The 10 Best Crepe Pans in 2019

Crepe!! A fancy, French delight that can melt even the hardest of hearts. Just a mention of it can make you feel butterflies in your stomach. It is that dessert which is generally loved all over the world. It is, as its name, as fancy and heavenly when it hits your taste-buds.

A crepe is nothing but a thin pancake given a fancy name that used to be only found in creperie and dessert places but can also be made at home with the right kitchen tool and devotion for cooking. It is a very simple dessert to make and with a little bit of practice, you can even produce wonders. All you ever need is the right recipe and the best crepe pan that will make better crepes found in the most creperie.

The easiest way to ace in making crepes is to start with a crepe pan. They are very reasonable and made for an amateur. Moreover, you don't need training or have to be a professional to use crepe pans in your kitchen. However, choosing the right one would be the trickiest part for you.

Best Pick

Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic

The finest and most exquisite crepe pan with many qualities, Cuisinart French Classic Crepe Pan is our best pick.

Budget Pick

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Crepe Pan is our budget pick as is the best money can buy with many qualities.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Crepe Pans

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1. Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic

Considered the finest and most exquisite crepe pan with many qualities, Cuisinart is probably the leading brands for reasonable crepe pans. And the best is, it is made of Triple-ply stainless steel, a design that is made to give optimal heat and has pure aluminum core surrounded by pure stainless steel.

The aluminum coating makes it non-stick and easier to clean afterward. It is everything you want that an ordinary stainless steel crepe pan might lack.

Cuisinart's Exceptional Heat Surround™ Technology enables heat to be evenly dispersed along the bottom and side walls of the pan. Both its interior and exterior is made of high-polished induction-ready stainless steel that assures professional cooking performance.

It has a sturdy handle also made of stainless steel that remains cool and does not get heated up even when it is on the stove, protecting you from burning yourself and cook conveniently. The pan is 10-inch in diameter that is appropriate for making pancakes, crepes, and omelete, giving you access to however you want to toss and slide your food. It is dishwasher proved and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Made of durable, tri-ply stainless steel
  • Plus Circle
    Pure aluminum core gives optimal heat transfer
  • Plus Circle
    High-polished interior and exterior
  • Plus Circle
    Has a handle that stays cool for a long time and allows cooking comfortably
  • Plus Circle
    10- inch in size
  • Plus Circle
    Made of non-stick coating
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used on an induction stove


  • People might face a problem with the non-stick surface
  • The non-stick surface will require wooden or plastic utensils rather than metal as it can be scratched easily with it
  • The handle is strong, therefore, making it heavy
  • Some find it bulky compared to other competitive pans
  • Might be prone to warping if given at high temperature

2. Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic

As we mentioned before, Cuisinart is considered to be the best brand of all. It has designed yet another crepe pan that left us stunned.

Designed with a Quantanium interior which is a patented, non-stick, scratch-resistant cooking cover strengthened with titanium enables to cook healthy, non-fat food in it. Its hard-anodized exterior is impenetrable, compacted and highly-wear resistant for further durability and performance. 

These added features make it more convenient for cleaning. The Cuisinart Chef's Classic comes up with a sturdy, stainless-steel riveted handle that stays cool while on the stove offering a strong and secure grip. It also has a tapered rim that cancels any drips in the time of pouring the crepe batter.

Its clear, unbreakable glass has a rigid fit to seal in moisture and nutrients giving more nutritious results. However, the many advantages it provides and being oven safe up to 500°F, it has a big drawback, i.e. it is not induction compatible. With Cuisinart win your beloved's heart by making the best-looking and most delicious crepe you have ever made.


  • Has a hard-anodized exterior making it highly durable and provide constant heat overall
  • Plus Circle
    Interior is made of Quantanium, making it non-stick and scratch-resistant
  • Plus Circle
    Handle stays cool while cooking and protects from heat
  • Plus Circle
    Pan is oven-proof
  • Plus Circle
    Tapered rim eliminates drips
  • Plus Circle
    Comes in 10-inch


  • Cannot be used in induction stoves
  • Might be prone to wear and tear after using several times
  • Food might stick to the surface. Non-stick may not last long

3. Calphalon Commercial Crepe Pan

Like the Cuisinart, Calphalon Commercial Crepe Pan is also a 10-inch sized non-stick pan that makes it a very simple, yet very efficient crepe pan among all. Your crepes will not stick to the surface and it will slide off easily without breaking its shape.

It is not just perfect for crepe making but you can grill sandwiches, pancakes, omelets, tortillas and other appealing foods. Made of hard-anodized aluminum core it enables to distribute heat evenly, and having a non-stick coat this pan will enable you to cook your favorite food without creating a mess.

Calphalon Commercial Crepe Pan has a tri-ply construction and a handle that stays cool even while it is on the stovetop and protects you from getting burnt. This Chinese made beauty allows less oil or butter to be used making it healthier cookware you will ever find. It is also over-proof up to 450°F. 


  • Made of tri-ply construction for high-durability
  • Plus Circle
    Has non-stick coating that makes perfect crepes without sticking on the surface and using less oil or butter
  • Plus Circle
    Has a handle that stays cool, protecting hands from burning
  • Plus Circle
    It is of the hard-anodized aluminum core allows heat distribution evenly
  • Plus Circle
    It is oven-proof
  • Plus Circle
    Consists of collector's edition recipe card


  • Should avoid using metal utensils that will ruin the non-stick coat
  • Abrasive cleaners cannot be used and might void the lifetime warranty

4. De Buyer Crepe Pan

With De Buyer Crepe Pan, you will have various options in your hands. Apart from just cooking and flipping pancakes and crepes without breaking its shape, it can caramelize vegetables and sear your meat to perfection.

Manufactured in France from De Buyer, it comprises of qualities that will blow your mind away making the perfect French-styled crepes, pancakes, fried eggs, pan searing meats, fish, and many more.

The pan is made of blue-steel, it allows better heat distribution and control over other glass-electric or aluminum crepe pans. It has a non-stick surface that enhances over time as natural patina builds up with usage allowing easy removal of food. Uniquely fashioned with a molded handle to help in twirling crepe batter to make perfectly thin, delicate crepes. It has a cooking surface of 8-inches and a total surface of 9.5-inches, rim to rim. The De Buyer pan has hollow depth and flared sides as well.

The non-stick feature also allows maintaining the pan and seasoning effortless without having to break a sweat. Though you do not need to season regularly, you need to follow the manufacturer's guidelines as these carbon steel and cast iron pans have a rust-resistant coating that needs proper maintenance.


  • Allows smooth flipping and release of food
  • Plus Circle
    Has a comfortable molded handle good for twirling crepe batter
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a non-stick coating allowing maintaining the pan and seasoning an easy process
  • Plus Circle
    Has hollow depth and flared sides
  • Plus Circle
    Non-stick surface enhances over time
  • Plus Circle
    It is a higher-quality pan made in France


  • Seasoning is very time consuming and a routine errand
  • Smaller in size than other pans
  • Possibility of rust is high if kept wet
  • Not dishwasher friendly

5. Maxi Nature Kitchenware Large Crepe Pan

Every time we go to buy any sort of cookware we look for the ones which are specifically long-lasting and tough. Sometimes to meet these requirements some cookware end up massive due to the additional layers or the thicker coats of metals used to make it more durable.

This Large Crepe Pan is made to keep in mind the higher durability features as well as keeping it light in weight that is usually hard to find together.

This 10-inch has a hollow rim to make evenly round crepes, omelets, pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, tortillas, quesadillas, roasted vegetables, and many more every time with a comfortable handle which is angled in such a way made to execute the seamless flip. It's non-stick, heat-responsive makes food release easier and consists of a handle that stays cool during cooking. It is oven-safe up to 500°F.

Made of 4-Layer Hard Aluminum the pan heats up immediately allowing heat distribution more evenly on the surface and absorbs moisture for its tight-fitting, sealing in all the healthy fibers. The enameled cast iron and aluminum are best for low heat cooking and absorbs heat better than pans made of stainless steel.

It is probably the best pan for all the fitness-freak out there due to its non-fat cooking option.  This beauty full of superior quality and durability is a European product, made only in Europe and not China. 


  • Has a non-stick surface that releases food smoothly avoiding a mess
  • Plus Circle
    Consists of a Bakelite handle that stays cool
  • Plus Circle
    Its 4-Layer Hard Aluminum heats up quickly
  • Plus Circle
    Allows heat distribution evenly
  • Plus Circle
    Oven-safe up to 500°F
  • Plus Circle
    Has a non-fat cooking option
  • Plus Circle
    It is scratch-resistant and durable
  • Plus Circle
    Smooth flipping can be done without having to use utensils
  • Plus Circle
    Best for low heat cooking
  • Plus Circle
    Absorbs heat better than a stainless steel pan


  • Some might find the handle to be a bit small
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Some might find the pan too thin
  • As the handle is Bakelite which means it is made of plastic it is better to avoid putting it in the oven

6. Cook N Home Nonstick Crepe Pan

Do you love tossing and flipping your crepe in the air like a master-chef? Then Cook N Home Crepe Pan is just for you! It is very much reasonable for your choice and very light in weight which will not be a disappointment.

Built with thick aluminum gauge, this 10.25-inch non-stick evenly distributes heat throughout the surface avoids causing heat spots. Its non-stick texture and a fairly long handle allow flipping, tossing, removing food is as easy as ever and avoids creating a mess.

Having 10.25-inch diameter you will be able to make big wonders with it. It does not have high edges, thus, your crepe will slide out smoothly. Cook N Home is not suitable for induction stove as well as an oven but on gas and electric stoves, halogen, ceramic, etc.


  • Plus Circle
    Formed with a thick aluminum gauge that evenly distributes heat and avoids causing heat spots
  • Plus Circle
    Its 10.25-inch in diameter and enables longer crepes than others
  • Plus Circle
    The handle is heat-proof and long which makes flipping and tossing easy
  • Plus Circle
    The non-stick surface allows enables easy cleaning


  • Quality might not be up to the marks due to its low cost
  • The non-stick surface might peel off after a few uses
  • Not oven-proof and induction compatible

7. Woll Diamond Lite/Plus Crepe Pan

Considered to be the best crepe pan with non-stick coating because it is unlike other non-stick pans which are sensitive to scratches. In this regard, the Woll Diamond stands different due to its ultra-hard coating with diamond crystals that enhances their scratch-resistance.

It is a German made product where all of its products are chill-cast by hand in Germany with a high-quality, refined aluminum alloy which has a nanoparticle-based coating that ensures a remarkable non-stick performance by forming a highly cut-resistant surface. 

Woll professional cast products show optimal thermal absorption and heat distribution evenly throughout the surface. They have extraordinary strong cast bottom that is not prone to distortion, even at highest maximum temperatures.

The Woll's Diamond Plus is this era's ultimate innovative invention of diamond embedded non-stick kitchen tool with an added application for high durability, and real diamonds in the surface for supreme heat distribution, utmost durability, maximal non-stick performance, and ultimate cooking results.

The Woll Diamond Crepe Pan's non-stick coating is appropriate for health-conscious, nutritious-friendly cooking. It can make food with very little or even no fat- and most importantly, no sticking! It does not contain toxic compounds, such as PFOA. In addition, its reinforced edge provides a high level of shock resistance and creates no mess.

The 10.25-inch pan comprises a handle which like all the products of Woll products are extra strong, with reinforced brass inserts. The pan can be used on induction stoves. Its cutting-edge hand cast technology assures no cracking or warping. Their robotic and computerized application ensures no blisters, bubbles or peeling. The beast is oven and utensils proof as well as a dishwasher. To add the cherry on top, it even comes with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY!!


  • Excellent high-quality, refined aluminum alloy forms nanoparticle-based coating that ensures a remarkable non-stick performance
  • Plus Circle
    Have optimal thermal absorption and heat distribution
  • Plus Circle
    Best for health-conscious people who make food with very little fat
  • Plus Circle
    10.25-inch in size
  • Plus Circle
    It is induction stove compatible
  • Plus Circle
    No blisters, bubbles or peeling occurs. No cracking or warping as well


  • May not be induction compatible fully
  • May not be dishwasher safe
  • Very expensive, chef-grade pan. Not for home cooking

8. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Crepe Pan

The name alone gives away its French identity and this pan not only is the greatest of all crepe pan but what makes it great is that Le Creuset crepe pans are usually used by the French crepe experts. This definitely is not an ordinary pancake. And if you have it you are not just an ordinary crepe maker.

The reason why Le Creuset crepe pans make the best crepe because of its enamel, cast iron interior and exterior provides even heat distribution. It consists of ergonomically-angled handle safer grip that protects from direct heat. The pan is 10-2/3-inch, having a low rim and round edges which enables handling crepes easily.

The pan not only makes amazing, mouth-watering, professional-looking crepes it also looks good in your kitchen. The mystery behind all the delicate crepes and pancakes is the wooden spreader and spatula that comes with the pan which helps batter spread thinly. It's like the gold medal we always dreamed of achieving, only hanging on your kitchen. Its vibrant, long-lasting exterior and satin black enameled interior makes it every chef's only dream to achieve Le Creuset pans in their kitchen.

It is considered to be a subtle piece of kitchen art and should be treated with the utmost respect. Thus, when you are thinking of throwing it into the dishwasher you are doing it wrong. Wash it gently with your hands and respect every bit of it. And don't forget to wash your own hands too.

All in all, Le Creuset Crepe Pan is the most, good-looking of all crepe pans I have come across painted cherry red which complement the color of red wine as well. Because French crepe experts believe Le Creuset crepes must be served with red wine. It is well-constructed, don't you agree?


  • It is a French-inspired pan used by many French experts
  • Plus Circle
    Contains enameled, cast iron interior and exterior provides even heat distribution and high-durability
  • Plus Circle
    Consists of ergonomically-angled handle comfortable grip that protects from direct heat
  • Plus Circle
    Has many non-stick qualities
  • Plus Circle
    It is 10-2/3-inch, having a low rim and round edges providing convenience
  • Plus Circle
    It is oven-proof and compatible for many stovetops
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a wooden spreader and spatula for thin batter spreading
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with attractive, red-wine color


  • It is not cost-efficient
  • Not dishwasher proof. Have to wash with hands
  • Some might consider the handle too small
  • Might have to carefully handle as the non-stick coating will deteriorate over time
  • Not induction compatible due to cast iron enamel
  • Not for home cooking

9. Scanpan Classic Crepe Pan

If you are looking for a quality, European product over low-cost Chinese products then Scanpan is the ultimate choice for you. Built with unique Scandinavian design, Scanpan Classic is hand cast aluminum confirms optimal heat distribution so that provides consistency in cooking.

It also has a ceramic-titanium based patented non-stick coating which is extremely long-lasting, and enables browning, searing and deglazing. The surface itself is 10 times tougher than stainless steel and is scratch-resistant.

The thick aluminum design of the pan avoids warping at higher temperatures. It is dishwasher and oven safe up to 500°F. It does not contain toxic PFOA compounds. Glass cover on top of the pan lets you see inside the pan when covered. This 10-inch crepe pan can be used with metal utensils and comes up with lifetime warranty. And lastly, it is made in Denmark


  • Plus Circle
    Offers optimal heat distribution
  • Plus Circle
    Has long-lasting, ceramic-titanium based patented non-stick coating
  • Plus Circle
    Non-stick surface enables easy cleaning
  • Plus Circle
    The surface is 10 times tougher than stainless steel
  • Plus Circle
    Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    No toxic PFOA compounds are found
  • Plus Circle
    Comes up with lifetime warranty


  • A little over-priced
  • Non-stick titanium coating might peel off over time after several uses
  • The pan might not be suitable for induction stove due to its aluminum design

10. Anolon 83324 Advanced Bronze Crepe Pan 

A simple, yet very efficient crepe pan, Anolon is made of hard-anodized aluminum making it long-lasting and durable spreading heat evenly throughout the surface. It is built with non-stick interior and exterior enabling flipping, tossing, and food removal extremely easy avoiding as much mess as possible.

The crepe pan consists of a handle that remains cool while the pan is on stovetops and protects your hand from burning from the heat and it is also oven-proof up to 350°F. Anolon Crepe Pan comes with a very fashionable, bronze look and also with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Made of durable, hard-anodized aluminum interior and exterior
  • Plus Circle
    Non-stick coat enables flipping, tossing, and food removal extremely easy
  • Plus Circle
    Handle does not heat up even when on stovetops


  • The pan is not dishwasher safe
  • The non-stick coat might peel off over time
  • Might not compatible for induction stoves due to the aluminum surface

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Crepe Pan


This factor will determine the quality of the pan. What should you consider? A cast iron, or stainless steel, or stainless steel, or aluminum? It all depends on you.

Cast Iron

Pans made of cast iron are very long-lasting but heavy and with the right maintenance, it will last longer than any pans made of other materials. If you are looking for durability cast iron is what you should consider.

People who are health conscious and distress about toxic infiltrating the food when cooking should undoubtedly choose cast iron as it does not have any non-stick coating. However, this means you need to use more oil to keep the pan from creating a mess and lubricate it a little before use.

Carbon Steel

If you want features like that of cast iron minus the surface you might want to have a look at carbon steel. It has the features of cast iron. It has durability like that of cast iron, plus a higher-quality cooking surface. Carbon steel is bound to get affected to changes in temperature making it ideal for ceramic or glass cooktops. Its biggest demerit is its high susceptibility to acidic foods that causes corrosion.

Stainless Steel

A better option if you do not prefer either cast iron or carbon steel. They generally have copper or aluminum to make it suitable for induction stove. However, they are a poor conductor of heat and might make your cooking process slow. Furthermore, stainless steels are very long-lasting and lighter than cast iron. They also usually have a non-stick surface, unlike cast iron.


Pans made of aluminum tend to be much lighter and super-effortless to handle. They have outstanding, even-heat distribution but they lag behind in terms of durability compared to the other three materials. If you are looking for an aluminum pan that has high durability you need it to be hard-anodized. Aluminum pans generally have a non-stick surface which is not very durable but provides remarkable cooking experience.


Normally, crepe pans must have a diameter of 8-12 inch as French crepes tend to be bigger. So the bigger pan you choose, the better. Always keep in mind to remind yourself about the edge of the pan as that is very essential in tossing, flipping and removing food easily from the pan without sticking. For instance, a 12-inch pan can make an 11-inch crepe. You got the gist, right?


This feature is considered secondary of all the other functions of the pans. You definitely would not invest your money on something that does not look good in your kitchen as well as perform efficiently and easy to use. Always consider buying the pan having low rim instead of high because it allows sliding the crepe smoothly out of the pan.

Also, a pan with a hard bottom makes a perfectly thin, even-shaped crepes. Finally, always go for the pans having longer and comfortable grip so that your hand is protected from direct heat and the handle remains cool while you are still cooking.


Many of us do not have any idea that a non-stick surface releases some toxins which are harmful to us. Unknowingly we are harming our body because we want non-stick cookware that does not create a mess. PTFE and PFOA (also known as a carcinogen) are such toxic chemicals that are mostly discovered in the non-stick Teflon surface. Do some research and make sure to buy your cookware that is free of such chemicals. 

Maintenance & Cleaning

Even though cleaning and maintaining crepe pans are not so hard but you should still consider it as we sometimes do not have that much time in our hands. A lot of us are always in the run. Such people always want to throw things in the dishwasher so that it does for them instead.

Although, some pans might be dishwasher safe others need to be carefully cleaned with soft napkins or sponge. And mostly, avoid scratching it with anything metal if it has a non-stick surface. Try to keep the pan dry afterward as much as possible to avoid rusting. Some pans require seasoning as well. It is better to do some research before you buy one.

Induction Compatibility

You must check whether the pan you are intending to buy is compatible with induction stoves. Pan having non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, you need to see whether they have a copper or steel base if you have an induction stove at home.


Last but not least, and VERY IMPORTANT thing to consider while buying is the price. You would not want to throw all your savings in a crepe pan which does not perform well. Spending it on such won't be worth it all. As always. Do your research carefully before you buy. Get the best quality crepe pan with the least amount of money possible. Quality over quantity should matter.


It is better to survey all the qualities and functionalities that you want in your crepe pan and then choose. No matter how good you are at making crepes, you still need to find the perfect equipment to craft some chef-styled, delicious, delicate crepes at home.

Make everyone drool over at your cooking skill without spilling the beans about the cookware. Hope our reviews will guide you to choose the best crepe pan that will not be a disappointment. 

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