The 8 Best Jelly Roll Pans in 2019

Every professional chef or baker knows how poor quality baking equipment can ruin the whole process. And if you love baking, then a jelly roll pan is an excellent addition to your kitchen. The bakeware gives you the freedom to prepare your favorite delicacies just the way you like enjoying them. Aside from baking, a jelly roll pan can be utilized in roasting or reheating your leftovers. To enjoy all these benefits, you will need a quality model that can withstand extreme heat without warping.

However, with the ever-increasing demand for these bakewares, more and more brands are flooding the market. The move has made it challenging to determine the right model. We understand well how poor quality bakeware can ruin your cooking. In our review, we have featured different models to help you identify the best jelly roll pan for your baking needs.

Best Pick

USA Pan 1605CR Jelly Roll Baking Pan

USA Pan 1605CR Jelly Roll Baking Pan has stood out from other bakeware. The pan features a commercial-grade aluminized steel with a unique corrugated surface. It has a non-stick Americoat coating which touts of a patent silicone coating for easy release of your baked goods and cleaning. Its cooling rack boasts of its raised six feet and crosswire construction which adds stability and facilitates even cooling.

Budget Pick

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Jelly Roll Baking Sheet

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Jelly Roll Baking Sheet is the go-to bakeware if you are on a budget. Featuring a natural industrial grade aluminum Nordic baking pan is reliable, convenient, efficient and durable. Its superior heat conduction properties allows your baked food to rise and brown evenly. An encapsulated steel rim is reinforced to give it strength to withstand extreme temperatures without warping making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Jelly Roll Pans

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1. USA Pan 1605CR Jelly Roll Baking Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable with even heat distribution
  • Has a bake-able cooling metal with non-sticky properties
  • Oven safe for temperatures of up to 4500 Fahrenheit
  • Measures 14.25” x 9.375” x 1”

The USA Pan is a heavy duty commercial grade pan designed to help you bake your pastries like a pro. Though it is sold as a baking pan, it can also be utilized for roasting your cookies, veggies, and cakes thanks to its roasting rack. Featuring an aluminum steel USA pan is your baking buddy. All commercial chefs and bakers love Aluminized steel bakeware due to its great strength, durability, and incredible performance. So if you are looking for quality bakeware, you should give this one a try.

With this baking pan, you do not have to worry about waiting for your pastries to cool down. Thanks to its specially corrugated surface which facilitates even flow of air. Its cooling rack boasts of its crosswire construction and six raised feet for even cooling and stability.

A non-stick Americoat coating which features a silicone coating with patented design with PTFE, BPA and PFOA properties facilitates easy release of your baked foods and cleaning a breeze. The bakeware is handy, durable, reliable, quality and versatile. Adding it to your kitchen will up your baking game.

2. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Jelly Roll Baking Sheet

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with pure aluminum for even heat distribution
  • Rust and warp resistant
  • Measures 15.75" x 11.25" x 1.63" (LWH)

Nordic Ware has over 70 years in the industry and has wowed its customers by making their baking fun and enjoyable. The bakeware was designed by a foodie in a bid to make home baking easy. Featuring a pure aluminum this baking sheet facilitates even heat distribution and will not rust.

An encapsulated steel rim prevents warping giving your pastries ample space to rise while giving them a consistent professional shape. The jelly roll pan fits perfectly in European ovens and is ideal for your muffins, veggies, cookies, French fries, and cakes. Investing in this jelly roll baking sheet will offer you efficiency, excellent performance, and incredible results.

3. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Jelly Roll

Highlighted Features

  • Made from a commercial grade aluminized steel
  • Scratch, stain, and corrosion resistance
  • Internal measurements 8.49 “ x 13.37”

Bring the efficiency and performance of commercial bakeware in your home with OXO Good Grips. Featuring a heavy-duty aluminized steel construction this bakeware facilitates even heat distribution. Its edges are square rolled for a secure grip when transferring it to and from the oven.

With its non-sticky micro-textured design, the pan reduces contact and facilitates quick even air distribution for even baking. Its patented Swiss design features a ceramic double-layered coating for easy food release without staining, scratching or corroding.

The pan is ideal for your cookies, jelly rolls, and cookies. Owning one will offer you versatility, excellent performance, and professional results.

4. Gotham Steel Nonstick Copper Cookie Sheet & Jelly Roll Baking Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Scratch resistant
  • Oven safe for up to 5000 Fahrenheit
  • Measures 12 by 17 inches

Bake your cookies, eggs, chicken, pizzas, veggies, bacon, brownies, and steak professionally in your oven with little or no oil by taking advantage of this amazing Gotham steel bakeware. Featuring a patented Titanium Ceramic coating, elegant copper color, and a non-sticky smooth surface, this pan will offer your great performance.

The pan is PFOA, PTFE/ PFOS free so you do not have to worry about any chemicals contaminating your food. The steel sheet is oven safe up to 5000 Fahrenheit which gives you the freedom to prepare your food with ease. Its non-sticky surface facilitates easy food removal by sliding them right off without staining or scratching. That's not all; the bakeware is dishwasher safe which makes its cleaning a walkover.

Gotham steel baking pan is a great addition to your kitchen if you in need of a sleek, safe, efficient, durable and versatile bakeware.

5. Chicago Metallic Commercial II Traditional Uncoated Large Jelly Roll Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Warp resistant
  • Aluminized steel construction
  • Uncoated traditional surface
  • Measures 6 ¾” by 12” by 1”

Baking and reheating you leftover has just got better with Chicago Metallic bakeware. Featuring a commercial grade Aluminized steel, this baking pan conducts heat faster and distributes it evenly for a uniformed bake. The pan has reinforced wire rod rims which prevent warping.

Its traditional baking surface is uncoated and is dishwasher safe which makes its maintenance easy. With this bakeware, you can prepare your jelly rolls, cookies, and bars. You can also utilize it to roasts your veggies or reheat your leftovers giving great versatility.

6. Chicago Metallic Commercial II Traditional Uncoated True Jelly Roll Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with a heavy-duty Aluminized steel
  • Traditional uncoated surface

Chicago metallic has designed yet another fantastic bakeware for all your home baking purposes. The pan touts of its heavy-duty Aluminized steel construction which is durable and facilitates even heat distribution for a professional uniform bake.

Measuring 14 ¾" by 9 ¾" by 1", this Chicago Metallic ware will offer you ample space for your everyday baking. Its traditional uncoated surface promotes fast cooling and easy release of your food. Investing in this bakeware will make your cooking not only easy but also fun.

7. Norpro Nonstick Cookie Sheet-Jelly Roll Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Facilitates even heating and baking
  • Measures 10 x 15  x .75 inches

Nopro jelly roll pan is designed with commercial grade materials for superior heat distribution, even baking, and durability. Its edges are uniquely designed with wide lips for easy handling and secure grip when transferring your foods to and from your oven.

Its non-stick finish enables you to remove your baked foods easily while making cleaning easy. Measuring 10” x 15” x .75", this bakeware will offer you great versatility. You can prepare a wide variety of baked foods like cookies, jelly rolls, cakes, fries, pizza, fries, tater totes, pastries, and biscuits.

8. USA Pan Bare Aluminum Fluted Half Sheet Pan

Highlighted Features

  • Built to last
  • Rust and warp resistant
  • Corrugated baking surface
  • Measures 17.25 by 12.25 by 1 -inches

Featuring a stay flat technology this USA bakeware allows even heat distribution while preventing warping. Its corrugated surface increases its strength. For increased durability and flawless baking, USA pan is constructed with industrial grade aluminum with BPA, PFOA and PTFE free.

Its rims are reinforced for increased strength and durability.  Adding this bakeware to your home allows you to prepare your pastries like a pro.

Benefits of Using a Jelly Roll Pan


You do not need to be a professional to use a jelly roll pan. Its ease of use makes the preparation of your favorite delicacies a breeze whenever you need them.


Jelly roll pans are designed to offer you convenience while giving professional results. Provided you have your recipes right and have set the correct temperatures; your pan will do the rest.


A jelly roll pan facilitates health cooking without flaws. Better still; you can utilize them to prepare different foods.


Owning a jelly roll pan is a long time investment you can own as a homeowner. The bakeware is affordable which helps you save money that you could have used to buy your favorite delicacies in your nearest store.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Jelly Roll Pan

When choosing the right baking pan, there is always more than what meets the eye. And before you jump in and check out, you need to first identify the best jelly roll pan for your needs by factoring in the following.


Jelly roll pans are designed in different sizes. Your preferences should determine the right bakeware size in regards to family size and your oven size.  To avoid any inconveniences, always go for a pan which is slightly smaller than your oven size to allow easy transfer of your food in and out of the oven.

The size of your baking pan should not be big enough for your storage drawer.


Manufacturers use different materials to design jelly roll pans. The most commonly used materials include aluminum, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and aluminized steel. Though these materials have advantages and disadvantages, in most cases, the material you settle for will depend on your preferences. To make your selection easy here are some critical features associated with each material.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is lightweight and affordable. Being a bad conductor of heat, bakeware designed using stainless steel will take more time to heat. Some parts of the pan will get hotter than others which will eventually lead to uneven bake.


Due to its excellent heat conduction properties, aluminum material is popularly used by most manufacturers. It’s even heating facilitates uniform baking, browning, and fast cooling. In case you opt for aluminum pans, make sure you go for heavy-duty or industrial grade models which can withstand high temperatures without warping.

Aluminized steel

Aluminized steel pans are usually designed using steel with aluminum-silicone coating. The coating helps increase heat conduction which facilitates even baking and browning. Due to its strength, baking pans made from steel are resistant to warping and corrosion.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum bakeware is durable and hard than the standard aluminum models. They have a non-stick surface which facilitates easy release of your baked goods without contaminating them. The non-stick coating prevents staining, scratches and facilitates easy cleaning.

However, to enjoy these benefits, you will be required to pay more for an anodized aluminum pan.


While the material used to construct your baking pan plays a significant role in its durability. Some added features help increase the strength and durability allowing you to enjoy professional baking for generations to come.

Aluminized steel, anodized aluminum and industrial grade aluminum are strong and durable to withstand regular use. However, reinforced rims and double layered surfaces give your bakeware superior strength.


Most jelly roll pans are designed to be used for baking different delicacies. However, not every model out there will allow you to bake everything. So before you choose your bakeware, make sure you know what else you can utilize it for.

Most manufacturers list the recommended foods you can prepare with the pan. For greater versatility, it is highly advocated to choose one that will help you prepare your favorite food with ease.

Corrugated or micro-textured surface 

Pans with micro-textured or corrugated surfaces facilitate a quick flow of air for an even bake. These surfaces have non-sticky properties which enable you to transfer your foods easy without staining, scratching or corroding the surface.

Fluted design

Some jelly roll pans will feature a fluted design. The feature facilitates even heat distribution for an even bake. Better still; the design also helps increase your pan efficiency and airflow for flawless baking.

Cooling Rack

When your food is fully baked, your pastries need to cool down. Some pans have cooling racks with reinforced wire design for even and fast cooling.

Non-stick coating

Non-stick bakeware is coated on the surface to prevent rusting and allow for easy food release. However, while these features give your pan extended life and make your baking fun, some of these bakewares may have chemicals like PFOA, BPA or PTFE.

When heated, traces of these chemicals will contaminate your food. This poses a health threat to you and your family. In case you happen to choose a non-stick surface, ensure it is free from these chemicals.

Ease of use

Though you do not require to be a professional chef to use a jelly roll pan, there are some features which makes it easy to use. One of these essential features is the edge and lip design. An excellent jelly roll pan should have wide lips and ergonomically designed edges to enable you to hold your food securely when placing or removing it from the oven.

Temperature limit

Some bakeware may not have the strength to withstand extreme temperatures. This can be a challenge especially if you are baking foods that require high temperatures. As a rule, it is highly recommended to go for models which can withstand oven heat of 4000 Fahrenheit or more.

Baking frequency

Baking frequency is one of the overlooked factors when shopping for bakewares. If you are planning to use your pan daily, then you should consider buying high-end models which can withstand regular use.  

Ease of maintenance

Baking can sometimes mess up with your pan especially if you do not put enough oil on the surface. An easy to clean bakeware will allow you to spend less time to get rid of the stains. A double layered and non-stick coating reduces the chances of your food staining your pan and can be a great pick if you are looking for an easy to maintain bakeware.

Your budget

Whether you have just started your home baking or planning to open up a new bakery outlet, you need to factor in your budget. The cost of the bakeware will be dictated by the material used, size, and other features. As much as you are searching for a baking pan that will last you for generations to come, it is always advisable to go for models within your budget.

Maintenance tips for your jelly roll pan

  • Always ensure you sprinkle cooking oil on your bakeware to prevent food from staining. For great results, always follow your cooking recipe
  • Never leave your bakeware to sit for long. To keep your pan well maintained, regular cleaning is recommended after every use. Some jelly roll pans are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is highly recommended
  • Harsh soaps which contain bleach or chlorine may deteriorate your pan by corroding the outer surface. Vigorous scrubbing is not suitable for your pan. To remove tough stains, scrub the surface gently with a sponge and a mild dishwashing liquid
  • When baking, always stick to the recommended temperature limits. Most pans have temperature limits and exceeding them can compromise the coating

Jelly Roll pan Frequent Asked Questions 

Is jelly roll pan worth it?

A jelly roll pan is a great addition to any kitchen. The bakeware is versatile and will allow you to bake not only your delicacies but also roast different foods. They possess great features to enable you to make your favorite foods without flaws.

What is the best jelly roll material?

For flawless baking, it is highly recommended to use bakeware with excellent heat conductivity properties like aluminum, anodized aluminum or aluminized steel. In case you plan for aluminum model, ensure it is coated or has rust or corrosion properties.

What is the right jelly roll pan size?

There is no specific recommended size, but you should consider your storage space, oven size, and your baking quantity.

What is the best-preferred way to prepare a jelly roll pan?

Preparation of your pan will vary depending on the material and its surface. Some pans will require you to sprinkle enough oil while others will require little or no oil. For the preparation of your pan, read your manufacturers manual.

What is the right temperature to bake using a cooling rack?

While a cooling rack is ideal for your roasting needs, the recommended temperature will determine the material used. Refer to your manual to determine whether your rack is oven safe and if yes the recommended temperature limits.

Final Verdict

A quality jelly roll pan can spice up your baking; there is no doubt about that. Better still; you can utilize it in preparation of different foods with ease. However, while everyone will have different preferences, the best jelly roll pan should meet all the requirements you are looking for in bakeware.

All the above eight baking pans are from leading manufacturers in the industry and can be a great addition to your kitchen if chosen right.
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