The 10 Best Napkin Holders in 2021

Napkins and tissues are an essential element to most meals and are always necessary to wipe any food that drops onto your clothes or smears over your lips during your meal. But napkins themselves can be somewhat boring and ruin the interior of your home and dining table.

Not only have we compiled a list of napkin holders that are attractive and can suit your home decor, but they are also especially functional and perfect for all dinings tables. Napkin holders are also an essential part of most restaurants or dinner parties so if you partake in these frequently, it would be wise to invest in a napkin holder.

Best Pick

Simplehuman Quick Grip Napkin Holder

Our best pick is the SimpleHuman Quick Grip Napkin Holder. It comes with a weighted arm to ensure you pick one napkin at a time, is durable and easy to use.

Budget Pick

Home Basics Paper Napkin Holder Free Standing Tissue Dispenser

Our best budget is the Home Basics Napkin Holder. It comes with three colours, is sturdy and won't topple over, and has little feet on the bottom to keep it dry and clean.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Napkin Holders

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1. Simplehuman Quick Grip Napkin Holder

If you’re the type of person who goes for simplicity and efficiency over anything else, the Simplehuman Quick Grip Napkin Holder may be a fantastic option for you.

It is made of stainless steel which is durable, easy to clean, look after and straightforward to use.

It’s got a precisely weighted tension arm which ensures that only one napkin is removed at one time. We’ve all been in that position where we reach out to grab a single napkin and end up with five. Thankfully, the Simplehuman napkin holder prevents this from happening, so you can capture exactly however many you need with precision and control.

This holder holds up to 75 square napkins and has a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind with every use. Though this napkin holder only comes in one design and a chrome finish, it is sleek and minimalistic enough to fit perfectly into your home or business.


  • Holds up to 75 napkins.
  • Plus Circle
    Only releases 1 napkin at a time.
  • Plus Circle
    Is easy to use.
  • Plus Circle
    Fits nicely onto all tables due to its minimalist design.


  • Does not come in a variety of designs or colours.
  • Be wary of this napkin holder when the stack of napkins becomes too low. The holder may not dispense the napkins as easily as it does when the holder is full.

2. Home Basics Paper Napkin Holder/Free Standing Tissue Dispenser

These napkin holders by Home Basics are amazing for indoor tables but make a great option on picnics, on the table at an outdoor barbeque and more.

It comes in three finishes which is great for matching the holder with your surroundings. These colours include chrome, black and satin nickel, which are all classy and muted enough to fit in all environments.

Its heavy-duty metal construction prevents the holder from toppling or falling over - which is especially important if you use this product outside in possibly windy areas. Another fantastic feature this napkin holder has is its elevated body which is raised with tiny feet placed to prevent the holder from getting dirty.

Though this product is durable and resistant to breakage, it is also rather lightweight so you won’t have to worry about taking it on picnics or trips.


  • Lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • Plus Circle
    Has feet that raise the body off dirty surfaces and keep the napkins clean.
  • Plus Circle
    Comes in 3 colours.


  • Be mindful of how tall your napkins may be, as this holder may not work well with especially large napkins.

3. Home Basics Scroll Collection Bronze Flat Napkin Holder

If you’re looking for a napkin holder that catches people’s attention and sparks up many complements, the Home Basics Scroll Collection Napkin Holder will do both.

The design of this napkin holder is unique as it has intricate walls and a handle to place over the napkins to keep them in place.

This napkin holder is made from stainless steel and bronze making it durable and able to withstand dropping on the floor countless times.


  • Unique and chic design.
  • Plus Circle
    Made from stainless steel and bronze which is sturdy and durable.


  • Only comes in one size.
  • Does not come in several colours.

4. Lipper International 1160 Acacia Wood Adjustable Napkin Holder

Suppose you are looking for a product even more unique than the previous one mentioned in this article. In that case, the Lipper International 1160 Napkin Holder is not only funky and unique but incredibly functional to use too.

Though it is never really tricky to use napkin holders in general, if there is an option for a product to make our lives that bit easier, who wouldn't want it?

This napkin holder is made out of acacia wood which is durable and beautiful, leaving a raw and natural finish to your napkin holder. It is also adjustable, allowing you to fit many napkins (in multiple sizes) into the napkin holder. This is not only great for more enormous stacks of napkins but smaller ones too.

This holder is made from acacia wood; it will need to be washed delicately by hand and won’t do well in the dishwasher. Make sure to use mild soap and cool water when doing so.


  • This napkin holder is adjustable to fit the perfect amount of napkins.
  • Plus Circle
    Unique and beautiful design.


  • Wood material of the napkin holder may take long to try after being washed.
  • Is not the best option to travel with.

5. Spectrum Diversified Euro Round Napkin Holder

Coming in a satin nickel finish which gives this napkin holder a smoother finish, its round design is simple yet highly pleasing.

This napkin holder holds standard-sized napkins and is made from stainless steel, which is sturdy and reliable.

You won't need to use two hands to grab a napkin from this holder; and instead, you can swiftly grab a napkin with a significant amount of ease. It is specially designed to keep your napkins clean and dry while sitting on your kitchen countertops, especially with its vertical design. This is especially important when eating or cooking.

This napkin holder is great for medium and large square napkins but may not be the best option for smaller napkins as they may fall through the middle of the round design.


  • Made from stainless steel which is sturdy and reliable.
  • Minimalistic yet pleasing rounded design.
  • Plus Circle
    Keeps napkins dry and clean with its vertical design.
  • Plus Circle
    You will only need a single hand to grab a napkin.


  • Only holds standard-sized napkins or napkins that are on the larger end.
  • There isn’t a special feature which ensures you pick up a single napkin at one time.
  • Doesn’t come in a variety of colours or sizes.

6. mDesign Modern Decorative Paper Napkin Holder

Coming in several sizes so you can pick the perfect one for your preferred napkins, the mDesign Modern Decorative Napkin Holder is not only efficient but stylish too. This product comes in several colors, including bronze, chrome, pearl white, rose gold, and satin.

This napkin holder has little feet on the bottom of it to prop up the holder from surfaces - ensuring the napkins stay clean and dry until you are ready to use them.

This product is also suitable for using paper napkins, cocktail napkins, and dinner napkins, and has a narrow design that allows the holder to fit into smaller spaces. This is ideal if your kitchen or dining area is on the smaller side.

The mDesign napkin holder is also suitable to be used outside on picnics, trips and camping thanks to its stability and feet that can keep the napkins upright in any environment. It can even be used for other things such as files, leaflets or to prop your oven mitts into - making it a highly versatile product.


  • Narrow design can fit into smaller spaces.
  • Plus Circle
    Comes in several colours and sizes.
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used on cocktail napkins, dinner napkins and paper napkins.
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used in both indoors and outdoors.


  • This napkin cannot be adjusted or folded.

7. iDesign Linus Plastic Lazy Susan Napkin Holder

Sometimes it can be troublesome to have multiple equipment or tools in your kitchen for different purposes. If your kitchen or dining table is on the smaller side, there might not be a lot of space for you to invest in several tools.

The iDesign Linus Plastic Lazy Susan Napkin Holder and Condiment Turntable Holder is a fantastic way for you to use a single tool for both your napkins and condiments such as seasonings and sauces.

This holder is made from clear plastic that is easy to use and clean and can be used for arts and craft tools. If used on the dining table, simply place it in the middle of the table where everyone can reach to grab the salt and tissues.

However, this particular product is not the best option to take outside with you on trips and picnics and may take up a lot more space in your home.


  • A 2-in-1 holder that holds both napkins and condiments.


  • Plastic can break when dropped so be mindful with this particular holder.
  • Doesn’t come in various colours or sizes.
  • Isn’t suitable to take on picnics and trips.
  • May require a little more space than other napkin holders.

8. MyGift Metal Tree & Bird Design Tabletop Napkin Holder

Coming in multiple colors such as black, brass, coffee, rose gold, silver, and white, this beautiful napkin holder is in a tree and birds design which is subtle yet unique.

This napkin holder is made from metal that is sturdy and durable to any falls or accidents.

This product is essentially two square panels that will keep your napkins propped up in between them. You can also use this product for other tools such as oven mitts or to keep a stack of documents propped up neatly on your desk. Once again, this is another product that can be used simply with a single hand, incredibly convenient during meals or while cooking.


  • Comes in many elegant colours.
  • Plus Circle
    Made from metal which is sturdy.
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used with a single hand.


  • The tree and birds design may not suit all environments.
  • There is no additional support which may prevent the napkins from falling over when there are only a few of them in the holder.

9. Caspari Acrylic Cocktail Paper Napkin Holder

Available in three sizes; cocktail, guest towel, and luncheon, this sleek napkin holder resembles a tray that you place your napkins in and set on your countertop or dining table.

It is made from durable acrylic, which can withstand indoor and outdoor use and hold up to 20-30 napkins at once.

As napkin holders are often used around food, it's no surprise that they may get dirty quite often. This particular napkin holder by Caspari cannot be washed in the dishwasher, unfortunately, and demands to be hand-washed with warm soapy water instead.

Because of its chic design, these napkin holders make for a fantastic gift to friends and family and can be used in multiple ways outside of the kitchen.


  • Available in three sizes.
  • Plus Circle
    Makes for a fantastic gift to family and friends.
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used for many tools, not just napkins.
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Plus Circle
    Made from durable acrylic.


  • This napkin holder cannot be washed in the dishwasher and must be washed by hand only

10. Spectrum Diversified A10076 Vintage Weighted Napkin Holder 

The last napkin holder that we bring to you is the Spectrum Diversified A10076 Vintage Weighted Napkin Holder. This napkin holder features a weighted arm that can keep your napkins in place.

This is especially useful if you use this holder outdoors, as the arm prevents the napkins from flying away with the wind.

This napkin holder comes in 2 shapes - horizontal and vertical. The horizontal version sits like a tray with its weight arm propped in the middle and on top of the napkins. The vertical version stands upright almost like a pocket and comes with handles for easy transportation.

The holder is made from sturdy steel and wood, durable and safe but cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt that may exist.


  • Comes in 2 styles (horizontal and vertical).
  • Plus Circle
    Has a weighted arm that keeps the napkins in place.
  • Plus Circle
    The vertical option comes with handles which are easy to use for transporting the napkin.


  • Only holds standard-sized napkins.
  • Cannot be used in the dishwasher or washed by hand. It is preferred to use a damp cloth to clean this napkin holder.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Napkin Holder

We believe that no matter what the product is, you should always be able to choose the one that can perfectly blend into your life without causing you any sort of stress or discomfort. This is no different to napkin holders. There is now a wide variety of napkin holders in different colors, sizes, materials, and designs. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a napkin holder.


The material of the napkin holder is probably one of the most important factors to consider before anything else. This can determine how sturdy the holder is and how it can be cleaned.

There are now napkin holders that are made from plastic, metal, wood and much more and all of them come with their pros and cons. Metal holders are sturdy and durable but maybe slightly on the heavier side of things. Plastic holders can be simple and efficient but have the possibility of snapping or breaking if they fall. Wood holders can be unique and beautiful but maybe a little bit of a pain to wash and dry.

Size and Colour

The next important thing to consider is the size and colour of the napkin holder.

The size can determine how many napkins can fit into the holder at once and how big or small the napkins can be. Think about what sort of napkins you will be using and for what kind of function - simply for yourself at home or for frequent gatherings - and choose the appropriate sizing from there.

Though our equipment should be functional before anything else, it is important to ensure that they are also as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Many holders come in a variety of colors that you can match to the interior of your home and showcase your personality with.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Napkin holders are a staple in many kitchens and dining tables, but they may also come in handy on camping trips, picnics, or in the garden during a summer barbeque.

Once again, consider when and how you will be using the napkin holder and if it is appropriate to go for one that is suitable outdoors, look out for how big or small it is, if it is easy to transport, and how durable it is.

You can opt for more delicate napkin holders if you only plan on using it indoors and in one area of your home.

How to Wash

Just with anything in the kitchen or dining table, things are bound to get messy. If you’ve got kids, you could find splatters of sauces or leftover vegetables draped over your napkin holder quite frequently.

If this is the case, you’ll be needing to give your napkin holder frequent washes. Be mindful of whether the napkin holder you may be interested in can be washed in the dishwasher or not.

With napkin holders, you will often need to wash by hand with warm soapy water or use a wet cloth to wipe it down. If this may be an issue for you, make sure to opt for a napkin holder that can be washed in the dishwasher.


Each product comes with its unique quirks and traits that make them special and often easier to use. Though a few napkin holders in this article do not have additional features, here are some that you may want to consider.

If you will be using your napkin holder outdoors, it may be helpful to consider purchasing a holder with a weighted arm that can keep the napkins in place and not fly away with the wind. Many napkin holders on the market today have tiny feet on the bottom to keep the holder raised and away from dirt on any surface.

If you live in a smaller accommodation, there are also napkin holders that are also condiment trays at the same time. This may be an excellent option for those who like to have a product with multiple uses. 


We hope that through this article, you have discovered the different types of napkin holders available on the market today and what to look out for when choosing your own one. Our goal was to inform you of the good, the bad and the awesome to ensure you pick the best napkin holder to accompany any situation.

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