The 10 Best Electric Spiralizers in 2019

If you are all about clean and healthy eating, then you would certainly want to include more vegetable into your diet. One of the best ways to do this is to make vegetable pastas from eggplant, squash and zucchini. This is when a spiralizer comes in quite handy. This handy device instantly transforms vegetables to give you a nutritious and delicious bowl of pasta.

Spiralizers are great kitchen tools that offer you unique ways of including veggies into your diet. These are available both in manual operation and electrical operated mode. This review helps you identify the best electric spiralizers available in the market. 

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Electric Spiralizers

This review provides you a better understanding of the factors that you need to consider while shortlisting great electric spiralizer options for your kitchen. If you still have a problem finding the best candidate, then you can consider the recommendations offered by us.

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1. Kitchen Aid KSM1APC Spiralizer Attachment

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two spiralizing blades, two slicing blades and a peeling blade
  • Features premium metal construction
  • Promises durability and long lasting performance
  • Designed for simple storage and easy access

This versatile electric spiralizer is all you need to reinvent classic meals. This tool lets you peel, core and slice with much ease. The attachment includes a peeling blade and four spiralizing/slicing blades. These are just perfect for both vegetable and fruit recipes. You can make anything from noodles to savory dishes utilizing this kitchen tool.

The blade system is quite versatile and utilizes four quick-change blades. It also comes with an optional peeling blade which lets you make healthy, classic recipes. The spiralizer easily attaches to the power hub to operate. The premium metal construction of this device ensures long lasting, durable performance.

When attached to the stand mixer, the Kitchen Aid attachment ensures ease of use and provides stability. The blades offered are top rack dishwasher safe and easy to clean. This kit is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixer models. It ensures convenient storage when packed and organized within its case. 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty offered with this product indicates the trust that the makers have in their offering.


  • Offer five different blades for different fruits and vegetables
  • Plus Circle
    Blades are top rack dishwasher safe


  • Works well for small squash and zucchini of small diameter
  • Requires certain practice to master it
  • Some metal pieces tend to bend easily

2. Chefman Immersion Blender & Electric Spiralizer / Vegetable Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-quiet powerful motor
  • Can be used to blend, mix, spiralize, puree and chop
  • Comes with three different types of spiralizing blade attachments
  • Stick design reaches into mixing bowls, pitchers and cooking bowls with much ease

Chefman Immersion spiralizer/slicer is equipped with a powerful motor of 300 watt. This immersion spiralizer and hand blender is ultra-quiet and quickly mixes beverages, purees soups, spiralizes vegetables and blends batter conveniently. This set comes with a powerful extension for chopping, whisking and blending.

Three different kinds of spiralizing blade attachments are offered along with this set from Chefman. You can easily make noodles from potatoes, beets, carrots, squash, zucchini and a lot more with this kit. The lightweight design lets you manage this kit easily. The simple-push button and ergonomic handle offer much convenience to the users.


  • Easy-to-grip ergonomic handle
  • Plus Circle
    Compatible with 120v outlet
  • Plus Circle
    Removable parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    Handle is designed from BPA free plastic
  • Plus Circle
    Backed by 1-year warranty from Chefman


  • Cannot be used on frozen fruits
  • Tends to overheat

3. Veggie Bullet Electric Spiralizer & Food Processor

Highlighted Features

  • 3-in-1 functionality: slice, shred and spiralize
  • Comes with bonus hardcover recipe book
  • Can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher
  • Features sturdy stainless steel blades

The Veggie Bullet spiralizer and food processor is a 3-in-1 slicer, shredder and spiralizer. With just touch of a button, you can turn nutritious veggies in complete, healthy meals. The high capacity motor and sturdy features makes this quite a popular and convenient option.

The components can be cleaned easily. This set comes with a free hardcover cookbook which will inspire you and provide some ideas to take your culinary skills to the next level. This kitchen tool is ideal for cooks who process large quantities of food.


  • Plus Circle
    Feeder slot allows more processing
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for processing large batch of vegetables and fruits


  • Is quite large and hence challenging to store

4. ONTEL Veggetti Power 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • 4-in-1 electric spiralizer
  • Cuts down meal preparation time by 75 percent
  • Features powerful high-torque motor
  • Comes with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that are interchangeable

This electric spiralizer instantly transforms fresh vegetables into delicious and healthy meals. The powerful rotary motor and ultra-sharp stainless steel lets you make nutritious meals in no time. Veggetti Power spiralizer comes with four blades that are interchangeable. You can use these blades to slice and obtain noodles of ribbon cut, thin and thick strands.

ONTEL Veggetti Power 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer is the easiest and fastest way to make delicious foods from veggies. If you want to make low carb, gluten free dishes, then you need to invest in this reliable spiralizer.


  • Features sturdy construction
  • Plus Circle
    Works great on squash, zucchini, beets, sweet potatoes and many other vegetables


  • Consumes a lot of space

5. Hamilton Beach Brands 3-in-1 Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Consists of a food pusher with metal grip
  • Comes with a 6 cup bowl
  • Three cutting cones offered: ribbons, linguine and spaghetti 
  • Great for making vegetable salad, zucchini noodles, apple tarts, curly fries and more

This electric spiralizer lets you create spiralized fruits and veggies for everyday use. It consists of easy to assemble parts. There are three cutting cones that help you create continuous strands of ribbons and noodles. Setting up this unit is quite easy. The metal grip on the pusher secures whatever you are slicing in its position.

The spirals are collected in a 6-cup bowl. All the parts that are removable can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The entire unit can be nested for compact storage. Hamilton Beach Brands 3-in-1 Electric Spiralizer lets you create a large batch of variety of noodles in no time.


  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    Cleaning brush included
  • Plus Circle
    Nested storage makes this a compact unit
  • Plus Circle
    Food zones are made from BPA free plastic


  • If the motor heats then you have to wait for 15 minutes for it to reset
  • Is quite expensive for the features it offers

6. Oster Easy-to-Use Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Made from durable, high-grade stainless steel
  • Comes with a high capacity bowl for catching noodles
  • Comes with two blades: Fettucine and Spaghetti

Oster electric spiralizer lets you prepare a variety of dishes from fresh vegetables effortlessly. It is super easy to use. It comes with two blades. One blade is for cutting fettucine and the other one for spaghetti. Both the blades have been constructed from food grade stainless steel which is super durable.

The blades are quite powerful and retain their sharpness for long. Oster spiralizer lets you cut veggies at both ends. The preparation bowl offered along the set sits right under the chute and can hold a lot of veggies. Cleaning this spiralizer is quite easy. You just need to place the removable parts in the top rack of your dishwasher.


  • Chute and food pusher work together to offer perfect results
  • Plus Circle
    Excellent performance and durability assured
  • Plus Circle
    Creates delicious spirals in seconds


  • Comes with just two blades

7. BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Cuts 6” piece of produce in seconds
  • Effortlessly transforms veggies and fruits into beautiful creations
  • Allows you to replace noodles with healthier, gluten-free option
  • Innovative auto-stop feature lets you work hands-free

This revolutionary electric spiralizer lets you transform healthy vegetables and fruits into beautifully shaped creations. This tool lets you replace carb-loaded noodles with healthier and gluten-free option. Bella electric spiralizer offers crisp and even spirals without being messy and soggy.

This spiralizer can cut 6” piece of produce effortlessly and in seconds unlike other spiralizers than can only accommodate 4” pieces of produce. The amazing feature of this spiralizer is the innovative, auto-stop feature. It lets you place the produce in the spiralizer and just press the button to let the machine work. It will stop automatically once the produce is down to last ½”. This ensures hands-free cutting.

You can create large curly fries, linguine, spaghetti and fettuccini owing to the rotating four blade technology used in this spiralizer. You do not have to remove or replace blades that may result in dangerous cuts if not managed appropriately. This unit detaches easily so that you can clean it thoroughly.

A hard bristle cleaning brush has been provided in the kit so that you can clean sharp blades without hurting yourself. The removable parts are dishwasher safe.


  • Plus Circle
    Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    Hard bristle to clean the unit with sharp edges
  • Plus Circle
    Quick and convenient kitchen solution


  • Design is quite flimsy 

8. Cuisinart SSL-100 Prep Express Slicer, Shredder & Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 8 different cuts of food
  • Made from BPA free plastic 
  • Comes with a cleaning brush

You wouldn’t be disappointed with Cuisinart SSL-100 spiralizer set if you are looking for a multitasking appliance. You can use this to shred, slice and spiralize fresh vegetables in no time. This spiralizer from Cuisinart simplifies the way you prepare your meals.

This 3-in-1 kitchen appliance lets you create spirals and ribbons of zucchini in no time. You can waffle cut potatoes for chips, slice cucumbers for salads and do a lot more with this versatile kitchen tool. If you are planning to eat healthy, then this is the versatile tool that you need to invest in.


  • Produces 4 different kinds of shredded and sliced fruits and vegetables
  • Plus Circle
    Offers 4 kinds of spiraled fruit and vegetables
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a 4 cup plastic work bowl 
  • Plus Circle
    4 cutting cones included
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a recipe/instruction book


  • The cones are not sharp enough to offer thin and wide shreds

9. Black+Decker SFP1000B Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 6 different blades
  • Offers endless meal possibilities
  • You can obtain thick, thin and ribbon shaped noodles
  • You can get wavy cut, thin and thick slices of fruits and veggies

This electric spiralizer and fruit slicer comes with six blades. It is an ideal kitchen tools for health-conscious individuals, busy professionals and families. All you need to do is turn on the electric spiralizer and guide your favorite vegetables and fruits through unique chute. This allows you to cut and collect them directly into a mixing bowl or a pan.

A variety of blade shades are offered with the Black+Decker spiralizer. This lets you create a variety of creative and delicious recipes with fruits and vegetables. The noodle blade lets you create low-carb pasta dishes. You can make homemade potato chips with the wavy cut blade. All the six blades offered along this set are easy to use.

You can clean the blades in the top rack of the dishwasher. These can be stocked for easy storage.


  • Continuous chute lets you spiralize all day
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a recipe book
  • Plus Circle
    Storage back and cleaning brush included


  • A lot of effort is required to cut the veggies appropriately

10. NutriChef PKESPR26 Electric Food Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Allows you to slice, chop and make stringy spirals
  • 3-in-1 food processor
  • Can be used for making noodles, pastas, vegetable garnishes and salads
  • Simple plug-in design
  • Choose from spiral, fine-chop and coarse styles
  • Can be placed safely on any countertop or table

The NutriChef electric spiralizer lets you shred, slice and make stringy spirals. If you want to serve stunning salads and veggies to your guests, then you need to consider adding NutriChef PKESPR26 Electric Food Spiralizer to your kitchen collection. It does much more than spiralize. It also assists you with chopping and slicing.
This electric spiralizer set comes with switchable cutting blades.

You can choose from spiral, fine-chop and coarse styles with much ease using this kit. It has been designed to safely occupy any counter or tabletop. The removable parts offered along with this set are all dishwasher safe. The NutriChef PKESPR26 set consists of a collection bowl, an electric spiralizer and three cutting blades. The removable parts have been made from food-safe materials.


  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    Made from food-safe materials
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a collection bowl
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with three switchable cutter blades
  • Plus Circle
    Collection bowl has a capacity of 1.2 liters


  • Instructions are not quite clear

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Spiralizer 

Although it takes experience to make a wise investment decision, you can always make note of small details to make the process easier for you. Here are some constraints that would make your decision a worthy one provided you consider them during decision making.

Kind of blade

You need to make sure to go for blades made from high-quality stainless steel. These are pretty good for slicing anything. Going for any other material would not offer you the quality of end product that you desire.

Amount of manual guidance required

There are several models that require the user to put in some effort to accomplish the task. If you have arthritis or presenting the spiralizer to someone with this condition, then you need to go for models where one is not required to exert much pressure. Go for a powerful, multipurpose model that can accomplish the task with little efforts from the user.

Ease of cleaning  

While looking for spiralizer options, make sure to check if they have any detachable parts that can be cleaned effortlessly in a dishwasher. If not, then you will have a hard time in removing the debris from the appliance. If you want the product to be easy to clean, then make sure to check the ease of cleaning aspect. The spiralizer blades are extremely sharp and you may not want to clean it manually often.

Versatility of cutting

You do not cut everything with just one kind of blade. You need different blades for cutting, slicing and spiralizing different veggies and fruits. Going for a versatile product makes sense as it will keep you prepared for any situation. A versatile product would be able to chop, slice and spiralize either thick and thin slices or strands. If you cook food for a large family almost every single day, then you need to go for heavy duty models that are versatile and process large batches of veggies and fruits in no time.

Kind of spiralizer

There are two main kinds of spiralizers available in the market. They are countertop and handheld. Although both serve their purpose, you need to decide which one would be apt for your kitchen needs. Handheld spiralizers easily fit into your hands and are quite light. However, these are not as powerful as the countertop ones. These usually come with one blade attached. Despite being compact and convenient, these can be difficult to use and have limited applications.  

Countertop spiralizers have been designed for accomplishing heavy-duty tasks. These can cut large amount of apples, squash, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and a lot more. These models are quite efficient and stable. As these rest on countertop, you do not have to bother about holding them. These are quite convenient to use and are quite versatile kitchen appliances.    


If you spiralize zucchini once in a month or two, then there is no point investing in a power spiralizer unless you intend to use it for other purposes if it is versatile. Certain heavy-duty models do occupy a lot of space on the kitchen counter if they are not compact models. You can go for Bella spiralizer as it is simple and can be ideal for infrequent use. It is less complicated to use and process large pieces. Make sure to consider this aspect while looking for spiralizer models for your kitchen.

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