The Best Chopsticks in 2019 to Get the Full Asian Cuisine Experience

Although we use them every day whenever we sit down to eat, rarely do we ponder about the kind of cutlery we are choosing as our food companion. When it comes to using chopsticks this negligence can be even more pronounced: most of us are quite likely to randomly pick up any pair of chopsticks lying around, including those disposable ones that regularly come with our Asian takeouts, in our bid to try and gain an authentic Asian culinary experience. But have you considered introducing a pair of chopsticks part-time or even full-time in your daily life so that you can derive the benefits of mindful eating practices?

Chopsticks, in essence, make less noise compared to eating with metal cutleries, giving you a more peaceful meal time. They take less space when you are packing a meal and are super easy to clean. All in all, chopsticks are a cultural icon, a piece of artwork, a great idea for a gift, a requisite meal time fixture, and make for awesome walrus impersonations.

In this article, we consider the 10 best chopsticks in 2019 that will enhance and amplify your Asian and non-Asian gastronomic experience.

Best Pick

finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case

Our best pick is the titanium finessCity Titanium Chopsticks. Lightweight, reusable and eco-friendly, it comes in a variety of colors in an aluminium case.

Budget Pick

Happy Sales HSCSS4 Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Our budget pick is the durable Happy Sales HSCSS4 that has an easy grip, is non-corrosive, and ideal for food like sticky rice.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Chopsticks

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1. finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in gray, blue, golden, black, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow
  • Solid from the tip and hollow from the top
  • Non-allergenic, odorless, and tasteless
  • 100% titanium
  • 60% lighter than stainless steel chopsticks
  • TA1 grade
  • One pair of chopsticks in a packet
  • 90-days money back guarantee from day of purchase

The finessCity Titanium Chopstick is strong yet lightweight and, therefore, super easy to handle. Perfect for any occasion, you can use them to eat sushi, noodles, or rice. Each chopstick stick is just 0.5 ounces (14.5 grams), making them 60% lighter than chopsticks made of stainless steel.

The reusable chopstick is dishwasher safe. They are also non-allergenic, odorless, and tasteless. As an environment friendly product, the chopstick is not toxic. Additionally, the finessCity Titanium Chopstick are 100% FDA Food Grade Chopsticks Titanium. These rounded chopsticks have a diameter of 0.3 inch and a length of 9 inches. They are bio-compatible and non-corrosive. Thus, they are superior to other stainless steel chopsticks or chopsticks made of metal.

The strong aluminium case they come in makes the chopsticks highly portable, easy to store, and safe from dust or contamination. There is a plug in the bottom of the stylish aluminium case that holds the chopsticks firmly in place so that they do not end up accidentally bending or breaking.


  • Plus Circle
    Corrosion resistant
  • Plus Circle
    Environmentally friendly
  • Plus Circle
    No more splinters from wooden chopsticks
  • Plus Circle
    Chopsticks are dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    Long lasting and strong
  • Plus Circle
    Does not impart any taste to the food
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used to eat sushi, noodles, or rice
  • Plus Circle
    High and low temperature resistant


  • Not long enough to be used when cooking
  • Not enough texture to pick up slippery foodstuff
  • Leaves gray marks or scratches on white dishes

2. Happy Sales HSCSS4 Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Highlighted Features

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Hollow inside
  • Anti-slippery spiral decoration on handle
  • Small circles on the tip for easy food pickup
  • Rounded ends
  • 5 pairs in a pack

A Japanese product made of stainless steel, the Happy Sales HSCSS4 is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. It weighs 2.4 ounces, measures approximately 9 inches long, and comes with a diameter of 0.5 inches. The chopsticks are lightweight but sturdy.

They are relatively inexpensive and you get five pairs in a pack, which many will consider a bargain as this means there is a set for each family member. Available in only stainless steel colour, the inside of the Happy Sales HSCSS4 is hollow. The aesthetically pleasing spiral decoration on the handle and grooves on the tip makes it easier for you to grip your chopstick.

The slick finish on the chopsticks may, however, be too hard for novices to grip their food. Also, while the chopsticks are able to handle medium heat well, they can get too hot too quickly. As a reusable product, it is recommended that you hand wash the chopstick.


  • Plus Circle
    Great quality for the price
  • Plus Circle
    Perfect for food like sticky rice
  • Plus Circle
    Can handle up to medium heat
  • Plus Circle
    Resistant to staining and corrosion


  • Slick finish may make it difficult to pick up slippery food like noodles
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Limited in terms of color choice
  • Some may consider them heavy
  • Can get hot easily
  • Case not included to store the chopsticks after opening
  • Taste of the food can pick up the metallic flavor

3. Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick Stainless Steel Spiral Chopsticks

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant spiral design on top to easily hold the chopstick
  • Grooves design on bottom for easy food pickup
  • 8.8 inches in length
  • 0.5 inches in diameter
  • Made of non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Hollow inside
  • Stainless steel color
  • Five pairs in a pack

The Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick too is made of stainless steel and is approximately 8.9 inches in length. It has a diameter of 0.5 inches, with the upper part of the chopstick being a square shape, comes in a pack of five pairs and is made in metal and silver tone. Eating with these rounded chopsticks makes for a comfortable experience every day.

As a dishware that is perfect for the entire family, these chopsticks are lightweight and convenient. The passivation treatment on the top of the Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick means that your chopsticks will not rust. This will also ensure that you do not injure yourself while using them.

Further, the thread design on the upper part of the chopstick makes it easy for you to hold them so that you can focus more on eating and less on the tactics you will have to use to transfer food from your plate to your palate. Also, the stainless steel means that your purchased chopsticks will not stain because of the food it comes in contact with, making it possible for you to use them for years.

The Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick is environment friendly. It has also been designed with heat insulation in mind so you will not have to fret about your cutlery getting too hot to handle. The sleek polish finish makes it easy to clean and look brand new after every wash.


  • Spiral anti-skid design means that it won’t slip from your fingers
  • Plus Circle
    More durable than bamboo designs
  • Plus Circle
    Will not deform due to heating
  • Plus Circle
    Slick finish makes it easy to clean
  • Plus Circle
    Color will not fade
  • Plus Circle
    Perfect for high temperature sterilization


  • Available in only one color
  • May be too slick to grip food

4. Royal Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopstick

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high quality, all natural bamboo
  • 100 pairs
  • 9 inches in length
  • 0.1 inches in diameter
  • Splinter-free dining experience

The Royal Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopstick is a practical and stylish brown chopstick that comes in a purple paper sleeve. In case you are wondering, the packaging reads ‘Good Luck, Long Life, and Well Being’ and also contains bonus instructions on how you can master your chopsticks. This makes it the ideal chopstick for beginners and restaurants or parties.

The paper sleeve additionally keeps each pair of chopsticks together and ready for you to use. It also keeps the chopsticks, which are made of high quality bamboo, clean and sanitary. As a readily available and rapidly renewable resource, chopsticks that are made from bamboo are a better and more viable alternative to wooden chopsticks.

What’s more is that the Royal Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopstick are already separated and have been UV treated. This means that there is no likelihood of them shredding or splintering. They offer a pleasant dining experience as you do not have to worry about getting splinters in your mouth.

The chopstick goes perfectly with Asian cuisine, lending authenticity to the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean takeout or dishes you have cooked yourself. Since you do not have to worry about washing the chopsticks afterwards, this means less time spent in the kitchen.


  • Completely biodegradable
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for beginners, restaurant use, or parties
  • Plus Circle
    Great alternative to wooden chopsticks
  • Plus Circle
    More tensile strength than wooden chopsticks
  • Plus Circle
    Won’t get splinters in your mouth
  • Plus Circle
    Disposable cutlery


  • Paper sleeves are not sealed
  • Has a chemical smell

5. Hiware 10 Pairs Reusable Chopstick Set

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel chopsticks are 8.8 inches in length
  • Bamboo chopsticks are 9.4 inches in length
  • 6.4 ounces
  • 5 pairs of stainless steel chopsticks
  • 5 pairs of bamboo chopsticks
  • Rounded shape
  • Anti-slippery design
  • Chinese characters and floral art on the top

Buying the Hiware 10 Pairs Reusable Chopstick Set means you are investing in 5 pairs of reusable stainless steel chopsticks and 5 pairs of bamboo chopsticks. The stainless steel chopsticks are have been polished and are of a high grade quality. The anti-slippery designs on both the top and bottom components of the chopsticks are guaranteed to make using them a breeze even for beginners.

The chopsticks that are made of bamboo are also similarly polished. They are beautifully designed with Chinese characters and floral art on the top. There are also slight indentations on the top so that they can give you a good grip and great control over their movement. 

Since both the stainless steel and bamboo chopsticks are designed with heat insulation in mind, you can use it both to cook food as well as to eat hot food items. Also, the fact that the bamboo chopsticks are slightly longer means that you have a range to experiment and find out for yourself what your preferences are.


  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for those who want to try both types of chopsticks
  • Plus Circle
    Two sizes to work with
  • Plus Circle
    BPA, PVC, and phthalates free
  • Plus Circle
    Aesthetically pleasing


  • Does not come in a case
  • The lacquer on the bamboo chopsticks may smell
  • The stainless steel chopsticks may be slippery
  • Not dishwasher safe

6. Goldage 5-Pairs Fiberglass Dishwasher-safe Chopsticks

Highlighted Features

  • 5 pairs in a pack
  • Fiberglass with alloy decoration on one end
  • No coating or paint
  • Can stand up to 356 F (180 C)
  • Anti-skid tip
  • Anti-rolling body

Made from premium fiberglass, the Goldage 5-Pairs Fiberglass Dishwasher-safe Chopsticks offer 5 pairs of chopsticks in a pack, making it ideal for a family. The smooth surface deters the breeding of germs, compared to the wooden ones whose rough surface may hide germs as they cannot withstand regular sterilization. We especially loved how great they looked with their traditional Chinese and Japanese classic patterns.

You have 3 styles to choose from.

The Japanese chopsticks are shorter, have more tapered ends for picking up finer food, and are perfect for an intimate gathering of people. The Chinese chopsticks are longer, less tapered, and suited to a medium or large gathering of people sharing food. The ‘Long Version’ chopsticks are even longer and traditionally used by skilled users for large families when sharing food.

The manufacturer recommends that you consider buying a dishwasher basket to assist your dishwasher in washing your used chopsticks. This is because some older models of dishwashers may not be able to wash something as slender as chopsticks. A dishwasher basket will prevent your chopsticks from slipping down from its rack and hitting the spray arms, which may damage both your dishwasher and the chopstick.

With proper care, the Goldage 5-Pairs Fiberglass Dishwasher-safe Chopsticks will last 2-5 years. This means they are definitely far more durable than wooden or bamboo chopsticks. They are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 356 F (180 C), and will not melt or bend like chopsticks that are made from melamine or plastic.


  • BPA free
  • Plus Circle
    FDA approved
  • Plus Circle
    Can stand high temperatures so will not bend
  • Plus Circle
    Lighter than chopsticks made of metal
  • Plus Circle
    A range to choose from
  • Plus Circle
    Corrosion and rust resistant


  • Does not have as much friction as wooden chopsticks
  • Heavier than bamboo or wooden chopsticks
  • Not for people who like using lightweight chopsticks

7. HuaLan Japanese Natural Wood Chopstick Set

Highlighted Features

  • 5 pairs in a set
  • 8.8 inches in length
  • Passivating treatment on the top
  • Spiral non-slip design on the top
  • Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended

What makes the HuaLan Japanese Natural Wood Chopstick Set Reusable Classic Style Chopstick a stand out is that with each purchase you get 5 pairs of chopstick made of rosewood, ebony wood, boxwood, chestnut wood, and cherry wood. The chopsticks are 8.8 inches in length and are an ideal investment for beginners especially since they are lightweight - a great gift idea. Each chopstick pair is of a different color so you can easily distinguish between the five different kinds of wood.

The design is simple yet exquisite with a spiral non-slip design on top of the chopstick that allows you to hold them easily. The chopsticks are varnished with eco-friendly, food-grade lacquer made from lacquer tree that is free of toxins. This will prevent your chopsticks from staining as it comes in contact with food and, consequently, makes it last longer.

No chemicals are involved during the processing of the HuaLan Japanese Natural Wood Chopstick Set Reusable Classic Style Chopstick. The use of quality jujube wood has produced the smooth surface of the chopstick, minimising the possibility of food residue on your chopstick.

Designed in Japan and manufactured in China, the chopsticks have texture in the handles, the tips are thin and the wood is not particularly slick. They are also dishwasher safe, reusable, and, if you are up for it, can also double as a fashionable hair pin.


  • No BPA, PVC, or phthalates
  • Plus Circle
    Smooth surface makes it easy to clean
  • Plus Circle
    Quality jujube wood used
  • Plus Circle
    Great idea for a gift
  • Plus Circle
    Can easily distinguish between the different wood


  • Not enough grip to hold the food
  • Has a chemical smell
  • Shorter than the standard chopstick
  • Varnish peels after using a few times
  • Cannot leave overnight soaking in the sink

8. Totally Bamboo Twist Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks

Highlighted Features

  • 9.75 inches in length
  • 2.4 ounces in weight
  • Hand wash recommended

Available in a set of 5 pairs, the Totally Bamboo Twist Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks is made of Moso bamboo. This is a chopstick with a difference as Moso bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and is ready to harvest in 3 to 5 years. It is not a food source or a habitat for the Giant Panda.

As a renewable alternative to wood, the Totally Bamboo Twist Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks uses bamboo that does not require pesticides, clear cutting, fertilizers, artificial irrigation or replanting. Each chopstick is artfully twisted by hand to produce an elegant look, which makes it conducive for better grip.

Each chopstick measures 9.75 inches in length. Designed in the USA, the Totally Bamboo Twist Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks uses a high grade, non-toxic food grade glue. The manufacturer, Totally Bamboo, is the first to use bamboo to make household products - anything from salad bowls to furniture.

The chopsticks are very easy to clean. You have the option of hand-washing them in warm water and soap, or just wiping the chopstick with a damp cloth. You can follow this up by air drying or wiping the water off the chopsticks. The chopsticks do not require oiling or conditioning.


  • Environment friendly product
  • Plus Circle
    No artificial dyes or stains used
  • Plus Circle
    Color of the chopsticks will not fade
  • Plus Circle
    16 % harder than maple wood
  • Plus Circle
    Perfect for reaching for food when eating in large group
  • Plus Circle
    Good grip because of the twist


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Cannot leave to soak in water for too long
  • Does not come with a case
  • Has a chemical smell
  • Some may consider them slick
  • Cannot be used for cooking

9. Happy Sales HSCH22/S, 5 Pairs Multi Color Design Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks

Highlighted Features

  • 9 inches in length
  • 3.04 ounces in weight
  • Square shape at the top

The Happy Sales HSCH22/S offers you 5 different shades of chopstick that are made of bamboo with each pack that you buy. This way everyone in the family will not only have their own one, but each person will also be able to tell which pair is theirs. The Japanese style chopsticks are made from musical notation material.

The chopsticks are inspired by a minimalist style and is yet elegant looking. Because of their square shape at the top, they have relatively more grip and are easier to pick up food with, compared to the round tapered design. The texture on the tip also similarly aids in holding the food, which includes those slippery noodles that you just love to eat.

It is a long-lasting, reusable chopstick set that will keep their shape well for years if they are well cared for. They will neither crack nor will the color fade. You will also be making an ecologically sustainable choice, as opposed to getting those disposable ones.

Measuring 9 inches in length, the chopsticks are perfect for everyday use and also extremely easy to clean. Happy Sales HSCH22/S recommends that you do not soak their chopsticks for too long in liquid and that you hand wash them.


  • Plus Circle
    No lacquer finish
  • Plus Circle
    Does not splinter
  • Plus Circle
    Good grip


  • Small tips may be too hard to grip food with for some users
  • Does not come with a case for storage
  • May be considered slick by some users

10. Happy Sales HSKS1/B, Japanese Black Chopsticks with Case

Highlighted Features

  • 9.6 inches in length
  • 2.88 ounces in weight
  • Made of plastic
  • Rounded at the tip

Finally, with the Happy Sales HSKS1/B you get one elegant pair of chopsticks that are approximately 9.6 inches in length. With this purchase you also get a glossy, black plastic case with golden colored cranes on it. Alternatively, if red is more your color of choice, you also have the option to buy a shiny, chic looking pair of red chopsticks which comes in a red case with golden cranes etched on it.

The chopsticks are made of lightweight plastic and rounded at the tip. They are super easy to clean and it is recommended that you hand wash them.


  • Plus Circle
    Feels comfortable holding them
  • Plus Circle
    Budget friendly
  • Plus Circle
    Great idea for a gift


  • Slippery
  • Paint wears off the tip with use

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Chopstick

While the consumption of Asian food, like sushi, dim sum, rice, and ramen, can no longer be considered as an obscure cuisine choice no matter where you are in the world, the use of chopsticks for the consumption of non-Asian food is actually on the rise. Now for the question of the things you should keep in mind when purchasing a pair of chopsticks, be it for yourself or for your entire family. Chopsticks may, at first glance, appear to be simple in design, but they are, in reality, a great device to eat food with.


Arguably chopsticks are one of the world’s oldest forms of utensils, and have probably been around for more than 5000 years. Then as now, they have been used both in the kitchen whilst cooking, as well as at the dining table as people sit together to share a meal. While chopsticks originated from China, they are now a global phenomenon and an integral component of an authentic Asian gastronomic experience.

Chopsticks were invented in China around 1200 B.C. before or during the Shang dynasty. Made of bronze and much longer than the length of current chopsticks, they were probably first used not so much for eating but cooking, that is, to reach into the pots to stir the food and to serve bits of food. Spoons were still used to eat meals. A population boom around 400 A.D. necessitated families to reduce food and fuel costs by cutting the size of food into smaller pieces so that they could be both cooked quicker and proportioned better.

At this point, a shorter version of the chopstick was introduced to help denizens to transfer the bite size food from the plate to their mouths during the Han dynasty. The now famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius, was one of the advocates to argue in favor of using chopsticks over sharp utensils like knives: he argued that the latter was unfit for the meal table, because it was bore a gruesome reminder of the manner in which the meal came to be in the eating bowl. The spread of chopsticks from China to other parts of Asia, like Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Philippines, also led to variations in the material that the chopsticks are made of, eating etiquette, the length and design of the chopsticks, etc.

Choosing your chopsticks

One factor to consider when deciding to purchase chopsticks is your budget. How much you are willing to spend will determine whether you get cheap disposable ones, like those that come free with Asian takeaways, or if you buy silver chopsticks or even ones made of gold. A key question to ponder over here is, will your chopsticks of choice be used for that rare, one time sushi party in the year, or whether they are meant for regular and repeated usage for your oriental - and occidental - style dishes?

Even if you decide that you want to get disposable ones in your bid to extend the ‘true’ takeout experience to your home cooked meals, you can choose between bamboo and wooden chopsticks. Further, you can make a choice between the wooden chopsticks that come conjoined, which you are then meant to break apart, or bamboo ones that are already separate and, therefore, less likely to splinter.

If you end up getting a pair of chopsticks with splinters and wish to avoid getting the splinters in your mouth, one way to remove them is to rub the chopsticks against each other. Apparently, it is considered bad manners to do this at a sushi bar, because you are telling the restaurant staff that their chopsticks are cheap. But better safe than sorry.

Another question to keep in mind when investing in chopsticks is whether you are planning to use them to eat or cook. If you are hoping to use them to cook as well, then you should buy longer chopsticks that will allow you to reach deeper into extremely hot pots or pans without scalding yourself. If you are planning to use the chopsticks to serve food to your guests or to transfer the food from your own plate to your mouth, then a range of shorter chopsticks are available meeting the requirements of each scenario.

Normally chopsticks used for cooking are made of bamboo. But these ones will get discolored and greasy over time. Hence, chopsticks made of metal like stainless steel are more preferable for deep frying. They have handles that are made of different materials like wood, which will keep them from heating up.

Separate chopsticks have also been designed for men, women, and children, so you can opt for a pair that was made with you in mind.

Pointed or rounded, blunt tips also make a massive difference when it comes to selecting a pair of chopsticks. Pointy tips make picking up the smallest food item like rice easy while rounded tips are suited to food of all shapes and textures. Chopsticks with square bodies are easy to grip whereas those with rounded bodies can be a bit of a challenge as they tend to easily roll between the fingers.

Newbies should go further by avoiding chopsticks with a slick surface. Yes, they may be colorful and beautifully decorated, but they will also, firstly, hinder your ability to acquire the art of using chopsticks by making it harder for you to grip your food. The coating may, secondly, smell and, in some cases, even have a taste of their own. Thirdly, the laminate will wear away with use: the wood will become more permeable and, therefore, harder to clean, turning your chopstick into a breeding ground for germs.

Just go for a pair of plain wooden or bamboo ones instead and think of the glossy ones as your reward once you have mastered your chopstick skills.

Moving on to the ones with shiny metal ones, it may appear at first that these have no grip. Sure, the shiny metal ones are considered ‘good silverware’. They are also relatively easy to clean and sanitize. But they are also heavier than the other ones and can also heat up quicker.

Different Types of Chopsticks

Unfinished wood

Unfinished wooden chopsticks are ones that do not have a painted coating, which means that they will not have a chemical smell. While some brands are dishwasher safe, others are not, so make sure you check with the manufacturer. As with lacquered wood, unfinished wooden chopsticks should not be left soaking for too long as this will make the wood expand.

Lacquered wood 

The use of natural lacquer makes your chopsticks quite attractive as well as functional and tends to be, for the most part, reusable. They are low in heat conduction, which means that they inhibit the transfer of heat from the food to your chopstick so that your chopsticks will not heat up too much. They are also able to grip food quite well.


Guaranteed to attract the attention of fellow chopsticks lovers, titanium chopsticks are non-allergenic, odor-less, non-corrosive, and tasteless. You are making an environmentally friendly choice every time you eat Asian food.


Bamboo chopsticks are mostly reusable and also tend to be the most affordable of the lot. They are ecologically friendly compared to the use of wood. This is because bamboo is a kind of grass that grows very quickly compared to trees.


As an economical choice, plastic chopsticks tend to be BPA free, although it is wise to do your own research before making them your cutlery of choice. They may not, however, be as effective in picking up food compared to the other materials. Another issue you may face when using plastic chopsticks is that they may become damaged if they are exposed to high temperatures such as when you are cooking. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel chopsticks tend to be lightweight, durable, and dishwasher safe. Another bonus is that they rarely get stained as a result of repeated contact with food.


Apart from constituting a symbol of luxury, silver chopsticks were also believed in ancient times to change their color to black if they came in contact with poison. It was believed in the past that the use of silver chopsticks would save its wealthy users’ life. Today, silver chopsticks are still in currency at upper class tables and high end restaurants.

Gold, Ivory, Jade 

As the names suggests, these chopsticks spell luxury and eating in style.

Advantages of Using Chopsticks During Chow Time

Mastering the art of using chopsticks is not easy, compared to the spoons, forks, and knives that most of us have used all three meals each day almost all our lives. According to research, however, over 30 joints and 50 muscles in the shoulder, arm, wrist, and fingers are exercised, whereby your coordination is significantly improved, when chopsticks are used to eat. Your pair of chopsticks may just single-handedly give you stronger hands.

Chopsticks slow the rate at which you eat and make you eat smaller morsels. They are known to also enable you to focus on your food; you will become more mindful of what you consume, while also giving your brain the much needed time it needs to process and register the fact that you are already full. Spoons, forks, and knives, on the other hand, allow you to gobble up more food, and what’s more, they make you eat faster.

Chopsticks will, therefore, give you the time you need to appreciate the taste of your food, while slowing down the rate at which you digest your food intake leading to weight loss. It will aid in preventing deadly chronic diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Through chopsticks you can essentially adopt a different outlook on your eating experience, in addition to being more present, as you are less likely to use the same time to browse social media or engage in any other activity that you can and should really do without.

You will also never have to hear the hair raising screech that your knife and fork make against the surface of your plate. Meal times will become peaceful as they were originally meant to be.

Chopsticks are, moreover, much easier to store and wash, and inherently more portable, compared to the array of spoons, forks, and knives you will have to arrange for any soirée.

You will be making an eco-friendly choice that will prevent deforestation, preserve wildlife habitats, and secure your children’s future.


In this article, we have gone over some of the best chopsticks that can be purchased. We have also looked at the different types of chopsticks out there, the advantages of using them, and how to select a pair of chopsticks that will be a perfect match for you and your family.

After reading this article, you may very well say that the time to reconsider the use of chopsticks in our everyday lives is long overdue.
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