The 10 Best Snow Cone Syrups in 2019

Who doesn’t love beating scorching summer heat with icy cold treats? Snow cones are popular choices during picnics, pool parties and get-togethers during summers. If you do not love purchasing them and love making your own snow cones at homes, then you need to make sure to invest in the right syrup.

On this article, we reviewed some of the best snow cone syrups available in the market today. 

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Snow Cone Syrup

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1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Flavor Syrup Package

Highlighted Features

  • Consists of 10 delectable Hawaiian shave ice snow cone syrups
  • Premium flavors can be used for creating refreshing combinations
  • Classic flavor options
  • Kit features pourers and flavors
  • Thick, premium syrup

This is one of the best syrups that you find in the market. This is a popular syrup will let you make delectable snow cones in no time. This assortment pack consists of 10 syrup flavors including Pina Colada, Watermelon, Root Beer, Tiger’s Blood, Banana, Lemon-Lime, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Cherry.

This kit is perfect for both home use and for business owners who are looking to sample snow cone syrups. This is a perfect party pack for those planning to host birthday parties or any other events. This package would surely turn out to be hit amongst those who get to enjoy your treats.

The best thing about Hawaiian snow cone syrup pack is that you do not have to refrigerate it after opening. It does not consist of any soy, eggs or dairy. This pack lets you enjoy commercial quality snow cones from the convenience of your home.


  • Perfect starter for making snow cones
  • Plus Circle
    Does not taste extremely sweet


  • The cones offered in the kit are quite flimsy

2. Time for Treats Snow Cone Syrup by Victorio

Highlighted Features

  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Long lasting storage
  • Perfect for people with food allergies
  • Is vegan

This syrup pack is available in the form of 16.9 ounce bottles. This set is available in pack of three. You have the option to choose from different flavors for making slushies, ice pops and snow cones. The flavors are genuine and delicious which would leave your guests craving for more. The spill-free packaging prevents any mess during storage.

The best thing about this snow cone syrup pack is that it is free from gluten. This delicious syrup pack is free from artificial flavors. It lasts for long if you do not expose it to high temperature and sunlight. These syrups can also be used to make shakes, juices, popsicles and slushes. 


  • Plus Circle
    Is gluten free
  • Plus Circle
    Comes in spill free packaging
  • Plus Circle
    Made in the USA


  • Syrup is thinner when compared to other brands
  • Some flavors taste artificial

3. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Snow Cone Syrup

Highlighted Features

  • Flavors are authentic and taste natural
  • Syrups impart rich color to delicious treat
  • Made from high quality ingredients

This is one of the most popular snow cone syrups available in the market. This kit lets you create authentic snow cones. This set is available in three classic flavors: grape, blue raspberry and cherry. All these syrups taste great both individually and when mixed together for creating a unique flavor combination.

The package consists of a S700 machine, 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon straws, flavor syrups and black bottle pourers. You can choose the flavor pack as per your tastes. This syrup combo can be used for making ice pops, slushies, snow cones and a lot more. This kit not only comes with syrups but also comes with accessories essential for making great tasting and looking snow cone.

This snow cone kit would make a perfect gift for anyone. Both children and adults would enjoy iced treats made using this kit. The snow cone machine plugs directly into standard 110 volt outlet. The machine is backed by 1-year warranty. 


  • Comes with essential accessories for making various treats
  • Plus Circle
    Does not require refrigeration
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with 25 snow cone cups, spoon-straws and three bottle pourers


  • The plastic used in designing the machine is quite flimsy

4. Amoretti Premium Berry Syrups

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for making cocktails, iced tea, soda, tea and coffee
  • Made with natural flavors
  • Made in Southern California
  • 50 ml bottles are perfect for travel

Amoretti premium pack consists of 50ml bottles of raspberry, blueberry and wild strawberry flavored syrups. The berry flavored syrups taste great when added to either hot or iced tea in addition to making shaved ice treats and snow cones. This syrup kit is valued by people who are fond of making their own version of Italian style sodas.

Amoretti syrup pack is perfect size for making delicious treats at special events, picnics or other gatherings. Made in Southern California.


  • Subtle flavors low in calories
  • Plus Circle
    3.5 servings per 50 ml bottle 


  • Syrup does not soak into ice even when diluted
  • Is quite expensive

5. Snappy SnoCone Syrup

Highlighted Features

  • No mixing is needed
  • Can be used with shakes, shaved ice and more

If you planning to throw a massive party and serve delectable treats, then you can rely on Snappy syrup for catering to the needs of the entire crowd. This syrup tastes great and is quite economical. There is no need to add any additive to this snow cone syrup while serving.

All you need to do is dispense the syrup simply on the ice pop, slushies, shaved ice and snow cone. You are offered cherry flavor syrup in this pack. This 128-ounce pack is enough to cater to the needs of a large gathering. The flavor is authentic.


  • Makes a great additive to soda as well
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a convenient handle for carrying 
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for serving a large gathering


  • Smells like syrup

6. Paragon Motla Premium Sno-Cone and Shaved Ice Syrup

Highlighted Features

  • The packaging is great
  • Comes in 1-gallon bottle
  • Made with the finest ingredients available
  • Can be used for making shaved ice and snow cones
  • Blend is ready to use

This pack of Paragon Motla premium syrup is available in 1-gallon bottle and is suitable for making snow cones and shaved ice. This pack of Pina Colada flavor makes lots of snow cones and would last for a long time. As the product is ready made, you do not have to add any mixing ingredients to it.

The bottle is handy and sizeable. The design is practical and ideal for daily use. It comes in a nice and stylish packaging. The brand offers other flavors as well which you can choose from: lemon-lime, grape, fresh strawberry, tiger’s blood, orange and cherry. This snow cone syrup brands offers wide range of flavors for one to choose from.

The best thing about this premium syrup is that despite being low in calories, it tastes great. Moreover, it does not require any kind of special additives. It blend is ready to use.


  • Bottle is sizeable and handy
  • Plus Circle
    Is low in calories
  • Plus Circle
    No need to add any additives while using


  • Dieters and diabetics would love this syrups but others may find it little different from the traditional syrups

7. Snappy Popcorn Snow Cone Syrup

Highlighted Features

  • Thicker consistency
  • Is not adulterated with artificial additives
  • Reliable storage

Made in the USA, this snow cone syrup is offered in a gallon container. It comes with a handle for easier pouring of the syrup. The flavor of this Tiger’s Blood syrup is great and is adored by all. The consistency and concentration are just perfect and there is no need to dilute to attain the desired taste.

This syrup can be used to prepare snow cones and other iced edibles. It does not consist of any artificial flavoring. The taste is subtle and not extremely sweet. There is no need to refrigerate the syrup after opening it.


  • No mixing needed
  • Plus Circle
    Can use used for making shakes, snow cones and shaved ice 


  • The container is large to carry around

8. Concession Express Snow Cone & Shave Ice Syrup

Highlighted Features

  • Great dispensing pumps
  • Four different flavors offered in the pack: Cherry, Grape, blue raspberry and strawberry 
  • Vibrant colors

This Concession Express syrup pack consists of four different flavors packed in 1 gallon bottles. The flavors offered with this pack are Grape, Cherry, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. The pack also comes with 1-ounce pump. The pack is fairly large and can be used for catering to a large audience.

Both the quality and consistency are great. You do not have to use lots of syrup for achieving the desired taste. The Concession Express Syrup Pack is reasonably priced. It comes in handy while catering to a large audience.


  • Offered in durable plastic bottles 
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for managing a large crowd


  • Can stain the clothing easily

9. Great Northern Popcorn Company 8644 Polar Cones Premium Flavor Pack

Highlighted Features

  • Innovative flip top cap ensures easy dispensing
  • Sweet taste and vibrant colors
  • No mixing required

The Great Northern Popcorn Company variety pack consists of 10 of the most popular flavors. The flip top cap ensures easy pouring which is ideal while making large quantities. This product is popular for its class and quality. ​

8644 polar cones pack is perfect for making both snow cones and shaved ice. There is no need to dilute the syrup as it is ready to use. The syrups offered in this pack are top rated and preferred by professionals because of vibrant colors, economical pricing and rich flavors.

Available in most exciting flavors, this pack is great for boardwalks, midways, carnivals and for concession stands.


  • Plus Circle
    Each gallon offers 128 servings
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for snack bars and carnivals


  • The taste is bland and all syrups seem sugar free

10. Nostalgia SCK3 Snow Cone Syrup

Highlighted Features

  • Complete home party kit
  • Comes with 20 snow cone cups and spoon straws

This kit would make a seamless addition to any shaved ice or snow cone maker from Nostalgia. Making iced treats is easy with this kit. You just need to take shaved ice in a snow cone cup and top it with your favorite syrup. You can experiment with different flavors for some fun. The pack also consists of 20 snow cone cups and spoon straws.

Though this kit is not one of the best syrups for snow cones available in the market, it is undoubtedly one of the most affordable options. It can offer you 30 standard snow cones. It is easy to manage and can be managed easily by first-time users. Three different flavors are offered along with this pack: Cherry, Cotton Candy and Blue Raspberry. You can also use the syrup with shaved ice and slushies.


  • Made in the USA
  • Plus Circle
    Makes up to 30 snow cone treats
  • Plus Circle
    Slim bottle which is easy to handle
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with flip top cap for ensuring easy pouring


  • Is slightly expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Snow Cone Syrup   


If you are purchasing snow cone syrups for serving iced treats to your guests, then you need to make sure to opt for the right size. There are several brands that offer 1 gallon pack of different flavors which are just perfect to be used to serve a large audience at any event. Make sure to consider this factor in mind while shopping for snow cone syrups in order to avoid inconvenience at a later stage.


The right syrup is neither too diluted nor too thick. Wrong consistency can spoil the texture or tastes too strong. Make sure to check the label while purchasing syrups for making iced treats. There are a few brands that offer ready to use syrups while there are other brands that offer syrups of thicker consistencies and require further dilution. Look into the label to avoid any unpleasant experience later on.


A wide range of flavors are available in the market offering you different vibrant colors. Make sure to check what would suit your tastes before purchasing any product. There are few types of syrup that taste bland then there are others that turn out to be extremely sweet. Make sure to check what would appeal to your taste buds. 

Authentic flavors

Good snow cone syrup has a nice flavor that seems to be made from fresh fruits and other ingredients. Artificial flavors do not taste great and smell like cough syrup. Make sure to keep this in mind while shopping for snow cone syrups for making your treats.  

No aftertaste

The best syrup would not leave any aftertaste. It should not be too strong to overpower other flavors. Read the ingredients label carefully to check what you are being offered by the makers. This will help you pick the right flavor for making your favorite shaved ice, slushies or snow cone treats.  

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