The 10 Best Knife Bags in 2019

You need to invest in a high-quality knife bag that fits all your needs especially if you’re a professional chef or enjoy cooking and would safely like to keep all of your gear in one place. It might be easy to assume that all knife bags are made equally but this is most definitely not the case. Some knife bags leave your knives cramped, unprotected and exposed to damage which are the worst things that could happen to your beloved equipment.

Knife bags can either help store your knives safely or leave your kitchen feeling cramped, and oftentimes are used to help you safely transport your knives from one location to another. Some simply offer a number of pockets where you place your knives, while others include more straps and specific materials that add another level of security and professionalism to your apparatus.

For those of us who love cooking, we may find ourselves struggling to remove a knife from our bags efficiently and quickly due to a design flaw in many bags. In order to avoid this, we have curated a list of knife bags are the most efficient so that your fingers can focus on creating your next masterpiece and make buying the best knife bag an easy process.

In order to make sure your knife bag does not get in the way of your cooking, you need to pick out a knife bag that will be perfect for your own personal needs. Without further ado, here are our very own hand-picked knife bags that aims to help you pick the right one for you.

Best Pick

Winco 10 Compartment Knife Bag

Our best pick is the Winco 10 Compartment Knife Bag. It's reliable, sturdy, secure and easy to use. You can't go wrong with this bag.

Budget Pick

Noble Home and Chef Knife Roll Bag (6 slots)

Our best budget bag is the Noble Home and Chef Knife Roll Bag with 6 slots. It's compact, cute and lightweight which is great for storage.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Knife Bags

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1. Winco 10 Compartment Knife Bag

Starting off with an all-around great knife bag, the Winco 10 Compartment Knife Bag can hold up to 10 knives of various lengths within it. Made from black polyester with velcro straps and a few extra storage pockets, this product is easy to use, simple and efficient. You can even keep some brushes and wipes in the extra storage spaces too.

If you’re looking for something easy and simple, the Winco may be perfect for you, especially if you don’t have a large number of knives to store in one place. 

It’s got just enough room for many different kinds of knives but isn’t so big and complex which would be unnecessary if you don’t have a large collection of knives. Even if you do, though, this knife bag may be a great option for you if you often travel with your knives to friend’s houses or different restaurants.

When using this bag, your knives will go into the pocket area leaving the handles exposed. This can offer a level of safety when reaching into the bag to grab a knife, as you won’t have to worry about accidentally hurting yourself in the process.


  • Can fit 10 knives of various lengths.
  • Plus Circle
    Has extra storage pockets.
  • Plus Circle
    Made from polyester which is flexible and reliable, meaning you won’t need to use knife protectors.
  • Plus Circle
    Has velcro straps to make sure your knives stay in place.


  • If you have thicker blades, they may not fit into the pockets as the blade is the part that goes into the pockets.
  • Only fits 10 knives which may be a problem if you like to carry many more.
  • Depending on your collection, you may need to order your knives in a specific way for the flaps to close nicely when the bag is rolled up.

2. Noble Home and Chef Knife Roll Bag (6 slots)

The Noble Home and Chef Knife Roll Bag can hold up to 5 knives that can range from different shapes and sizes. It also comes with 3 added storage spaces that you can use for your tasting spoons and other utensils, and a slot for your knife sharpening steel.

This bag is easy to carry as it comes with a handle and shoulder strap which can be removed. There is even a name tag and a section where you can keep your business cards so you can easily identify your knife bag against others.

The bag itself is padded for extra protection and is long-lasting, ensuring you can use it every day for a number of years. You won’t have to worry about puncturing the bag as it is made from sturdy polyester material and also has an extra cover flap that adds another layer of protection for your knives.


  • Comes with a zipper to make sure your knives stay in place.
  • Plus Circle
    Can keep 5 knives of various shapes and sizes in it safely.
  • Plus Circle
    Has extra slots for your other kitchen utensils, a name tag and a pocket for your business cards
  • Plus Circle
    Made from sturdy polyester with an extra cover flap.
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a handle and a strap for easy transportation.


  • Only fits 5 knives.
  • Though efficient may look too simple for your tastes.

3. Ergo Chef 1005 with 5 Pocket Padded Knife Roll Bag

This 5-pocketed knife bag comes in a variation of colours like camouflage, red and purple, and can be easily carried around thanks to its wide and slim shape and handle.

It has 2 zippers to make sure your knives don’t fall out and comes with 5 elasticated pockets so you can fit in a variation of knives within them. It is made from heavy nylon/polyester to ensure stability and safety.

This is another great option for those who don’t need to carry a lot of knives on a daily basis, or if you need a compact knife bag for a weekend camping trip. It is compact and slim so can be stored and hidden away with ease but does not offer the option to carry larger butcher knives because of this.


  • Plus Circle
    A better option for travelling and/or for new culinary students.


  • May need to get blade protectors separately.
  • Does not have extra storage room for other utensils.

4. Noble Home and Chef Knife Bag  (8+ Slots)

If being able to carry all of your necessities in one bag is your biggest priority, look no further. The Noble Home and Chef Knife Bag comes with 8 slots for your treasured knives and even has assorted spaces for your meat cleaver and knife steel.

It also comes with an extra 4 slots for your cooking utensils and a shoulder strap for easy transport. On top of this, it is made from durable 600 Denier Polyester Canvas to protect your knives when travelling with them. 

This bag is also spacious as it fits knives as big as 18 inches within it, meaning you won't be limited to space. If you are a professional chef, your business cards are just as important as your knives. This bag offers a slot where you can keep your cards in safely.


  • All-in-one bag with space for 8 knives, extra cooking utensils, business cards, knife steel and a meat cleaver
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a shoulder strap and handle for easy transportation.
  • Plus Circle
    Made from polyester canvas which is sturdy and safe.


  • Splash-proof but not resistant to water.
  • Needs to be washed by hand.

5. EVERPRIDE Knife Bag for Chefs

This large knife bag offers 3 versatile compartments for all of your necessities and includes a zipper to keep all of your equipment in place. It comes with 20 pockets that can fit knives that are long. Inside the bag, there are an extra 3 compartments with zippers of various heights to ensure you stay organised.

It is made from a durable PVC reinforced polyester fabric that is sleek and simple with its all-black design. The bag is also easily carried thanks to the shoulder strap that comes with it.


  • Fits up to 20 knives as long as 20 inches.
  • Plus Circle
    Has an extra 3 compartments with zippers.
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a shoulder strap.


  • The bag is rather large and may be difficult to travel with and store away.
  • Must be washed by hand.

6. EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Roll Bag (14 slots)

Available in two chic colours, brown and black, the EVERPRIDE 14 Slot Knife Bag is a stylish knife bag that is also efficient. This bag can hold up to 11 western and Japanese styled knives (up to 19 inches long) within its 7 pouches and the 3 extra slots for smaller blades and cooking utensils.

Included is a mesh holder to protect your meat cleaver and 2 EVERGUARD knife guards to prevent your knives from puncturing the bag and forming blunt edges. There is also an adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying all of your knives easy.


  • Holds up to 11 knives.
  • Plus Circle
    Has extra slots for cooking utensils and spoons.
  • Plus Circle
    Can fit in a meat cleaver.
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a mesh holder and 2 knife guards.
  • Plus Circle
    Includes a shoulder strap.


  • Better suited for recreational chefs and students.
  • Doesn't fit very long knives.

7. EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Roll Bag (13 Slots)

Next on our list is the EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Roll Bag that can store 10 knives, 3 kitchen utensils and has a zipper for extra organization. This knife bag differs from the previous EVERPRIDE bags already mentioned, mainly through its design.

It's made from hard waxed canvas leaving it with a sturdy and vintage feel, and the wide rolled up look with its leather shoulder strap simply screams classic. This is a fantastic option for chefs who don't want to hide their knives behind a bland bag.

The handle of the knives goes into the pocket so be mindful when grabbing your knives from the bag. It fits 10 knives that can be as long as 18 inches and there are 3 slots available for other kitchen utensils.


  • Plus Circle
    Shoulder strap included for easy transport.
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with extra storage space for kitchen utensils.


  • Clean with water and a cloth - must be gentle.
  • Can't fit more than 10 knives.

8. EVERPRIDE Chef's Knife Roll Up Storage Bag

This bag is another one which refuses to be bland. With its sleek rolled-up design which ensures both your fingers and your knives stay safe, this knife bag offers pockets that can fit 10 knives as long as 18 inches.

Though this may not be too different from some of the other EVERPRIDE products mentioned in this article, the main difference is the design of the bag.

The leather exterior is not only durable but elegant as well. This bag definitely proves you take your cooking seriously as your knives won’t have to hide behind a boring design.


  • Ensures easy access to your knives and utensils. You can fit 10 knives within the bag alongside paring and carving utensils, scissors and more
  • Plus Circle
    Has a handle and a shoulder strap.
  • Plus Circle
    Fits knives as long as 18 inches.
  • Plus Circle
    Resistant to cuts and punctures.
  • Plus Circle
    Protects knives from damage when the bag is in use.


  • Does not fit more than 10 knives.
  • The straps are not the most stable - feels flimsy and as though they may open easily.

9. Shun Knife Roll

Though this knife bag by Shun looks compact and slim when shut, it is generously spacious when open. It includes 8 slots for knives of various sizes and provides storage spaces for cutlery and other kitchen utensils too.

Included is a zipper which helps prevent dust and dirt from getting on your gear, and there are velcro straps on the bag to ensure it is safely closed when you’re ready to take it outside with you. It is made from nylon which is rugged and thick, making it sturdy and reliable.


  • Easy to carry with you especially on holidays or trips.
  • Plus Circle
    Has many compartments for all of your various tools.
  • Plus Circle
    Spacious on the inside, compact on the outside.


  • Be mindful of how you place your knives into this bag. It can fit a single 18-inch knife within it but it must be placed in the centre of the bag exactly for it to close
  • It is recommended that you buy knife guards/covers to go along with this bag.
  • The rectangular shape of the bag may loosen over time.

10. EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Roll Bag (16 Slots) 

Coming in with a whopping 16 pocket bag, this EVERPRIDE knife bag is huge enough for you to store all of your knives and be spoilt for choice. There is no need to pick your equipment sparingly when it comes to this bag.

It can hold 12 knives, a meat cleaver, scissors and many more accessories that you may need. It has 3 small pockets that were designed to keep your tasting spoons in them.

Aside from the travel-friendly design (it comes with a strap), it is made from sturdy polyester material and 2 knife guards too.


  • Plus Circle
    Comes with 2 knife guards (6 and 8 inches long) to ensure your knives to puncture the bag
  • Plus Circle
    Has a shoulder strap for easy transport and a detachable handle.
  • Plus Circle
    Can hold 12 knives, a meat cleaver and more.


  • Can be quite stiff rather than flexible, making it slightly uncomfortable to roll the bag up

Things to Consider Before Buying a Knife Bag

There are many things to consider before buying a knife bag. Ultimately, it all boils down to what your specific needs and desires are, and what you'll be using it for specifically. If you're a professional chef who often travels to different restaurants or cooking events, not only is it crucial that you pick a bag that's easy to carry, durable and safe but having extra slots for your business cards available in your bag is also essential. If you're a culinary student or simply enjoy cooking for fun, a smaller option may be of interest.

Knives are an essential part of the cooking process, so much so that it can alter and influence the taste of your dishes. We're sure every cooking knife that you own is unique and special to you, and that you've spent much time deliberating on which knife would be perfect to add to your collection.

We believe this should also be applied to your knife bag. A good knife bag will not only store your knives in one place, but it could prevent your knives from going blunt, chipping or becoming dusty. In this section, we will run through the key factors to consider before purchasing your own knife bag.


To begin, we must consider the size of the bag. This depends on how many knives you own and prefer to carry. If you often go to many restaurants or culinary events, a bigger bag that can hold a variety of knives of various lengths and a meat cleaver would be a good choice. If you're a student, only taking the essential equipment to classes would be ideal, as you don't want to carry a heavy load every day along with your other supplies.

Extra compartments 

This is another area that could either make or break whether you should buy a specific knife bag or not. Once again, this depends on what you wish to carry in your bag, but having a few extra compartments to put your spoons and business cards in may be of importance to you.


Some or the knife bags mentioned in this article have shoulder straps and handles attached to them, making it easier to carry from one place to another. Consider whether you prefer handles or shoulder straps and whether they are adjustable to ensure you can carry the bag comfortably.

If you're planning on keeping your knife bag in one place, such as your kitchen at home, or if you'll only be taking the bag out once in a while on trips, perhaps straps and handles on a knife bag won't be necessary.

Some bags come with extra accessories such a knife guards. Though a good knife bag will be made from a sturdy material, inevitably sometimes our knives can puncture the bag and leave it with holes.

Material and Design

Whether it's nylon, leather or polyester, the material of your bag will play a crucial role in how sturdy and safe it is. Remember that a knife bag should protect your knives whilst storing them especially considering if you'll be using the bag without knife guards.

Most knife bags are simple in appearance and come in dark colours, though there are several in this list that is more on the classic and chic end. But when we think about design in terms of knife bags, we've got to consider the functionality of the bag more than the way it looks. After all, this isn't your everyday handbag or backpack you store your keys and wallet in.

Instead, consider the shape of the bag, whether it has flaps and covers if it comes with zippers and mesh holders and more. You shouldn't dump all of your precious knives in one place for obvious reasons, and the best way to keep your knives orderly is to consider the design of the knife bag they'll be living in.

Finally, note whether the knives go blade first into the pockets or not and whether there is enough space from one pocket to the next. You don't want to hurt your fingers in the process of grabbing a knife so it's important to be aware of the design of the bag.


We hope this article will come in handy when you pick out your knife bag, and we hope you've learned what to look out for when picking out the best knife bag for your needs. We believe that great knives need a great bag to carry it and make your blades sparkle even more. From the design, size and material, we're sure you'll find a bag that is perfect for you and your kitchen.

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