The 12 Best Knife Blocks in 2019

Don’t you hate it when you cannot locate your kitchen knife while preparing a meal? If you have the habit of dumbing all the kitchenware in a drawer along with ladles and stirring spoons, then you can have a hard time finding knives in the first place. This is when you can opt for knife blocks that will store all your knives properly without consuming too much space.  

If you have some extra space on your kitchen counter, then it makes sense to store knives in a knife block. It stores all your knives vertically, sideways or at an angle. These are available in different sizes and shapes and are made chiefly from steel, wood and other materials.

Using a knife block not just makes it easier for you to locate your knives but also extends the lifespan of the knives. If you are wondering which knife block set you need to purchase, then we can make that task easier for you by equipping you with the right information.  

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Knife Blocks

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1. Zwilling 30782-00 Knife Block Set

Highlighted Features

  • Ice-hardened FRIODUR blade remains sharp for long
  • It demonstrates superior resilience
  • The durable and ergonomic polymer handle offers convenience to the users
  • Excellent edge retention assured
  • The edge angle is 15 degrees on each side

Zwilling is a renowned German cutlery manufacturer offering quality products for enthusiast home chefs. The signature knives are precision stamped from a single piece of German steel that results in lightweight knives that neither compromise with strength nor with sharpness.

Zwilling knives are made from a special formula steel that has been perfected for over 280 years. The FRIODUR blades are sharper, harder and have been developed with ice-hardening technique. They do not chip or stain. They also retain their sharpness for a long period.

This 19-piece set has everything that a home chef would want to have in their kitchen. The set comprises of a bamboo storage block, 8 steak knives, 9-inch sharpening steel, kitchen shears, 8-inch bread knife, 3 Santoku knives, 2 serrated utility knives, a 4.5-inch parer, a 2.5-inch peeler and a set of eight non-serrated steak knives.

The knives feature three rivets and a full visible tang. These are stylishly curved to look more contemporary. The twin signature blades are Friodur ice-hardened and have been made especially from high-carbon. These have been laser sharpened for producing a durable edge. These have also been stamped instead of forged.

Made in Germany, these knives carry a lifetime warranty and are also dishwasher safe.


  • Features Zwilling special formula steel and precision-stamped blades
  • Plus Circle
    Hand polished and sharpened
  • Plus Circle
    Precision-stamped bladed for a lighter weight knife


  • Features no scissor slot

2. Chicago Cutlery Fusion Block Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comprises of an 8-inch stainless sharpening steel, 7-inch Santoku knife, Partoku, bread knife, slicer, chef knife, steak knives, a utility knife, peeler and a parer
  • Professional steel forged blades and high-carbon stainless steel with comfort grip poly handles
  • Features special taper grind edge technology
  • Optimal sharpness for precision cutting

This massive 18-piece knife block set features high-carbon stainless steel blades that have been designed for endurance, durability and strength. These blades are rust resistant and hold their sharp edges for years to come. You will barely feel the need to use the 8-inch sharpener that is offered along the set.

Apart from a wooden block and sharpener, this fusion block set comprises of a 5-inch Partoku knife, 7-inch Santoku Knife, eight steak knives, a spear tip paring knife, a 8-inch slicer, a utility knife, a 7.75 inch bread and a chef’s knife. The fusion collection comprises of professional high-carbon stainless steel forged blades. These knives deliver professional performance that is perfect for any everyday cook who is planning to skillfully execute kitchen tasks.

It would not be wrong to call Chicago cutlery a blend of precision performance and sleek style. This 18-piece set offers incredible control, balance and sharpness. The Taper Grind Edge Technology delivers a long-lasting edge to each knife in this set. A wide range of knives are covered in this set for a large range of kitchen needs.

The Chicago Cutlery Fusion Block Set unleashes your inner professional chef and delivers the necessary performance level desired. The soft grip handle design provides confidence and comfort while handling. The excellent value and attractive design of Chicago Cutlery Fusion Block Set is something to look for. The fusion knife block set is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Is easy to sharpen
  • Plus Circle
    High carbon steel results in a stronger and harder blade
  • Plus Circle
    Resists pitting, rust and staining    
  • Plus Circle
    Well shaped and apt for cutting easily and quickly
  • Plus Circle
    The build quality is just amazing


  • Putting knives in the dishwasher may result in nicks on the edges of the blade
  • The chef’s knife does not feature much of a curve that limits its function greatly

3. In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

Highlighted Features

  • Made from bacteria resistant and eco-friendly bamboo
  • It has angled slots for ensuring better knife storage
  • Up to 15 knives can be fit into this knife block easily
  • Keeps all your knives well organized
  • It doesn’t consume much space in the drawer

Shenzhen knives In-drawer bamboo knife block and organizer permits you to save space as opposed to traditional knife blocks that consume a lot of counter space. This gives you more room for preparing food and for appliances. The knife slots have been designed for easier storing and handling. The slots provided have been deeper for accommodating curved and larger knife handles. This knife block can store knives in a block and a drawer at the same time.

The in-drawer knife block set can store 10-15 knives at one time. It can fit a standard drawer of three inches depth. Shenzhen has improvised its design and it features a wide opening with angled slots. This promises better knife storage.

The deeper slots can accommodate larger knives. If you have knives of different sizes and shapes in your kitchen, then you can fit them smoothly in this knife block. The best thing is that this knife block has been made from bacteria resistant and eco-friendly bamboo.


  • Frees up your counter space 
  • Plus Circle
    Fits most of the standard depth drawers
  • Plus Circle
    Consists of deeper slots for storing larger knives 


  • It fits only standard drawers up to 3 inches depth

4. Shenzhen Knife Block Set

Highlighted Features

  • The knife slots are wider and permits you to fit a large variety of blade sizes
  • Can hold 19 knives
  • Has additional slots for sharpening rod and scissors
  • Consists of non-skid feet made of rubber protects your countertop
  • Made with a wood core and bamboo veneer
  • The slot edges are angled for easy handling of knives
  • Horizontal layout of knife slots ensures less wearing of your blades during storage

This is yet another knife block set from Shenzhen and has been made from wood core and bamboo veneer. This model has wider slots that permit you to store knives with larger blades as well with much ease. It can easily store 19 knives including a sharpening rod and scissors as well.

The improvised design consists of angled slots for helping you handle and store your knives without any hassles. It also consists of horizontal slots that ensure less wearing of knife blades. You will not have to fumble about not reaching the right knife when you rely on Shenzhen Bamboo Universal Knife Block Set. Additional slots have also been provided for the convenience of the users.

The makers have designed the knife slots for accommodating larger knives and for easier handling. This bamboo storage block has wider slots and thereby permits you to fit large variety of blade sizes. You do not have to worry about storing your specialty knives when you rely on this knife block set. You should go for this set if you have extra counter space.


  • Storing larger knives is not a problem with this knife block set
  • Plus Circle
    Has slots for sharpening rod and for scissors
  • Plus Circle
    Angled slots ensure easier knife storage
  • Plus Circle
    It is safe for children
  • Plus Circle
    Has a great design that blends well with the rest of the kitchen


  • Consumes a lot of counter space
  • Spacing between the slots is quite close and is not presentable

5. Amazon Basics Premium Knife Block Set

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a chef’s knife, kitchen shears, steak knives, paring knives, boning knives, utility knives, slicing and Santoku knives
  • Comes with a wood block and a sharpener
  • Precision-formed blades consists of finely sharpened edges
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Weighted knives offer control and balance
  • Ergonomic handles have been triple riveted for imparting a comfortable and secure grip

This Amazon Basics premium knife block set has been made from professional quality stainless steel. This knife set features blades that have been precision honed for delivering reliable performance and long lasting sharpness. The blades come fully sharpened. A blade sharpener is included in the kit for maintaining sharp edges on the knives. The eight steak knives provided in the set do not require any kind of sharpening as they feature micro-serrated edges.

Each knife in Amazon Basics Premium Knife Block Set features an ergonomically designed handles for ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. It has a full bolster for keeping the fingers at a safe distance from the blade. Each handle comprises of triple-riveted construction.

These premium knives offer greater control and balance as they have been effectively weighted. The all-purpose chef’s knife features a curved blade for chopping with much ease. Santoku knife offers a wide surface for scooping up all the minced herbs and chopped veggies from cutting board to a pot or pan.

The serrated edge of bread knife effectively and gently slices loaves of bread. The slicing knife works wonders on fresh vegetables. The paring knife is exceptional when it comes to more intricate activities in the kitchen.


  • A great set for chopping, dicing and slicing
  • Plus Circle
    Cuts well and comes with variety of blades
  • Plus Circle
    Do not require frequent sharpening
  • Plus Circle
    Compact for placing on countertop


  • Dishwashing can dull the blades

6. Kuhn Rikon Easy-to-Clean Knife Block

Highlighted Features

  • Features innovative Swiss design
  • Flexible inlay can hold knives and shears of multiple sizes up to 8 inches
  • Does not consume too much space on the counter
  • Is well balanced and can store 18 knives of different shapes and sizes

Kuhn Rikon features an innovative glass knife block. The Swiss designing imparts a premium feel to this block that can store 18 knives. The knives can be easily placed and removed. Unlike the traditional wooden knife blocks, this set does not consume much space on the counter as it is well-balanced and features a slim designing.

The Kuhn Rikon Easy-to-Clean Knife Block has an innovative design and it goes great with all kinds of kitchen accessories. The user just needs to remove the plastic top and clean the blades in a dishwasher.

This unique Swiss cookware has been designed to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and easier.


  • Plus Circle
    Offers clear view of all the knives
  • Plus Circle
    Consumes less space when compared to traditional knife block sets


  • Smaller knives cannot fit in the slot properly
  • As the lid is made of plastic, the knife block can easily tumble

7. Premio Modern Stainless Steel Knife Block

Highlighted Features

  • Makes a perfect knife block gift
  • Suitable for all types of kitchen
  • Provides a practical storage solution

This lightweight knife block weighs just over 1lb. This premium knife holder has been made from special blend of materials for imparting stability and strength. It comes with a proprietary coating offering a comfortable grip and elegant appearance.

The stainless streel exterior blends well within your kitchen interior irrespective of your interior. This stainless steel knife block is sure to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. This innovative universal knife block is easy to clean and keep your knives sharper for long. The unique dual layer wave-slot design permits the knives to slide in easily without resulting in any abrasion form the sides.

It is quite easy to clean this knife block set unlike traditional knife holders. The Premio utility knife holder can hold 12 knives of your favorite brand or type. It can hold wide variety of knives including a steak knife, utility knife, chef knife, a carving knife, a bread knife, small cook’s knife, a vegetable knife and a paring knife.


  • Plus Circle
    Features a wave slot design that permits knives to easily slid in
  • Plus Circle
    Offers more counter space


  • Interior dividers are not flexible
  • Is not tall enough for paring knives

8. Mercer Culinary Forged Knife Block Set

Highlighted Features

  • High carbon steel resists discoloration, corrosion and rust
  • Precision forged construction
  • Knives are durable and superior in strength
  • Taper ground edge allows easy honing, stability and long lasting sharpness  

The Mercer Culinary set is a great option for beginners. It offers high precision and high quality culinary devices. This knife set comprises of six pieces which includes a paring knife, utility knife, boning knife, bread knife and a chef’s knife. The storage block has been made from tempered glass.

Cutlery grade steel has been utilized in designing the knife blades that neither discolors, corrodes or rusts. Durable knives have been created with precision forging. The handles offer solid grip because of use of Santoprene material used in construction.

The storage block helps you find a specific knife with much ease. The magnetic stand combines both wood and glass. A limited lifetime warranty is offered on this set.


  • Easy to right the find knife because of glass see-through windows
  • Plus Circle
    Triple riveted handles offer exceptional grip
  • Plus Circle
    Features non-slip grip and an ergonomic handles
  • Plus Circle
    Contemporary design blends perfectly with most modern kitchens


  • Block design is difficult to use at times

9. Wusthof 8001 knife block

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for those running short on counter space
  • The built-in magnets are strong and the rotation is smooth
  • The installation is straightforward
  • Stores knives in the underneath a kitchen cabinet
  • Made from sturdy Beechwood

Wusthof 8001 knife block set fits comfortably underneath the kitchen cupboard. It can easily accommodate 8 knives and sharpening steel. The block can easily be mounted under your cabinet as it is on a swivel. It swings from under your cabinet so that you can retrieve your knives with much ease.

There is a magnet within the block that can hold the knives in a secure manner. If counter space is at a premium in your kitchen, then this is the clever knife block that you must add to your kitchen. It can be mounted easily with just three screws and a drill.

The block can be swiveled in any direction. A push of finger helps you to retrieve the knives from under the cabinet. Made of solid oak, this knife block comprises of eight slots. There is a ninth slot for sharpening steel. The magnetic strips hold knives in the slots securely.


  • Magnetic strip within the holder secures all the knives well
  • Plus Circle
    Swings in and out with a touch of a finger
  • Plus Circle
    Can accommodate 8 knives
  • Plus Circle
    Can be mounted with just 3 screws under the cabinet 


  • Installation consumes a lot of time

10. Boker 30400 Wood Magnetic Knife Block

Highlighted Features

  • Ensures easy knife handling
  • Turn your kitchen knives into a display with this block
  • Comprises of wooden panels that consist of magnets

The Boker magnetic knife block set is an innovative way for storing your knives. This knife block comprises of seven wooden panels with magnets and can hold up to 7 knives. This knife block poses no trouble with cleaning unlike other kitchen blocks with hard to reach slots. It is offered in three different colors: black, Makassar and olive. This set is a perfect solution for storing and holding kitchen knives.

The seven wooden panels comprise of magnets that ensure that the knives stick safely and easily to the side of the block. This block can store seven high quality knives. It has a seventh panel that can house larger knives. This attractive knife block makes it easier for you to manage your kitchen knives.

You can turn this knife block into an attractive centerpiece for displaying your knives. You can keep your knives free of stains and clean. This magnetic knife block is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Plus Circle
    Sturdy construction and the magnets that hold the knives are strong
  • Plus Circle
    Can hold seven knives
  • Plus Circle
    Great design available in three different colors


  • Consumes too much counter space
  • Only 7 knives can fit into this knife block

11. Cangshan 1023053 forged knife block set

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a solid acacia block, shears, a honing steel, a steak knife, a peeling knife, a paring knife, a serrated utility knife, a boning knife, a Santoku knife, a bread knife and a chef’s knife
  • Forged from high alloy Swedish steel
  • Delivers exceptional sharpness
  • Patented knives offer comfortable and easy grip

Cangshan 1023053 is a standard yet beautifully designed knife block set that showcases the simple beauty of classic kitchen knives. This is a beautifully balanced knife block set comes with an exquisitely sharp knife and is solidly durable.

Chefs love working with different tools. Some prefer a light knife whereas there are others who love working with large handled and heavy knives. This is the reason why this knife block comprises of 17 patented designs as well as designs that have patent pending.

A firm pinch grip is offered by the unique patented angled bolster. Every angle and curve ensures a comfortable and secure hold on the handle. The knives are exceptionally balanced. This block set is just perfect for heavy kitchen usage.

Superior manufacturing processes have gone into designing Cangshan 1023053 knife block set. High alloy Swedish steel is employed for designing premier knives. Swedish steel has proven to offer a perfect mix of durability and incredible hardness.

These steels possess a sharp edge that ensures that the knives stay sharper and longer for years. Heat treatment has also been employed to bring out the best from the material. Cangshan knife is a product of great craftsmanship and quality. It precisely performs all the cutting functions.


  • Plus Circle
    Backed by lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Plus Circle
    Wood blocks made from solid acacia and hand crafted with unique grain


  • Starts to rust after regular use

12. Walnut Rotating 360 Knife Block

Highlighted Features

  • Holds 6-14 different style of knives including shears
  • Has been featured in the New York Times holiday gift guide during 2017
  • Offers easy 360 degrees access
  • Showcases blades for easy identification
  • Features a milled solid stainless steel base

The 360 Knife Block can hold multiple knives of different styles including kitchen shears and scissors. This innovative knife block is patented and is available in seven color variations: Walnut, Oak, Maple, Honey bamboo, Ebonized Walnut, Cherry and Blonde Bamboo.

Made from custom veneer, this 360 knife block features solid hardwood core. It has FSC certification and comes with 30 neodymium rare earth magnets embedded within. The best thing is that this knife block has sealed precision bearings for ensuring smooth action during rotation. The cork padding ensures countertop protection and greater stability.

This knife block is easy to access from every direction. The steel base comprises of a hourglass rotating frame made of wood. The knives can be showcased in this knife block for easy identification as well as for picking up easily for a required task.

The set is handcrafted in limited batches. It is easy to clean and has been designed to last for a lifetime.


  • Cork padding ensures stability
  • Plus Circle
    Can be replenished with butcher block oil
  • Plus Circle
    Handmade in America
  • Plus Circle
    Consists of 30 neodymium rare earth magnets 


  • Overly priced

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Knife Blocks 

Choosing a knife block is dependent on several factors. Before you shortlist any set, it is vital to determine what kind of knives you have in your kitchen or desire to purchase a knife block. You need to look into the build materials. Steel, wood and plastic are commonly employed materials for designing knife blocks.  

Although plastic knife blocks are used commonly, these are not quite durable. Wooden knife blocks are best for knives prone to rust and corrosion. However, you need to clean it often. Stainless steel knife blocks are quite easy to maintain. However, these cannot hold many knives in their slots. 

Size is also crucial when it comes to purchasing a knife block. As knives are available in different sizes and shapes, it is vital to measure your knives and opt for a proper kitchen knife block so that you can fit them all.  

You cannot ignore knife handles as well. These are made of various materials such as stainless steel and composites. Both of these enhance longevity and strength. High-ended knife sets have wooden handles that are valued for sophistication and style. However, these tend to rot if not kept dry. 

While shopping for a complete knife block set, make sure to check if it feels comfortable and balanced. Some knives may be too heavy to handle. Ergonomic designs must be sought. These are the vital things to consider before buying the best knife blocks available in the market.  

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