The 6 Best Canned Anchovies in 2019

A healthy diet requires one to balance their intakes of proteins and carbohydrates. Fishes form a major source of lean protein. Although Sardines being a favorite and consumed at a large scale, it is quite expensive. This is when people turn to anchovies which are a great substitute to sardines. These taste not just good but can also be preserved for a long time.   

Anchovies are rich source of protein and are low in calories and fat. Majority of fats in anchovy are omega 3 fats that help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems as well as inflammation. You can rely on a jar of canned anchovies that not just taste delicious but also nourish your body with essential nutrients.    

Having a jar of anchovies handy also saves you from embarrassment when you have unexpected guests.

Quick Comparison: Top 6 Best Canned Anchovies

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1. Crown Prince Flat Anchovies in Olive Oil

Highlighted Features

  • Made using the oldest known preservation technique – salt curing
  • Only high quality and fresh anchovies used
  • Packed by hand in pure olive oil
  • Kosher salt anchovies are perfect for pizza, appetizers, casseroles and salads
  • Ready to eat anchovies
  • Great flavor and firm texture

If you are looking for a brand that offers low fat variant of anchovies, then you can rely on the Crown Prince Flat Anchovies. This is one of the popular brands offering anchovies. The method of preparation opted by the company is one of the best and is pretty conventional. The company has adhered to this practice for years.

The method of preservation of Crown Prince Flat Anchovies followed by the company is generally curing with salt. These anchovies offered in olive oil are just perfect to serve with pizza and salads. Stuffed in a case, you are offered 12 fillets preserved in olive oil. The anchovies are fished from the Morocco coast which is home to the best anchovies in the world. The can serves anchovies that are ready to eat.

Once you pull-up the lid of the can, you must right away store the remaining fillets if you have not utilized them entirely. This is because there is a chance of spoilage. Crown Prince is a popular brand that offers fillets in ergonomically designed cans that are easy to open.


  • Low in calories
  • Plus Circle
    Natural olive oil used as a preservative along with kosher salt
  • Plus Circle
    Packaging can is ergonomic in nature that is easy to open
  • Plus Circle
    Can be instantly cooked
  • Plus Circle
    The protein content is quite impressive


  • Super mushy
  • Quality varies from one can to another

2. Ortiz Anchovy Fillets in Oil

Highlighted Features

  • Incredible taste and secure packaging
  • Consists of natural preservatives
  • Low in calories and high protein content
  • Airlock packing prevents fillets from spoiling
  • Great quality and texture

Ortiz is yet another popular brand that offers jarred anchovies. This Spanish brand promises excellent taste and secure packaging. Most of the European restaurants prefer this brand for cooking their anchovy recipes. The jar of fillets offered by Ortiz is filled with oil. This brand would make the best choice if you are looking to cook anchovy dishes at home. These fillets not just make you a great cook but also save you a great deal of time.

You can simply add these sea fishes to your recipes for enriching the taste and to woo your guests with your exceptional culinary skills. These anchovies have a mild flavor and are devoid of artificial preservatives. Nothing is used with the fillets apart from salt and olive oil.

The protein content in Ortiz Anchovy Fillets is quite noteworthy. These fillets are low in calories and are packed in a conventional jar container. The cap of the jar is made from metal that features internal thread that matches with the external threads of the jar body. This ensures an airlock packing that prevents the fillets from getting spoilt.


  • Packed in oil and cured with salt
  • Plus Circle
    Flavor is clean and fillets are meaty
  • Plus Circle
    Rich and creamy


  • Is slightly expensive when compared to other brands

3. Agostino Recca Fillets of Anchovies

Highlighted Features

  • Fillets are tasty and have moderate amount of sodium
  • Preserved using pure salt and olive oil
  • Made from the best anchovies in the world from Italian coasts
  • Made using fresh, delicious and slender anchovies
  • Exclusive product with premium packaging

Agostino Recca is an Italian brand that has years of experience in offering premium quality anchovies caught from the coast of Italy. Anchovies are cured utilizing modern equipment by this brand. This helps in moderating sodium content during curing.

Agostino Recca is one of the top brands in the market offering anchovies to the consumers in a perfectly designed jar. It has an upper hand in the market for offering anchovies with regulated sodium than most of its competitors. The packaging has been studied scientifically to keep the fishes fresh. It also cuts down oxidation of the fishes by cutting down contact with air. The glass jar comes with a rubber seal that has a premium metal locking.

You will start using Agostino Recca anchovies in numerous recipes once you understand that this is an exclusive product. You can use anchovies in meat balls, continental sauces and pizza to bring out mouthwatering flavors.


  • Made using fresh anchovies
  • Plus Circle
    Best tasting anchovies that are slightly larger when compared to other brands
  • Plus Circle
    Metal top locking and rubber canning seal for added security during transportation
  • Plus Circle
    Five fillets offer just 35 calories
  • Plus Circle
    Offer enormous value for the price


  • A few users have complained about the oil getting solidified upon refrigerating

4. Wild Anchovies by Wild Planet

Highlighted Features

  • One of the leading anchovies available in the market
  • 19g of protein is offered per serving
  • Unsalted version is available for those who want to relish the actual flavor of anchovies
  • Sustainably harvested anchovies that are delicate in texture and smaller
  • Nutritional powerhouse owing to DHA and EPA Omega 3 offered per serving

If you are looking for a brand that offers much more than the typical anchovies you find in the local supermarkets, then you must consider trying Wild Anchovies offered by the company Wild Planet atleast once. Founded by Bill McCarthy and Carvalho in the year 2004, the company, Wild Plant had the vision to harvest sea food by sustaining the marine habitat at the same time.

This company offer classic white anchovies sourced from Moroccan waters. Sometimes the white anchovies are sourced from Peru as well. Much care is given to sort the anchovies and cut them into fillets at their facility while canning. The white anchovies are small and have a tempting texture. These small yet nutritious anchovies can be eaten straight from the can.

The Wild Anchovies can be served by adding them to a tapas platter. As the anchovies are packed fresh, these are readily eatable. The anchovies are caught sustainably and possess a mild flavor and a delicate texture. These nutritional powerhouses have 19g protein on an average. The company Wild Planet preserves the natural marine habitat while harvesting wild seafood.

The vision to offer a product line that is eco-preferable and retains the natural ocean ecosystem is what sets it apart from the rest. Two different varieties of sardines are also offered by the company along with anchovies. This product is offered in extra virgin olive oil. You can just microwave the can to indulge in delicious small fishes. The company also offers anchovies in plain salted water instead of olive oil.

This does not reduce the shelf life of the product in any manner. Shelf life of any canned product is a critical parameter that must be considered by all individuals during shopping. You should never ignore the critical things to consider before buying the best canned anchovies that you can find.


  • Has a mild flavor that tastes great when added to a tapas platter or salad
  • Plus Circle
    Comes in an easy open pull top can
  • Plus Circle
    Available in water or in extra virgin olive oil
  • Plus Circle
    Lightly salted and packed fresh
  • Plus Circle
    Sustainably sourced delicious anchovies
  • Plus Circle
    Non-GMO product and caught wild
  • Plus Circle
    Low in fat and kosher salt
  • Plus Circle
    Hand packed and filleted in cold pressed olive oil


  • Tastes more like mini sardines

5. Ortiz Anchovies (Anchoas)

Highlighted Features

  • Good quality anchovies fished during springtime 
  • Salty, sweet, tender and meaty
  • Excellent taste and feel creamy in mouth
  • Do not taste oily or fishy

Ortiz anchovies are a popular jar brand of anchovies. This Spanish brand competes with the brand Wild Planet in terms of packing and taste. This product is a popular offering from Spain. The anchovies offered by this brand are fished only during spring time and are aged for over six months.

Ortiz ensures that the anchovies are fileted one by one and are packed by hand. Ortiz Anchovies [Anchoas] is salty, sweet, tender and meaty at the same time. This will make anyone a lover of anchovy. Despite being an expensive offering, the flavorful and firm texture is appreciated by many anchovy lovers. There are almost no bones and the can is easily storable at room temperature. This is because the anchovies are packed submerged in olive oil.

Several users have rated Ortiz anchovies one of the best Mediterranean anchovies. These can be used on pizza, in Caesar salad or pasta. These full size fillets offer you the actual taste of the ocean. The tiny serving forks offered along the jar are not just cute but are practical as well.

Despite being the finest anchovies available in the market, the Ortiz Anchovies are quite salty.


  • Comes with adorable and handy little fork


  • Is slightly expensive
  • Has excess of sodium

6. King Oscar Anchovies

Highlighted Features

  • Boneless anchovies fillets of gourmet quality
  • Kosher certified and has no preservatives or additives
  • Hand packed in pure olive oil
  • Perfect as pizza toping and as a flavoring agent in pasta sauces
  • Fished from Atlantic ocean off the coast of Peru and Argentina

King Oscar is a prominent brand that offers high quality gourmet fillets. The basic ingredients in the can are salt, olive oil and anchovy fillets. The fillets packed are slick and would make a perfect topping for your pizza. King Oscar brand is quite particular about the quality of their offerings. Hence, they make sure to offer only boneless fillets that do not consist of any added preservatives. The rich taste imparts a great flavor to the recipes you would use these anchovies with.

King Oscar fishes for anchovies from the Atlantic Ocean. These anchovies are slightly bigger when compared to what other brands have to offer. The perfect anchovies in the world are concentrated near the coast of Peru and Argentina. The fillets are offered in the pack of four and are just perfect to be eaten directly.

These jarred anchovies do not stink unlike other brand offerings. The packaging is neat in a tin can. You can easily pull and roll the lid. The low price and the value for money offered give King Oscar a great advantage over its competitors.


  • Has less number of anchovies as it comes in pack of 4  and can be eaten at once by a family
  • Plus Circle
    Low sodium and calorie content
  • Plus Circle
    Can be eaten directly from the can


  • Users have reported encountering mushed fillets
  • Some users have reported that these fillets do contain bones

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Canned Anchovies

Preservative used

The first and foremost thing you must do while looking for canned anchovies is to look for the preservative being used by the companies. It is best to stick to brands that utilize natural preservatives such as salt and olive oil. The products reviewed and recommended by us have been salt cured and are offered in a jar containing pure olive oil.

Are you looking for fillets or a paste?

Canned anchovies are available in the form of both fillets and paste. The variant that you should opt for is entirely dependent on the purpose for which you are looking for anchovies. You can use a paste if you want to use anchovies in sauces. You can opt for fillets if you are craving for a meaty texture in your pizza or salad.

Sodium content

You should never ever ignore the level of sodium being served to you in canned food. This is true for canned anchovies as well. The curing of fish usually takes place with salt and ignoring sodium content makes no sense. If you care about your health, then you should always opt for a brand that does not use excess of sodium in the curing procedure.

Freshly packed?

You should rely on brands that promise you freshly packed anchovies. If you purchase a product that has not been freshly canned, then you will end up purchasing a mushy product that has either turned sour or seems like a paste. You would be utterly disappointed if you were looking for fillets. So it is best to stick to brands that care about what is being offered to their customers.   

Quantity offered & packaging style

If you have a large family, then it makes sense to opt for large jars or multiple cans. This will ensure that all the anchovies get used up while cooking a meal. If you are cooking just for yourself, then you must make sure that you opt for a can or a jar offers you limited number of anchovies.

For instance, King Oscar offers just 4 fillets to the users. This is just perfect for individuals who are cooking for themselves. There are many brands that start stinking upon storage. This is the case when the can that you have purchased was manufactured a year ago from the date of consumption. 

You should make it a point to look for the shelf life and date of packaging before purchasing canned anchovies. Also, it does not hurt to look at the kind of packaging being offered. There are certain brands that offer tin cans where the foil can be rolled for consumption or usage.

The negative thing about this kind of packing is that you need to secure this can carefully until the contents have been used up. Ortiz and Wild Planet have really done some research in offering a secure packaging of their fresh anchovies.

After considering all the above factors, you can go ahead and purchase the brand of canned anchovies that appeals to you the most. The aim of this review is to better equip you to make the right decision while looking for the best anchovies available in the market.

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