The 10 Best Pancake Mixes in 2019

Pancakes remind us of a feeling of comfort, like a special breakfast with a smiley face from our childhood. The trouble with this dish is the amount of time and effort that is needed to get the right proportions of all the ingredients to mix together, and the cleaning up after.

Let’s take a look at a simple solution - the ready-made options, and try to find the best pancake mix on the market. There are so many different products to choose from, and figuring out which one is going to make the tastiest pancakes can be extremely difficult.

This review of the most popular brands can help you decide between all the different varieties of this well-known and loved breakfast mix.

Best Pick

Pamela's Products Gluten Free Baking & Pancake Mix

This gluten-free multi-purpose pancake mix is the star of the show and our top pick thanks to its non-GMO, no additives list of ingredients that provides you with 8 grams of whole grains per serving.

Budget Pick

365 Everyday Value, Organic Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix

This 100% organic mix has been subject to very strict selection standards, helping you avoid harmful chemicals in your breakfast, and it is great value for the price in comparison to the other entries.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Pancake Mixes

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1. Pamela's Products Gluten Free Baking & Pancake Mix

This pancake mix is gluten-free so it is suitable for those with a sensitivity or those trying to avoid wheat for dietary reasons. It contains whole grains such as brown rice flour, so you will be getting some of that fibre we all need with your first meal of the day. There are no artificial flavors or other additives such as corn syrup which is high in sugar.

Pamela’s Products is a reputable company that has been operating since 1988 so you know you’ll be getting a tried and tested product from them. You can make many types of pastries by using their mix, so if pancakes are not what you fancy today, there are lots of other options.


  • Gluten-free
  • Plus Circle
    Premium non-GMO ingredients
  • Plus Circle
    8 grams of whole grains per serving
  • Plus Circle
    Free from artificial flavours, colors or preservatives


  • Contains buttermilk so not suitable for those with lactose intolerance
  • Contains almonds so not suitable for those with a nut allergy

2. 365 Everyday Value, Organic Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix

This 100% organic mix is brought to you by the Whole Foods Market. This company takes pride in their exceptionally high standards in ensuring the quality of the product they represent.

A strict regulatory system in place allows you a peace of mind that over 100 commonly found harmful chemicals will not be reaching your plate.


  • 100% Organic and natural ingredients
  • Plus Circle
    No added flavour or preservatives
  • Plus Circle
    Cane sugar as an alternative to processed sugar
  • Plus Circle
    Instructions for making pancakes and waffles on the side of the package


  • The recipe for pancakes requires oil and egg to be added to the mix, which makes it more messy and time consuming

3. Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake Power Cakes, Flapjack & Waffle Baking Mix

This all-natural mix is a good fit for those who want to make sure they keep on top of their daily protein intake starting with their breakfast. If you’re one of those people who go to the gym all year round and not just for a month in January, this may be your thing.

Made with non-GMO whole wheat and oat flours this baking mix can be a healthier alternative to white flour products.

You should probably keep in mind that with whole grains it may be more difficult to make pancakes that would be smooth throughout because of the consistency of the flour. If you don’t mind having small chunks in your pancakes or waffles, you’ll like this product.


  • All-natural non-GMO flours
  • Plus Circle
    Whole grain as healthy alternative to white flour, packed with nutrients and fiber
  • Plus Circle
    14g of protein per serving, 18g if you add milk, 21g with milk and egg
  • Plus Circle
    No added sugar or fat
  • Plus Circle
    Low in cholesterol
  • Plus Circle
    Can be used for a variety of recipes
  • Plus Circle
    100 % recycled paper box


  • Whole grains may make it difficult to get the right consistency, so could be more time-consuming to cook with this mix
  • Pancakes may turn out chunky or fall apart

4. King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pancake Mix

This is a gluten-free mix sold by King Arthur Flour. They have been around for a long time, 1790 to be exact, and 100% of the company is owned by the employees. This product may attract attention of those of you who are decidedly ethically minded.

King Arthur Flour is a registered B corporation which means that the company is motivated by the values of social and environmental responsibility.

B corporations are publicly transparent and must be legally accountable for their impact on the community and the environment. The aim of this type of business is to use their growth in a way that reduces inequality and promotes sustainability.


  • Certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)
  • Plus Circle
    Certified Non-GMO
  • Plus Circle
    21g of whole grains per serving
  • Plus Circle
    Fortified with Vitamin B, iron, calcium
  • Plus Circle
    Award-winning product range
  • Plus Circle
    High-quality ingredients that make fluffy pancakes
  • Plus Circle
    Certified kosher
  • Plus Circle
    Recipe on the back of the box


  • The recipe requires egg, butter or oil and milk to be added which means more time spent cooking and cleaning

5. Krusteaz Pancake Mix

Krusteaz is a company with a story dating back to 1932. It is a family-owned business based in Seattle delivering products made for home-baking to the public. The ingredients used in the mix are soft wheat flours. If you are a fan of traditional smooth texture, this type of flour should make your pancakes light and fluffy.

Krusteaz can even recommend pairings that will go well with each type of product they sell, and it seems that they enjoy everything on top of their pancakes with some sprinkles just for fun.


  • Need only milk or water to add to the mix
  • Plus Circle
    No trans fat
  • Plus Circle
    Source of calcium
  • Plus Circle
    Pancake and waffle recipe on the back of the pack
  • Plus Circle
    Added vitamins


  • The flour isn’t whole grain so it contains very little nutritional value
  • Added sugar

6. Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Pancake and Waffle Mix

This pancake mix comes from a range of products made by the award-winning Stonewall Kitchen company that was established in 1991. Partners Jonathan King and Jim Stott started out from humble beginnings at the farmer’s markets selling jams.

Since then, the company has grown impressively and they now own 10 retail stores countrywide and distribute their products internationally.

They claim that their Company Classic pancake mix has been a best seller since 2000. It can be a decisive feature for those of you who want products that have been approved by a large number of other customers. This mix contains artificial flavour so be sure to keep that in mind.


  • Award-winning brand of gourmet food
  • Plus Circle
    Light and fluffy
  • Plus Circle
    Comes in canisters that would prevent contact with damp etc.
  • Plus Circle
    Added Vitamins B9, B3, B1, B2 and Iron
  • Plus Circle
    Time-tested product


  • Contains artificial flavour
  • Added sugar and salt

7. Quaker Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix

Aunt Jemima’s Pancake mix is a well-know iconic product that is familiar to most of those who grew up in the US. Its story began in 1889 with Chris Rutt and Charles Underwood, who bought a flour mill and were determined to create a self-raising flour that would only need added water.

Aunt Jemima’s brand has been popular ever since, now spanning 120 years. This pancake  mix doesn’t need eggs, oil or milk. It will save you the time spent in the kitchen, so you can enjoy your free time.


  • Just add water
  • Plus Circle
    No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Plus Circle
    Provides Handling Hints as a helpful guide to store batter, reducing waste
  • Plus Circle
    A source of calcium and iron
  • Plus Circle
    Added vitamins


  • Added sugar and salt
  • Added artificial sweeteners such as corn syrup and dextrose that can increase weight gain
  • Contains partially hydrogenated oil, which is the equivalent of trans fat
  • Contains food additives such as mono- and diglycerides that can increase the levels of cholesterol

8. Stonewall Kitchen Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix

The pancake mix favoured by so many customers of Stonewall kitchen has a close relative – their Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix version. Buttermilk is the stuff that culinary dreams are made of, with its smooth and creamy taste.

According to the Stonewall Kitchen’s recipe this mix needs egg, milk or buttermilk and butter to make the perfect pancakes. This means that the preparation requires extra ingredients, time and work on your part.


  • Natural buttermilk and wheat
  • Plus Circle
    No added artificial flavour
  • Plus Circle
    Added vitamins


  • Added sugar and salt
  • The company’s recipe for making the pancakes requires you add 1 large egg, 3/4 cup milk or buttermilk, 1-2 tbsp unsalted butter to the mix

9. Krusteaz Sweet Cream Pancake Mix

Another product from the Krusteaz company that only needs added water to create a meal for your family. It promises to give a touch of restaurant quality to your breakfast cooking.

This product is very quick and easy to prepare, but it contains a lot of additives and chemicals and fat that could be bad for your health.


  • Only needs added water
  • Plus Circle
    Added malted barley flour that contains fibre


  • Contains hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil which is the manufactured equivalent of trans fat
  • Contains artificial flavours and additives such as yellow 5, yellow 5 lake, yellow 6, yellow 6 lake
  • Contains dextrose – a simple sugar that can contribute to weight gain

10. Hungry Jack Buttermilk Pancake Mix 

This pancake mix comes in a ready-measured pouch that is suitable for a family breakfast, saving you time it takes to weigh everything up. You just have to make sure you’ll have enough people or enough space in your belly for 12 pancakes. This is one of those mixes that only needs water and you’re good to go.

Hungry Jack’s mix can be a good choice for those who lead busy lives and need to save as much time as possible when making breakfast. It has added vitamins to make your meal more nutritious.


  • Only needs water
  • Plus Circle
    Added vitamins and iron
  • Plus Circle
    A source of calcium


  • Added sugar, salt and dextrose
  • Contains artificial colors Yellow 5 and Red 40

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ready-Made Pancake Mix.

Pancake mixes come in all tastes, shapes and sizes and can provide you with different nutritional value options.

Many products use wheat flour that goes through rigorous processing that involves bleaching. Afterwards, the flour gets treated with added vitamins that were destroyed during the procedure. The manufacturer adds no extra health value by enriching the flour, it is an attempt to make up for the lost nutrients.

Whole grains, on the other hand, come packed with all the goodness that comes from nature such as fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There is no need to add anything to a product that already has a complete range of everything your body requires.

Another key difference between various pancake mixes is the presence of additives, such as artificial flavours, colors or preservatives. We all want our food to taste good and there are many options that allow you to choose a mix that makes delicious pancakes that aren’t bad for you. Some companies use unprocessed ingredients to keep the natural flavor or make use of added flavor that doesn’t come from a lab.

Each product has different instructions and recipes for making pancakes. As you are the one who will be doing the cooking, you get to decide what to add to your mix. This gives you a lot of freedom for experimenting with different flavors and dietary requirements.

Don’t forget, it’s all in your hands!

The Benefits of Buying a Pancake Mix.

Pancake mixes are good for making a delicious meal without too much effort. Are you not confident about your culinary abilities or just don’t have any extra time to spend on making breakfast?

You can make pancakes even if you aren’t a great cook.

We all have to face the possibility that watching a cooking show on TV isn’t the same as dealing with actual handling of raw ingredients. They smell, fall apart, leak and bring with them frustration, anger and feelings of inadequacy.

Not all of us have to be Gordon Ramsay (god forbid) or any other 5 star chef. Maybe you’re good at singing or counting things, be happy about who you are.

There is no need to clean.

Buying a ready-made mix will help you avoid making your kitchen look like there’s been an explosion at a flour factory. If you’re one of those people who somehow finds egg on the ceiling after cooking, you’ll know what I mean.

Most people will appreciate the extra free time that you didn’t spend on cleaning.

Saves time.

Time – can we ever have enough of it? Making pancakes from a mix can save you some of those precious minutes that you can put to better use by doing whatever you like.

It makes a quick but tasty alternative to cereal or sandwiches in the morning before work or school.

Family fun.

Pancake mixes are great for children, too. It can be a fun thing to do together with your little one without worrying too much they’re gonna lick those raw egg-covered fingers.

If your children are a bit older they can feel like a real grown up by making the pancakes themselves. Such an exercise saves you cooking and teaches them how to look after themselves.

Different attributes of pancake mixes.


The most important thing to look out for when choosing a mix is the list of the ingredients. These will determine not only the taste but also the nutritional value of the pancakes.


For example, are you making regular pancakes with white flour or do you want something different? Whole grains contain more fibre than the processed flour. There are also different types of gluten-free flour if you’re looking to avoid wheat in your diet.

Many pancake mixes have added vitamins and minerals to make the product a little healthier for you. It is especially important because during processing, white flour loses most of its nutritional value.


There are many different ingredients that would determine the flavour of the end product. Look out for buttermilk, malt, vanilla, sugar, salt or any other flavouring. Some mixes use sweeteners instead of sugar, such as corn syrup or dextrose. Simple sugars such as those may not get processed by the body in time and the excess may contribute to weight gain.


Fat is a key ingredient in making pancakes. Each pancake mix contains various types of oil or butter. These can have different effects on your health. It is strongly advisable to consider that some types of fat, such as trans fats, can raise cholesterol levels and put you at risk of developing heart disease and other illnesses.

If there is hydrogenated oil in your pancake mix, it is close in form to trans fat, so you should be aware of that.

Food intolerances and allergies.

You have to check the list of the ingredients if you have any allergies or dietary requirements. Common ingredients in the pancake mix may include wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts. You have to read carefully before purchasing if you have any food intolerances.


This is a key element to consider if you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are so many artificial flavors, colors and preservatives that can harm you and your family. A lot of them can be found in food we consume daily.

If you want to make sure you are getting the best value out of the products you buy, try to avoid those of them that contain additives.

Preparation method.

Some pancake mixes require water, some need milk. Others say you need to add an egg and/or oil before mixing as well. Most people buy the mix to make the preparation of pancakes easier, faster and less messy.

Each brand usually provides cooking instructions with their product. Keep in mind that some mixes that only require added water may contain additives that are bad for your health.


With so many different brands to choose from, there are a few things you should keep in mind when picking your pancake mix. What are your dietary requirements? Are you watching your weight and cholesterol levels? Do you want to avoid additives in your food?

Some pancake mixes require a little work, such as breaking an egg and adding oil. Some are ready to be made into a delicious breakfast with just water or milk. Pick according to your circumstances and don’t forget to look at the ingredients. This will help you make sure you are choosing the best pancake mix that will be the healthiest, most nutritious product for your family.

We all want to make something special for ourselves or our loved ones from time to time. Pancakes make people happy -  it’s a reasonable assumption, if not a fact. Have you ever seen someone eating a stack of pancakes and crying at the same time? Neither have we.
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