The 10 Best Tomato Knives in 2019

Tomatoes are the most commonly used ingredients in the kitchen. These are used in crafting variety of dishes owing to their impeccable flavor. However, it is not easy when it comes to slicing tomatoes as per your recipe requirements. Even if you own a sharp Santoku knife, you need to put in a lot of efforts. This is when you should consider investing in a good quality tomato knife. This is the best cutlery tool you can employ while dealing with these squishy red vegetables. If prepared properly, then tomatoes can alter the taste and aesthetics of your dish entirely.

Unfortunately, not everybody is aware of the existence of this kitchen tool. However, if you are not it then it can be a challenging situation for you to find the best tomato knife as per your kitchen needs.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Tomato Knife

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1. Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato/Cheese Knife

Highlighted Features

  • 4-inch tomato knife features a multi-point tip for easily picking up fresh tomato and cheese
  • Super sharp edge is retained by high carbon stainless steel
  • FDA-approved resin used in designed this blade
  • Non-stick coating makes cleaning easier and also resists corrosion
  • Handle is lightweight and offers a fatigue-reducing grip

If you are looking for a knife that not just chops tomatoes, but also assists in cutting vegetables and cheese, then you can go for Pure Komachi tomato knife. It comprises of high carbon stainless steel blade. The blade is coated with FDA approved resin that is also nonstick.

The design and coating ensures that the sliced food does not stick to the blade. Featuring brilliant monochromatic color, this tomato knife is a serious eye-catcher. This knife is not just about aesthetics but serves its purpose brilliantly.

The color coding makes it easier for the users to pick the right knife for the task. Color coding also helps in preventing cross contamination of food. The nonstick coating resists corrosion and makes it easier to clean the knife. The handles of the Pure Komachi tomato knife are lightweight. These have also been ergonomically designed for offering a comfortable and fatigue reducing grip.


  • Handle is ergonomically designed for offering a comfortable grip
  • Plus Circle
    Blade glides through food with much ease
  • Plus Circle
    Rarely requires resharpening


  • Looks like a toy knife
  • Blade is slightly short

2. Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Slices effortlessly through the fruits, vegetables and tomatoes
  • Blade designed from surgical grade high carbon stainless steel
  • Dual serrated blade offers clean and straight cut every time  
  • Features a brushed aluminum handle
  • Backed by lifetime guarantee

This tomato slicing knife turns amateur cooks into professionals while slicing fruits and vegetables. You would be able to get the perfect cut desired. The blade measures 5 inches and the entire knife measures 8-7/8 inches. Made from T420 high carbon stainless steel of surgical grade, this tomato knife is extra sharp. The dual serrated blade permits the cooks of all skill levels to offer a straight and clean cut through the tomatoes.

The blade feels as smooth as cutting through butter. This knife has just the right thickness for performance and comfort. The handle is made from cast silver brushed aluminum. It features a satin finish. This kitchen knife should not be washed in a dishwasher. However, handwashing is recommended for prolonging the life of this tomato knife.


  • Plus Circle
    Features expertly hand-sharpened blades
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for slicing tomatoes, vegetables, fruits and a lot more
  • Plus Circle
    Made in United States


  • Requires better serrations on blades

3. Rada MFG Tomato slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Features a comfortable solid cast aluminum handle
  • Has extra sharp high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Can be used on tomatoes, peppers, onions, fruits and other vegetables

If you want to cut perfect slice of tomato every time, then you must opt for Rada MFG Tomato Slicer. The blade of this slicer has been specially manufactured and comes with dual serrations. This ensures even and straight cut every time. Left-handers can comfortably use this tomato knife. This tomato slicer is ideal for slicing vegetables and fruits apart from tomatoes. The dual serrated blade permits cooks of all skill levels to make a straight and clean cut.

The Rada MFG tomato slicer is not just for tomatoes but works well with nearly any food that requires slicing and cutting. The high carbon steel blades have been designed considering frequent use in mind. It would retain its incredible sharpness for years of constant use.

Rada MFG tomato slicer is one of the best tomato knives and permits you to cut paper thin slices of tomatoes. This serrated tomato knife is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee so that you can purchase it with confidence.

This super sharp knife offers perfect balance and superior comfort to the users. The hollow ground blades ensure precision concave surface for maximum sharpness and edge retention. Hand wash and immediate drying has been suggested for preventing discoloration of the aluminum handle.


  • Serrated wave is smooth and sharp
  • Plus Circle
    Durable and sharp


  • Is very sharp and requires careful handling

4. Okami Knives 8” Stainless Steel Blade Gyuto

Highlighted Features

  • The balance is wonderful and the handle fits perfectly
  • Can easily slice through vegetables, cheeses and meats
  • Comes with a plastic sheath
  • The pakkawood handle has been beautifully designed
  • Is perfectly weighted and comes with a protective sheath

The Okami Chef Knife is a well-balanced, lightweight knife that has been designed from high carbon stainless steel. This Japanese knife features a blade of 8”. The blade is extremely sharp. The handle has been designed ergonomically for lowering the tension and strain on your wrist.

This professional grade knife will last for years to come. VG10 Japanese high-carbon stainless steel blade is a classic example of excellent craftsmanship. The ergonomic design reduces wrist and hand fatigue. If you are looking for a knife that will make your cooking time more pleasurable, then you must opt for this Okami Knives stainless steel knife. It is super sharp and is quite light when compared to German steel.

This chef’s knife is an ultimate multipurpose knife and does all your dicing, slicing, mincing and chopping. It is a go-to-know that improves your efficiency and simplifies all your tasks. The knife is super sharp and keeps its edge retention for a long time.

The Gyuto is a Japanese equivalent of chef’s knives. It is an amalgamation of the Japanese steel with the western style. It is harder and thinner thereby resulting in sharper and lighter blades.


  • Clad with 67 layers of steel
  • Plus Circle
    One continuous piece from blade to handle
  • Plus Circle
    Beautifully crafted from a thin cutting edge for precision cutting
  • Plus Circle
    Has razor sharp precision


  • Improperly tempered and is of low quality
  • Can lose its edge

5. Messermeister 4.5 inch Tomato Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic handles provide comfortable and secure grip
  • Thin razor sharp blades offer precision
  • Fine edge blade is easily maneuverable and lightweight
  • Easily slices food that has tough exterior and softer middle such as salami and tomatoes
  • Has matching plastic sheath for protection 

This bright red Messermeister serrated tomato knife comes with a matching red sheath that helps in protecting the sharp edges of the blade. If you are of the assumption that all kitchen knives are expensive, then check the price tag of this tomato knife.

Messermeister serrated tomato knife is a lightweight tool that can be used easily for slicing not just tomatoes but also other fruits and vegetables. The key feature of this knife is its portability. This tomato knife is light and features a plastic handle rather than synthetic or metal.

The Messermeister serrated tomato knife is both effective and functional. Messermeister is one of the leading manufacturers of professional kitchenware. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the durability and sharpness. The blade has been made from food-safe stainless steel. It also features micro-serrations on the edges.

The entire knife has been made in Portugal. It has been crafted from skilled designers and is a quality product that you can rely on. This knife line has been designed to be of perfect size and weight. It is apt for handling slicing, dicing, chopping of breads, meats, vegetables and fruits.


  • Plus Circle
    Made from stainless steel bade
  • Plus Circle
    Made in Portugal
  • Plus Circle
    Comes with a plastic sheath for protection
  • Plus Circle
    Has micro serrated stainless steel blade
  • Plus Circle
    Impressive sharpness retention


  • Blade flexes sometimes
  • Is small tomato knife

6. Cestari Tomato Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Fitted with professional serrated blade
  • Features exceptionally sharp edges
  • Retains sharp edge ten times longer than carbon knife steel and stainless steel cutlery
  • This knife would not react with food or rust
  • Features comfortable rubberized handle

It is one of the best kitchen knives that comes with serrated blade and is made from high grade ceramic material. This is perfect cutting tomatoes or crusty breads. The serrated blade permits you to accomplish the task with much ease. What we love about this product is that if you are not happy about the performance of this knife, then the makers would offer you the advantage of money-back guarantee.

The Cestari Tomato Knife has ten times longer edge retention owing to the use of ceramic blade. This implies that you will not have to sharpen this knife quite often. Comfort is assured by the rubberized handle of the Cestari Tomato Knife. This prevents any accidents in the kitchen during usage.

What is worth appreciating about this knife is that it has serrated blade that helps you cut messy food materials such as tomatoes and breads with much ease. You can cut paper thin slices in no time with Cestari Tomato Knife. This slicer also works well on meat, cheese, crusty bread and melons along with tomatoes.


  • Offers nonskid ergonomic grip
  • Plus Circle
    Contoured handle offers perfect balance
  • Plus Circle
    Is remarkably lightweight
  • Plus Circle
    Is BPA free


  • Flimsy design
  • Plastic sheath breaks easily

7. Wusthof 4107-7 Classic Tomato Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Designed from high quality manufacturing process
  • Knife’s blade has a serrated edge
  • Has a riveted handle for easier control
  • Comes with forked tipped blade

This serrated blade is not just ideal for cutting tomatoes but can also be used for cutting hard salami, fresh rolls and bagels. The blade has been designed from high carbon stainless steel. It has been hand honed for ensuring sharpness that is razor like.

The best thing about Wusthof 4107-7 Classic Tomato Knife is that it comes with lifetime guarantee. It is also dishwasher safe. If you want to invest in a well-refined kitchen tool and are not afraid to spend a little more, then you can go for this tomato knife.

The impressive features and superior ergonomics make Wusthof 4107-7 Classic Tomato Knife one of the premium options available in the tomato knives category. Crafted in Solingen, Germany, this durable knife promises great performance to its users.

The blade of Wusthof 4107-7 classic has been designed from high carbon stainless steel. It has been hardened for offering an optimal level of ruggedness. This engineering improves its sharpness retention. The blade and the handle balance each other perfectly.


  • Sides have been sharpened to 14 degrees
  • Plus Circle
    Can slice precisely and quickly
  • Plus Circle
    The handle can be cleaned easily
  • Plus Circle
    Requires less maintenance
  • Plus Circle
    Made in Germany


  • Is slightly expensive

8. Dalstrong Tomato Slicer Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for tough skinned vegetables and fruits having soft interiors
  • Blade designed to cut smoothly without tearing
  • Pronged form allows easy movement from cutting board to the plate
  • Versatile knife is perfect for cutting foods such as cucumbers, crusty loves, avocados, dry sausages and a lot more

Example of outstanding craftsmanship, the Dalstrong tomato slicer knife features stunning design elements. Made with cutting edge technology and premium materials, this tomato slicer is worth adding to your kitchen collection. Dalstrong tomato slicer knife is incredibly razor sharp and has been designed with high carbon German steel. It features a hand polished edge at 14-16 degrees per side. This stain resistant and precisely tempered slicer knife is all you need in your kitchen.

Use of premium materials and quality feel is what makes Dalstrong Tomato Slicer Knife stand out from the rest. The luxury important pakkawood handle offers comfort grip and maneuverability to the users. It has been polished and laminated for sanitary build.

If you are looking for a product engineered for perfection, then this is the tomato knife that you must opt for. The careful tapering ensures improved flexibility and hardness. 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee feature is what makes Dalstrong Tomato Slicer Knife a great investment.


  • Precision forged from premium quality German steel
  • Plus Circle
    Has excellent stain and wear resistance
  • Plus Circle
    Features sharpened edge of 14-16 degrees per side
  • Plus Circle
    Ergonomic imported pakkawood handle
  • Plus Circle
    Has been carefully designed for maximum comfort
  • Plus Circle
    BPA free protective sheath is offered along this product


  • Is slightly expensive

9. Ginsu 05115DS Black Serrated Tomato Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Triple rivet knife is ergonomically engineered
  • Can also be used for slicing hot breads and sectioning fruits such as grapefruit

Ginsu Essential tomato knife is a high quality knife that offers the best possible value to you in your kitchen. Made from commercial quality Japanese stainless steel, this tomato knife is rust and stain resistant. It is popular for its strength and sharpness.

Serrated blades do not require sharpening ever. The Ginsu 05115DS Black Serrated Tomato Knife features uniquely scalloped dual edge for preventing tearing of your food items. The serrated edge delivers the accuracy of fine edged professional cutlery. The best thing about this tomato knife is that it is backed by limited lifetime warranty.

The Ginsu Essential tomato knife never requires sharpening. It has been designed for slicing and serving the thinnest tomato slices for your burger. The knife has been ergonomically engineered for offering a safe and comfortable slicing experience.

Ginsu Essential knife set is backed by limited lifetime warranty. It includes every knife you require for preparing complex and delicious meals every time.


  • Plus Circle
    Works well with even ripe skin tomatoes
  • Plus Circle
    No maintenance knife
  • Plus Circle
    Designed to slice thinnest of tomato slices


  • Feels a little flimsy

10. Brandobay Stainless Steel Tomato Slicer Knives Set

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used to slice tomatoes and other vegetables without tearing or squishing
  • Measures 10” along with the handle
  • Extra sharp blade made of stainless steel
  • The purple handle is dishwasher safe

Brandobay tomato slicer knives set help you in slicing tomatoes and other vegetables with much ease. Its unique design features help you instantly identify the knife. The blade is extremely sharp and each knife measures 10-inches long along with the handle.

This ultra sharp knife never requires sharpening as it is ultra sharp. It is naturally bacteria and germ resistant. The serrated edges ensure that it slices breads, soft fruits, vegetables and tomatoes with much ease without squishing or tearing.

Brandobay Stainless Steel Tomato Slicer Knives Set is very easy to use and is dishwasher safe. If by any chance you are not satisfied with this product or if it has any manufacturing defects, then the makers with provide a full refund. For this, you need to return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase.


  • Slices through tomatoes, fruits and veggies easily and cleanly
  • Plus Circle
    Is germ and bacteria resistant


  • Larger than necessary for a tomato knife
  • Not as sharp and sturdy as the claims

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Tomato Knife

The first thing to look in a tomato knife is its blade as its overall performance will affect the performance in the kitchen greatly. High carbon steel blades are durable and are extremely sharp. These retain their sharpness and edges for a long time. The ruggedness of these blades are however not absolute ad they would eventually break.   

High carbon stainless steel blades have greater rigidity and also contain chromium that offers resistance against stain and rust. These are however quite difficult to sharpen. Ceramic blades are created by combining zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide. If you do not maintain the blades properly, then ceramic blades can chip or break easily.   

Titanium is the most recommended blade material in the industry because of its ruggedness and durability. It does not rust or wear out even if used continuously. You need to consider all these factors before making a blade choice for your kitchen.

You should never ignore the knife blade as well. It is the handle that assures comfort and safety during usage. You should always opt for a knife that promises proper ergonomics and control over the knife.  

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