The 10 Best Nut Grinders in 2019

Fresh foods are usually much better than processed foods.  Many people buy ground coffee, pre-made peanut butter, and spices in jars because they are convenient. A personal grinder for your kitchen can make it easier to eat fresh foods. You can quickly grind your coffee beans in the morning, so you have a much better tasting cup of coffee to start the day. You can also grind nuts to make things like peanut butter and almond butter.

A grinder can help you eat healthier. Homemade peanut butter can be made with less sugar, and ground nuts can adorn your salads. A versatile grinder allows you to prepare many different foods, so you don’t need to buy as many appliances. Most nut grinders are a compact size so they work well in small areas and can be stored easily in a kitchen cabinet.

A nut grinder makes meal prep more convenient and less messy. You do not need not need to get out a cutting board and knife just to chop nuts for your dessert. Grinding coffee beans by hand can take a long time, as well. A grinder has an enclosed space for your nuts, coffee beans, and spices. You can easily make a few ground nuts for one serving or get dinner quickly for the entire family. Take some time to read about the different options.

Best Pick

Epica Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder

 Epica Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder this model seems to have a lot of the features people have on their checklist when buying a new nut grinder. There is a clear lid, strong 250-watt motor, and a safety switch. The compact design also ensures that it can fit easily into your kitchen.

Budget Pick

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder. Grinds Coffee Beans, Spices, Nuts and Grains

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder grinds Coffee Beans, Spices, Nuts and GrainsIf you need to purchase a grinder quickly, this one fits into a tight budget. You won’t be skimping on great features, however. There is a clear lid, a textured body for a good grip, and long-lasting stainless-steel blades.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Nut Grinders

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1. Epica Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • Incredibly quiet motor
  • Clear lid so you can see the progress
  • Small size for easy storage- 3.5 inches in diameter
  • Cup and blades are stainless steal
  • The cup and blades can be cleaned in the dishwasher

This grinder can be used for a variety of things. This makes it a convenient gadget. You can use it for your favorite coffees, spices, and nuts. Things are fresher when you grind them right before you use them. Coffee loses a lot of flavor when you grind the beans days before you use them. Nuts for things like peanut or almond butter can be used to make fresh, organic products for a healthier lifestyle. This grinder is known for its strength and durable stainless-steel pieces.


  • Efficient, grinds well in a short period of time
  • Plus Circle
    Cord stores neatly underneath
  • Plus Circle
    Works for a variety of foods, such as coffee, nuts, and spices


  • Motor can burn out fast
  • Motor gets hot, making the stainless-steel cup too hot to touch

2. Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder. Grinds Coffee Beans, Spices, Nuts and Grains

Highlighted Features

  • Easy-grip texture on the surface of the unit
  • See-through top so can monitor the item you are grinding
  • Long-lasting stainless steel
  • Lock for safety during grinding
  • Grind your favorite items with one touch

This is a great product for those that need something for different foods. Many people buy a grinder with the purpose of grinding their coffee beans and nothing else. Your kitchen can become cluttered when you must buy different appliances for each purpose. This Quiseen model can help you make a variety of your favorite foods, so you only must purchase one appliance. It is also small enough to store easily in cabinet or in a small space on your counter. Grind nuts to make your own peanut butter, grind coffee, or make fresh spices at home.


  • Plus Circle
    Quiet operation
  • Plus Circle
    Doesn’t take up too much kitchen space


  • lid fits too loosely
  • cord winding area difficult to use

3. Ninja Food Chopper Express (NJ110GR)

Highlighted Features

  • chops, minces, grinds, and purees
  • can be cleaned in dishwasher
  • 200 watts of power for efficient grinding
  • 2 cups of space for your favorite foods
  • 4 blades for optimal consistency

There are many options for making your own fresh foods when you have a good grinder in the house. This Ninja can chop up a variety of nuts and coffees to a wide range of consistencies. You can even use it to mince things like garlic and onions to enhance your favorite recipes. You can even puree fruits to make your own baby food or feed an elderly family member. The pulsing action helps you get the desired consistency, as well. With this Ninja chopper you have plenty of options.


  • nice size for small kitchens
  • Plus Circle
    purees food quickly


  • food can get stuck in small crevices
  • can liquify or puree foods too fast when you are trying to chop or mince

4. Prepworks by Progressive Nut Chopper with Non-Skid Base

Highlighted Features

  • chop seeds and nuts to different consistencies
  • special patented shape
  • make up to 1 1/3 cup of your favorite items and measure with the markings on the container
  • Make professional looking toppings
  • Works for several types of nuts

Whether you are making desert toppings or your own fresh nut butter, this chopper gets the job done. You can choose between course or fine texture to make different items. The clear container enables you to see the product so you can stop when the texture is right. You can even take the base off to add chopped nuts directly to your salad or desert. You can get up to 1 ½ cups of chopped nuts form this chopper. The company, Prepworks is dedicated to researching the needs of modern cooks and creating products to make kitchen tasks easier.


  • makes evenly chopped nuts
  • Plus Circle
    manual use handle instead of electric grinding gives you control


  • Delicate, plastic base may break easily
  • Works slower than some other models
  • Works well on softer nuts, harder nuts can be difficult to chop

5. CHULUX Electric Spices and Coffee Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • Clear cover helps you monitor the texture of your foods
  • 200-watt copper motor that protects from overheating
  • Easy start appliance, just push down on the top
  • Two separate containers- one for wet and one for dry ingredients
  • You can grind items up to 30 seconds before the motor needs a break

Sometimes when you buy a new kitchen product you like to choose something that is good for multiple uses. This two-in-one product gives you the option of grinding your dry ingredients or chopping wet ones in a separate cup. You can use it for multiple ingredients for one meal. Quiet operation enables you to grind coffee beans early in the morning, even if everyone else is sleeping. Flavors are best when your coffee beans, nuts, or spices are ground fresh at home.


  • Grinds a variety of foods
  • Plus Circle
    Grinds nuts into a find powder if needed


  • Motor may burn out if you grind for too long at once
  • Must be hand washed
  • Holds small amounts of food

6. Round Mandoline Drum Slicer Rotary Cheese Grater Veggie Slicer Vegetable Carrot Shredder Nut Chopper

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel blades
  • ABS plastic parts with no BPA
  • 3 different drums
  • Comes in 2 different colors to match your kitchen- blue and yellow
  • Some parts dishwasher safe

This product has several pieces that allow you to accomplish different cooking tasks. This product is manually operated so you are not limited on using it near an electrical outlet. There are 3 different drums that you can change out to get the results you desire. You can grate and slice cheese for sandwiches, salads, and for a topping. You can also use this machine for nuts and various vegetables. The grating drum works best for nuts. Nuts can be grated to place on top of deserts, salads, and homemade Thai food. Many people like to grate them for use in baking breads and cookies, as well.


  • Suctions to the counter for stability
  • Plus Circle
    Grates quickly and comfortably
  • Plus Circle
    Helps you grate and slice with less mess
  • Plus Circle
    Works well with hard items, such as carrots and potatoes


  • Handles small portions at a time- may have to chop up large items before grating them in the machine
  • A lot of plastic pieces that can break easily

7. Chefman Coffee Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • cup and blade can go in dishwasher
  • cup is removeable for easy serving and cleaning
  • 250-Watt motor
  • Stainless steel blade and cup

Freshly ground coffee, nuts, and spices can make your meals much better. This Chefman model has a 250-Watt motor to get the job done right. Stainless steel blade and cup help with durability and rust resistance. You can also put these items in the dishwasher for easy clean up. You can also investigate joining Club Chefman to learn how to best use your grinder and get great recipe ideas. The safety feature keeps the blade from moving when the top is off, as well.


  • Removeable, dishwasher safe components help save time on cleaning
  • Plus Circle
    Works for different foods, such as nuts and spices
  • Plus Circle
    You are in control of the grinding time so you can stop early for course products or keep going to get a fine texture


  • Motor can get too hot and smoke
  • Short cord means you must use it near a plug outlet

8. Edofiy Manual Speedy Rotared Vegetable Fruit Cheese Nut Slicer Cutter Shredder Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • 3 different cylinder-type blades
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Hand crank operation
  • Suction cup on the base to keep the grinder stable on the counter

This Edofiy product is a manual use slicer, cutter, and shedder. Three different round blades allow for many different types of textures. Components of this grinder are made of stainless steel and BPA-free ABS plastic. Manual operation means there is no cord to get tangled up and you can use it on the table, even if no electrical outlet is nearby. The Edofiy unit also comes a fun green color to add brightness to your kitchen. One simple turn of the handle is equal to 12 cuts with your knife. Freshly ground nuts and shredded cheese can be ready in only a few minutes.


  • Plus Circle
    Easy to assemble


  • Takes a lot of strength to use
  • Must cut some veggies to a smaller size so they fit into the grinder

9. Coffee Grinder Electric LINKChef Nut & Spice Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • BPA-free plastic parts
  • Strong 250-watt motor
  • bowl can be removed for easy cleaning
  • double lid reduces mess
  • safety switch only allows grinder to turn on when both lids are in place

This versatile grinder can handle several different foods. You only need this one appliance to prepare your nuts, spices, and coffee beans. The small size of this until make it easy to store in any size kitchen, as well. You can neatly store the power cord to avoid am unorganized cabinet. The until may be small, but it holds up to 60 g of your favorite items. This is enough coffee beans to make 12 cups of coffee. Your whole family can enjoy the exquisite taste of coffee from freshly ground coffee beans every morning with ease. Freshly ground peanuts and almonds can be used to make a tasty spread for sandwiches.


  • Plus Circle
    easy to use


  • motor can burn and smoke
  • difficult to take apart

10. Veken Coffee Grinder Electric Spice & Nut Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • 150-watt motor
  • Good for grinding coffee beans, nuts, species, and more
  • Grind up to 50 g of your favorite products
  • Clear top for easy visibility
  • Lid designed to minimize spilling

This grinder adds a level of simplicity to your kitchen. You can enjoy freshly ground coffee beans in only a few seconds. You can also grind up your own dried peppers for a garden-fresh taste in your meal. The compact size makes it easy to store, even in a small kitchen. You can get a course or fine texture by adjusting the amount of time that you grind your items. The power cord even comes off to make storage easier. The 150-watt motor is quiet enough to run when the rest of the family is still asleep, as well.


  • Plus Circle
    Fast grinding
  • Plus Circle
    Attractive design looks nice out in the kitchen


  • small cup
  • ground coffee sticks to the sides

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Nut Grinders

When you are buying a new item for you home, you want to make sure it is going to get the job done and that it is worth the money. You may have a very specific reason for buying a nut grinder. Perhaps you want to eat fresher foods and avoid processed products. You may also be tired of chopping things up with a knife. This often takes longer and can be more difficult. A grinder can help you accomplish the task in only a few seconds.


You may wonder how much space a grinder may take up in your kitchen. Some kitchens have small amounts of storage and counter space. You may also want to leave it out on your counter for daily use. It is easy to find a compact, multi-purpose grinder, especially if you do not need to grind large portions of food at once. They also grind quickly, so you can make larger portions with a small appliance in time for a big dinner or party. Some grinders do have removable pieces that you change out for different types of food. You must decide if you want to store multiple pieces or if you prefer a compact unit that stores all together.

  • consider where you plan to use and store the unit
  • Estimate how much food you want to grind at once
  • Think about how it might look if you plan to leave the grinder out on the counter


There are different types of motors for grinders. The power levels vary. Some of the motor strengths are 150 watts, 200 watts, and 250 watts. Many grinders also boast of quiet operation so you can prepare your favorite coffee beans while everyone sleeps. You may want a more powerful motor if you plan to grind a lot of hard foods such as almonds or spices. A powerful motor can also help you achieve a fine texture faster. If you are about your coffee texture, you may want to have a good speed on your grinder.

  • Check reviews to find out how loud the grinder is
  • Think about the foods you plan to grind the most
  • Consider the texture you prefer for your food


The power of your motor is not the only thing that contributes to the texture of your foods. You need to have control over the grinding time. Most grinders can only run about one minute before you must give them a break. Otherwise, the motor may become too hot or smoke. You can control the texture of your food by grinding for a few seconds and then checking the texture. A unit with a clear lid can help you to see the progress. A manual grinder can give you even more control over the time that you grind the food, as well. If you like things very fine, however, you may prefer an electric one for efficiency. These are some things that help you find a grinder to achieve your favorite texture.

  • Easy to control grinding
  • Clear lid to see foods while you grind them
  • How much grinding to get to the texture you prefer (electric may help to achieve faster results)

Manual or Electric

You should consider the way you use the product before you commit to a purchase. Think about where you plan to use the grinder. If you have plenty of accessible electric outlets in your kitchen an electric grinder may work fine. If you want to grind your items somewhere else, such as the kitchen table, a manual grinder is more portable. Many electric grinders also have a space to store the cord on the unit, so you do not have to worry about messy storage. A manual grinder may be larger, as it has a handle attached. Consider these things before you purchase a grinder.

  • Check the availability of electrical outlets in your kitchen
  • Consider manual for better portability
  • Electric units work fast, easy to prepare large amounts of food


Some grinders also have safety features. If you have kids that help you in the kitchen this can be a great addition to your grinder. The blades in nut grinders are very sharp. Even though they are down in the bottom of the cup on many models, kids can reach in with their little hands. A few of these appliances have a special safety feature. They do not turn on unless the top is on the grinder. This way the blades do not move if they are touched. They are still sharp, however, and kids should always be supervised around this type of product. Store it out of reach, as well. A grinder that does not turn on without the lid also helps you avoid a mess. Food can fly all over your kitchen if you start the grinder with no lid on it. Look for these features.

  • Safety switch
  • Locking lid
  • Removeable power cord


A nut grinder can be incredibly helpful and a lot of fun. You may like fresh foods but settle for poor products because it takes too long to grind foods by hand. Your recipes may not turn out right if you cannot achieve the right texture of nuts and spices, either. You can enjoy fancy deserts with nuts, gourmet coffee, and freshly ground spices when you purchase a quality grinder.
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