, non-toxic and safe to use. This nonstick coating is quite easy to clean. The meals cook quickly as the surface heats evenly.


  • Features a comfortable and portable design
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a nylon mesh bag that has been provided for easy carrying
  • Plus Circle
    Lightweight design
  • Plus Circle
    Comes equipped with all kitchen essentials
  • Plus Circle
    Great for boiling water as it comes with a kettle


  • The design is quite flimsy

6. Stanley Base Camp Cook Set

Highlighted Features

  • Rustproof, scratch resistant, durable and BPA free
  • Features a multilayer base on the pan for even heating throughout
  • Silicone trivets protect the table surfaces
  • Dish drying rack ensures draining and drying after cleaning

The Stanley Base Camp cook set promises the ease of cooking outdoors. Stanley has integrated, designed and selling this camp cookware set that matches the function and performance of your pot and pan while you are out in the wild camping.

This functional set comprises of small plates, bowls and sporks for the convenience of the user. This set is ideal for car camping but is quite heavy. It has been optimized for compact carrying and for optimizing its performance. The Stanley Base Camp makes it easier to cook for more than two people while out on the trail.

It comprises of four separate sets that offers you four ladles, four pots, four fry pans and a lot more. This all-inclusive cook set is dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned easily with dish wash liquid and water. The set includes a pot with vented lid, a frying pan, a spatula, a cutting board, plates, a serving spoons, sporks, dish drying rack and bowls of 22 oz. capacity.


  • Has been designed to serve four individuals
  • Plus Circle
    Delivers exceptional performance even while camping
  • Plus Circle
    Is easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    Cookware base has been designed for even cooking


  • Is too large for one or two campers
  • Accessories take up a lot of space

7. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Cook set

Highlighted Features

  • Compact nesting design is just perfect for campers
  • Folding gripper locks on the external brackets assist in securing handles while cooking
  • The coating using Teflon radiance technology ensures exceptional performance
  • The hard anodized aluminum offers a non-reactive surface
  • Allows even protection and heating from scratches
  • Is crushproof

This set includes a hard anodized pot that comes with strainer, two insulated mugs with lids, 2 bowls, a welded sink and a stove bag. The inclusion of mugs, bowls and plates sets this camper cook set apart from the rest. The cooking pots and frying pans in this cook set are made from hard anodized aluminum. They also feature a Teflon coating which is tough enough to withstand scratching while using with metal utensils.

A detachable pot gripper is essential with the two pots as well as the frying pan. The two pot lids have strainer holes in them for venting the steam and pouring off any excess liquid. This cook set is quite convenient for pack up and for going car camping.

The color coding of mugs and plates makes it easy for campers to keep a tab on the plates used by them during the trip. The anodized pots are ultimate when it comes to cooking performance, space efficiency and design. The pot and the lid combo are ideal for stovetop cooking.


  • The aluminum pot distributes heat evenly for efficient and past cooking
  • Plus Circle
    Is abrasion resistant and extremely lightweight
  • Plus Circle
    Utilized Teflon Radiance Technology and hard anodized aluminum for abrasion and supreme scratch resistance
  • Plus Circle
    Features a specially formulated coat for even heating and for enhancing heat dispersion
  • Plus Circle
    Plastic lid is BPA free and lightweight


  • Just one pot gripper is offered for three pots
  • Pot lids do not lock on the rims thereby making straining tricky

8. MSR Quick 2 System Cook Set

Highlighted Features

  • This backpacking cook set is lightweight and compact 
  • Comprises of a two hard anodized aluminum pots, strainer lid, deep dish plates, pot handle and two insulated mugs 
  • The smaller pot is  idea for simmers and sauces
  • The larger pot is for meal preparation and boiling water
  • Polypropylene deep dish plates can accommodates any meal

The MSR cook set is a backpacking mess kit ideal for 2 persons. It is ideal for individuals looking for a lightweight and ultra-compact meal preparation solution. It consists of everything that is needed for camp cooking. The MSR cook set comprises of a hard anodized non-stick aluminum pot, a strainer lid, a pot handle, two insulated mugs and two deep dish plates. The large pot is ideal for simmering and sauces. The uncoated pot is ideal for larger meals and for boiling water.

The interchangeable strainer lid as well as the pot handle eliminates entirely the hassle of draining liquids. The polypropylene deep-dish plates can take anything on the menu. The insulated mugs keep the drinks warm. The mugs and plates are color-coded so that the hikers can know which one belongs to them.


  • Mugs and plates are color coded
  • Plus Circle
    Anodized surface prevents rusting
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a strainer lid
  • Plus Circle
    Talon handle folds over the lid ensuring compact storage
  • Plus Circle
    Insulated mugs have firm fastening lids that prevent spillage


  • Poor designing
  • Teflon flakes away with repeated use

9. GSI Outdoors- Bugaboo Nesting Cook Set

Highlighted Features

  • Includes pots and frypan that have been coated with Teflon classic for delivering amazing performance
  • Available in three sizes so that you can choose the perfect set for you
  • Has been ingeniously designed to nest properly
  • Perfect for family camping

This compact and versatile cook set is all you need for enjoying your meal outdoors. Made from aluminum and featuring a Teflon coating, the Bugaboo nesting cook set ensures that your food does not stick to the pot or pan. It has been designed for four people and there is an additional piece provided from everybody.

The GSI Outdoors Bugaboo nesting cook set comprises of two pots and a frypan. The larger pot has a capacity of 3L and the smaller one has 2L capacity. The pan has a diameter of 9-inch and it is quite large for frying some bacon or eggs.

The set comprises of two lids for boiling the water and to keep the food warm for a long time. The nylon lids have holes which is great for venting and also for straining. They are resistant to heat and are also crush proof. You would not have to carry additional dishes from home if you opt for this set while going on a camping trip. This is because it comes with mugs, bowls and plates.

The mugs can hold 14 oz. of liquid and also comes with additional insulation so that you do not end up burning your hands. The sip-through lids in the mugs make it quite easier for users to sip their favorite drink without spilling. Although it is not one of the lightest camping cookware sets, it wouldn’t be heavy to carry.


  • Compact and versatile cook set
  • Plus Circle
    Delivers premium performance
  • Plus Circle
    Features a folding handle for making cooking a breeze
  • Plus Circle
    Pot and lid combo are ideal for stovetop use
  • Plus Circle
    Welded stuff sack helps to keep everything organized and also doubles as a sink for washing utensils


  •  Handles tend to get very hot  

10. Sea to Summit Cookware Set X-32

Highlighted Features

  • Folds flat for ensuring compact packing
  • Features food grade silicone sides
  • Nylon ring provided at the top prevents scalded fingertips and also maintains shape
  • The products are BPA free
  • The nesting system ensures that the pots fit neatly together

Sea to Summit cookware set has been designed by perfectionists who love blending functionality into beautiful products. The company strives to offer cookware sets that are light yet deliver solid performance. This collapsible set has been designed with an innovative technology that won the Backpacker Editor’s Choice Award during 2015. Both the kettle and the pan offered in this set have been designed using the anodized aluminum base.

The glass reinforced handles support the upper rim of the kettle for ensuring easy pouring. The X-pan has been polished for preventing the food from sticking. The best thing about this cookware set is that it collapses to result in a small disc so that you can easily carry it no matter where you go.

Sea to Summit cookware features heat resistant silicone that is BPA free. It adheres to both FDA and EU food grade standards. It is heat resistant to up to 440ºF.


  • Minimalist handle system utilizes two silicone wrapped handles 
  • Plus Circle
    Compact pan has been made using hard anodized aluminum
  • Plus Circle
    X-kettle features innovative, collapsible and space saving technology
  • Plus Circle
    Nests together for ease of transport
  • Plus Circle
    Sturdy and does not get damaged during the camping trip


  • Is quite expensive

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Camping Cookware 

Not all people camp in the same manner. Many of us enjoy car camping on selected sites whereas there are others who throw on a backpack with all the necessary gear and love to explore the wilderness. This is when you need to carry different kinds of cookware as per your needs.

Camping cookware sets prove to be smart investment as they are not expensive when we compare with their functionality. It is quite essential to find a balance of features in a product. You need to choose the right size associated with the use and should never ever neglect the weight.

Few sets have been designed to be light and then there are few that focus on providing all the kitchen essentials to the users. You can afford a heavier cookware if you are not backpacking in the mountains and just are going on a picnic.  

It is vital to look into the material as camping pots and pans are made of different kinds of material. They have ups and downs in terms of durability, usability and weight. Most popular choice of camping cookware is aluminum as it is cheap and conducts heat well. Hard anodized is popular these days because it strikes a healthy balance between weight and function.

How long your set is going to last is something that can be determined by durability of a product. It is not a bad idea to look into this if you are a frequent camper. Portability is the first and foremost things you must look into if you are fond of travelling light. 

Accessories offered in a set and the care and cleanup required cannot be ignored while looking for a perfect camping set. You should take care of the group size before investing in a set as few are for families and a few are for individuals also.  

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