The 10 Best Quesadilla Makers in 2019

Can you say no to delicious quesadilla with lip-smacking fillings? This Mexican dish has managed to make its way in list of exquisite meal choices of many not just in restaurants but also in homes. Cooking quesadilla in skillet results in a lot of cheese getting burnt and also creates a huge mess. This is when you should consider investing in a quesadilla maker.

Quesadilla makers ensure that the process is much more hassle-free and more efficient while looking to make delicious quesadillas. All you need to do is plug in the machine, lay the tortillas and choose your filling. Like all other home appliances, not all quesadilla makers are created the same. This makes the process of shortlisting one much more complicated.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Quesadilla Maker

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1. Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Makes 6 wedge of waffle in 5 minutes
  • Features a nonstick surface that can be wiped clean in no time
  • Locking lid helps with upright storage and reduces the mess while cooking
  • Comes with two light modes: preheat and power
  • Comes with a recipe book

Hamilton Beach has been offering small kitchen appliances since 1990s. The company has immense experience in offering the best appliances for your kitchen. This appliance lets you make six quesadilla wedges at a time and hence will save you a lot of time.

The machine has two modes to let you know when the machine is ready. The modes are pre-heat and two lights of power. All you need to do is place the tortilla in the center and add all the extras and fillings that you intend to. You just need to place another sheet of tortilla for capturing the deliciousness.

The locking lid along with the edge-sealing rings ensures that the fillings remain inside. Although this maker can make quesadillas quickly, the size of crispy items is lot smaller than its competitors. This appliance would not pose any storage hassle as it can be placed upright by utilizing the lid lock.


  • Edge-sealing rings and locking lid ensures no mess while cooking
  • Plus Circle
    Locking lid prevents spills and locks in flavor
  • Plus Circle
    Less cooking time


  • Makes small sized plates
  • Has limited filling capability

2. George Foreman GFQ001 Electric Quesadilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Creates 10-inch quesadillas in 3-4 minutes
  • Features deep dish pockets that can hold a lot of meat, salsa and cheese
  • Mess-free snacking is ensured by outer ridge seals
  • Nonstick cooking surface ensures easy cleaning
  • Indicator lights hint when the appliance is ready to cook

If you are looking to add style and class to your kitchen, then the George Foreman GFQ001 quesadilla maker would be an ideal choice for you. It is available in a stunning color combination of cherry red and black. George Foreman quesadilla maker can make 10-inch quesadillas for you in three to four minutes. You need to ensure that the filling is limited else the maker would squeeze everything out in no time.

Although the maker supports limited filling, the cheese gets spread perfectly and retains its delicious consistency throughout. The nonstick cooking surface ensures that cleaning this appliance is a breeze. Apart from quesadillas, you can also make appetizers and crunchy snacks in this kitchen appliance. You can save storage space by placing this utensil vertically in compact spaces. The integrated cord wrap would maintain the orderliness in your kitchen.


  • Plus Circle
    Ensures vertical storage and cord wrap
  • Plus Circle
    Is affordable and lightweight


  • Supports limited tortilla filling

3. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Bakes 12” pizza at home
  • Features Power-On indicator and Ready to Bake light
  • Nonstick baking surface ensures easy cleanup
  • Perfect for making quiche, giant cookies, croissants, mini frittatas, nachos and quesadillas
  • Is energy efficient, fun and quick

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker offers a fun, quick and energy efficient way to make flatbreads and homemade pizzas with your own fresh toppings in a couple of minutes. You can make 12-inch pizzas with a crispy crust with this electric appliance. This pizza maker is also perfect for making an array of creative snacks and quick meals.

This pizza maker is a great choice for making not just pizza but also nachos, quiche, frittatas, quesadillas, giant cookies, croissants and a lot more. The nonstick coated plates ensure that the cleanup is easy. The self-regulated thermostat in this appliance ensures that the pizza crust is perfectly golden and crispy.

The Power-On and Ready-to-bake indictors let you know when exactly you need to insert the ingredients in the pizza maker. The nonstick baking plates deliver the right level of crisping and ensure that the cleanup is really easy. The sturdy construction and the compact design helps you easily tuck away this pizza maker when not in use. The cord-wrap simplifies storage.


  • Bakes crust to perfection
  • Plus Circle
    Can be stored easily in compact spaces


  • Does not heat evenly

4. Nostalgia EQM200 Quesadilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Features two latch settings
  • Has a nonstick cooking surface
  • Comes with a removable drip tray
  • Can make six wedges at a time
  • Offers 8-inch cooking surface

Available at an affordable price, this quesadilla maker has numerous features to prove its worth on this list. It makes delicious and crispy quesadillas quickly. The plate design is such that it can accommodate 6 wedges easily and also seals in the flavor perfectly. The extra stuffing latch makes more room for the filling.

Cleaning the drip-tray is quite easy owing to the nonstick surface. It comprises of six sections that permits cooking six wedges of quesadillas at once. The plates have been designed in a unique manner for sealing in the fillings. The size of tortillas produced in this quesadilla maker is about 8 inches in diameter.

What is interesting about Nostalgia quesadilla maker is the two kinds of latch positions offered that can support both thick and thin stuffing. This offers you the freedom to prepare quesadillas with any exciting ingredient you can think of for making multiple delectable elements.

This product features a nonstick interior and comes with a removable drip tray for making the cleaning process faster and easier. Storing this electric appliance is easy as it can be stored in upright position in your kitchen. The most useful feature of this quesadilla maker is the presence of two lights green and red which helps with the identification of how much time is left for the plates to get heated up entirely. The red light lets you know when the machine is turned on and the green light indicates when the machine has been preheated and is ready to use.


  • Plus Circle
    Allows upright storage in kitchen cabinets
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with  a recipe book
  • Plus Circle
    Extra stuffing latch makes more room for the ingredients


  • The thick setting allows some stuffing to overflow resulting in a mess
  • Inconsistent performance has been noted during usage
  • The latch is flimsy

5. Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker- QM2R

Highlighted Features

  • Makes 10-inch round tortillas
  • Features non-stick plates and ensures quick heating
  • Comes with indicator lights and a drip tray
  • The set includes a recipe book

This is one of the most promising quesadilla makers available in the market. It is quite popular owing to its rich features. The best thing about Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker is that it heats up pretty quickly in 4-5 minutes. You just need to spread 10-inch tortillas on the disk and make some room for the stuffing. You have to then seal the edges. If the stuffing does not overflow, then the extra inches on the outside will ensure that you do not end up missing out any extra goodness of the cheese.

The cooking plates are nonstick and hence easy to clean. There is also a drip tray provided for taking care of any mess while cooking. Quesadilla maker has indicator lights which hint about the power status as well as readiness status of the maker.

The best thing about Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker is that it has been designed for upright storage as well. This saves some space in cramped kitchens. If you are on a hunt for new recipes, then you can use the recipe guide offered with this product. The product comes with one year limited warranty. This will assure that your investment is safe.


  • Plus Circle
    Allows compact storage in tiny kitchens
  • Plus Circle
    Backed by limited warranty
  • Plus Circle
    Cooks quesadillas in 4-5 minutes


  • Is heavy and hence difficult to move around

6. Brentwood Quesadilla Maker- TS-120

Highlighted Features

  • 8-9 inch quesadillas
  • Has 6 wedge pockets
  • Features nonstick plates
  • Indicator lights for ease of usage

This Brentwood quesadilla maker is offered by a company that has over 25 years of experience in offering quality quesadilla makers. This maker comprises of a basic design and weighs about 4 pounds. It can make quesadillas of 8-9 inches diameter.

Brentwood TS-120 consists of six wedge pockets which help in cutting quesadillas easily into six portions. The interior surface features a nonstick material and hence is easy to clean up. The removable drip tray offers further assistance.

The indicator lights help with identification of power modes. The built-in temperature control ensures that the quesadillas are crispy and hot. This maker functions at 900W and would not consume a lot of space in your kitchen.


  • Built-in temperature control
  • Plus Circle
    Has a compact design
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a removable drip tray


  • Is not durable

7. Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic Quesadilla Maker- EQD-118

Highlighted Features

  • Makes 11-inch round tortillas
  • Comes with a drainage rim and grease tray
  • Features ready and power indicator lights
  • Nonstick surface ensures easy cleanup
  • Ensures compact storage

If you want to enjoy cheesy and crispy homemade quesadillas, then you can rely on Elite Cuisine Quesadilla Maker. You no longer need to hit an expensive restaurant and pay exorbitant prices to indulge in delicious quesadillas when you can create rich flavors at home.

Elite Cuisine offers a delicious and creative treat in minutes. You just need to place the tortilla in the center and add all your favorite ingredients such as rice, vegetables, beans, pepper and cheese as filling. Place another wrap on the top and shut the lid for about five minutes. This will offer you perfect golden and warm quesadillas.

Cleaning up after using Elite Quesadilla maker is a cinch with no-mess. The non-stick surface can be cleaned easily and quickly. Operating this machine is quite easy. It also comes with a tray for catching any unwanted grease. This makes cleaning hassle-free.

The indicator lights hint of power as well as readiness. The machine can be stored conveniently in upright position. This would save a lot of space on your kitchen counter.


  • Makes 11” quesadillas in 4-5 minutes
  • Plus Circle
    Nonstick surface ensures easy cleanup
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a locking latch
  • Plus Circle
    Features power and ready indicator lights
  • Plus Circle
    Drainage rim with grease catching tray


  • Features poorly designed latch
  • Permits limited filling

8. El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Features a nonstick surface
  • Accommodates tortillas of 10” diameter
  • Comes with a built-in drip reservoir
  • Consumes less space on kitchen counter

The El Paso quesadilla maker includes power light, ready light, a built-in drip reservoir and nonstick plates for easy clean up. The best thing about this appliance is that it is fairly light and weighs about 4.3 lbs. It consumes minimal space on the kitchen counter owing to its small dimensions.

What is worth noting in this quesadilla maker is that it leaves creases in the quesadilla while cooking. This allows the users to cut the pieces quickly. Cleaning can be accomplished by wiping wet paper towel on the nonstick surface. El Paso 10023 can accommodate tortilla of maximum 10 inches diameter.


  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Plus Circle
    Power lights indicate about the modes of operation
  • Plus Circle
    Just perfect for making a quick snack


  • It is harder to remove cooked cheese and other food bits from the maker while cleaning
  • The clamp is flimsy

9. Bella 13506 Quesadilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Takes up 8-inch round quesadillas
  • Features nonstick cooking plates
  • Comes with built-in drip reservoir
  • Can be stored in upright position
  • Has indicator lights for indicating power modes

This quesadilla maker has been in the market for a decade and is immensely popular. It supports quesadillas of diameter 8 inches. It comprises of six wedge sections to cut up the quesadilla conveniently while serving. The cooking plates have a nonstick coating which lets you get rid of overflown filling with much ease.

With Bella 13506 Quesadilla Maker, each batch would be ready in 4-5 minutes. Making quesadillas in this maker is much more efficient than making in a skillet. The built-in drip reservoir limits the mess while cooking any cheesy dish. The only think about this quesadilla maker is that it does not accommodate enough juicy fillings.

El Paso Chile quesadilla maker can be kept in upright position for saving counter space. The recipe book offered along lets you experiment more delicious delicacies with this kitchen appliance.


  • Plus Circle
    Makes delicious quesadilla batch in 4-5 minutes
  • Plus Circle
    Saves counter space


  • Has limited filling capacity
  • Has a flimsy latch

10. Black & Decker Quesadilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Features 8-inch plates
  • Comes with 6 wedge pockets
  • Features press and seal lines and nonstick interior coating
  • Indicator lights help in identification of power modes
  • Slip resistance grips ensure easy handling

This quesadilla maker lets you cook exquisite quesadillas in a short time. It features six wedge pockets that are deep enough for accommodating a large portion of stuffing. This maker would work appropriately if you flatten or even out the stuffing while cooking.

Black & Decker quesadilla maker supports a maximum of 8 inch quesadillas. The nonstick coating can be cleaned off without having to put any extra effort. The state-of-the-art press and seal lines in the maker provide enough pressure on the tortilla shells from all sides.

The two indicator lights let you know when to place the tortilla disks. The red light ensures power supply to the appliance and the green one denotes completion of the pre-heating process. The removable drip tray helps with the cleaning process. The slip resistant grip makes it easier to handle this appliance. Although it is heavy when compared to modern quesadilla makers, it comes at quite an affordable price.


  • Comes with a removable drip tray 
  • Plus Circle
    Has shallow pockets for accommodating more filling


  • Difficult to latch
  • Should be cleaned when the appliance is still warm

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Quesadilla Maker 


This is a crucial factor because machine size matters and is dependent on the kind of quesadilla you want to make. Most of the makers accommodate tortillas that are of 8 inch in diameter. There are also smaller models that take in tortillas of 6 inches. Larger sizes are ideal for making full meals while the smaller sizes are for those who want to make a quick snack. You also need to remember that small shell may result in spillage and mess.

Deep Dish  

Many models come with a latch for locking in the maker and hence cannot accommodate overstuffed tortillas. This results in overflowing of the filling and results in a mess. This problem is dealt in a few models where the makers offer deep dish pockets.

Outer ring catchment 

It is difficult to avoid oozing and grease while making quesadillas. A good quesadilla maker should comprise of a deeper outer ring for preventing spillage and also ensures easy cleanup.  


Go for a model that offers you delicious quesadillas without making a mess in your kitchen. Even heating and deep dish pockets are must if you are fond of cheesy and overstuffed quesadillas. If you have a compact kitchen, then go for models that offer you upright storage advantage.
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