The 10 Best Wine Aerators in 2019

Aeration is one of the secrets behind invigorating the taste, aroma, and texture of your wine. Though you can use decanters to aerate your wine, it will take longer as compared to using an aerator. But surely, who wants to sit for hours waiting for this to take place? We can bet no one. This is where aerators come in. What aerators do is help evaporate tannins and other unwanted compounds which ruin the flavor of your vino. Better still, these accessories expedite the process allowing you to enjoy your wine on the go.

Wine aerators come in different types, shapes designs with varied features to suit different consumer needs. This makes it hard to identify the best wine aerator for different wine brands. If you are wondering which model will work for you, we have written a shopping guide and reviewed some of the top quality brands you can take advantage of.

Best Pick

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter turns any wine into a great vino on the go giving you fuller bouquet by striking a balance between your wine and air. Its patented design aerates your wine into three different stages with high efficiency making it our best pick.

Budget Pick

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

If you are on a budget, then Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer can be an excellent pick for you. The accessory is designed using premium quality FDA approved materials to ensure you enjoy using your aerator for generations to come. The aerator is effective and improves the quality of your vino instantly giving you a better bouquet making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Wine Aerators

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1. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Features a multi-stage aeration process
  • Gives your wine a great taste
  • Prevents drippings, overflow, and leakages

This Zazzol aerator is a regular sized model designed to allow you to enhance your vino flavor and texture on the go. The accessory achieves this through its multi-stage design which increases the aeration effectiveness three times more, intensifying the flavors and bouquet of your wine.

During the multi-stage aeration, your wine is passed through three stages. Once the wine is poured into the aerator, it is first spread over the cone where it is later passed through 32 holes and subjected to adequate air before exiting the bottom into your glass.

Its design prevents any chances of experiencing over-flows, leaking or dripping. The aerator usually comes with an elegant box which can be used as a gift box.

2. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant and functional
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Made from quality FDA approved materials
  • Provides a leak and stain free aeration and pouring

Vintorio vino aerator boasts of its ample aerating chamber and an air inlet system which perfectly aerates your vino doubling its quality. The accessory is made using premium quality materials that are FDA approved enabling you to transition your good wine to great vino right away.

Before your wine reaches your glass, it is carefully subjected to enough oxygen through the aeration chamber. The accessory usually achieves this by combining the efficiency of a pourer and a handheld aerator giving your vino the best aeration.

While your wine pours into the glass, you will notice a lot of bubbles forming, a good indicator that your wine is breathing. Its ergonomic design facilitates easy and hassles free aeration making it ideal for use by rookies.  The spout features a slanted design for drip-free pouring. That’s not all; the aerator offers a stain-free and leak-free aeration.

When not in use the accessory can be used to enhance the elegance of your counter-top or table.

3. Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator

Highlighted Features

  • Aerates wine in three multi-stages
  • Comes with a gift carrying pouch
  • Serves as an aerator, pourer, diffuser, and decanter
  • Aerates wine in seconds effectively

You can now say goodbye to the hassles of having to sit and wait for your wine to breathe by taking advantage of this fantastic aerator.  In just three simple stages, this accessory will efficiently aerate your vino giving it great flavor. When you pour your vino into this accessory, you will hear some noise as your wine goes through the stages a sure sign that it is aerating.

And in seconds, your aerator will transform your wine into an extraordinary taste. Customers who have given this accessory a try were happy by its performance making it one of the best-rated wine aerator.

4. Vinturi V1010 Wine Aerator

Highlighted Features

  • Aerates wine in seconds giving it better taste
  • Patented smooth finish
  • Top rack model
  • Includes filter screen, no-drip aerator stand, and travel pouch

Vinturi V1010 series is a red wine aerator which has been tested to give you reasons to enjoy your favorite vino. Its patented design takes care of the amount of air drawn in during the aeration process. Normally, red wine has tannins which are the reason why it has a bad smell when the bottle is opened. Vinturi understands well how this can ruin your winning experience. This is why the base of this aerator has flavor enhancers to ensure before your vino hits your glass it has a great taste.

Inside the Vinturi is an exclusive design which increases the velocity when your wine as it mixes and mingles down the aerator into the glass giving it a great bouquet. During the aeration process, the accessory serves as an aerator, decanter, and pourer, invigorating the hidden flavors in your drink. However, this happens in seconds which means you don’t have to worry about any delays. Its smooth finish makes it presentable in your party or dinner with family and friends.

With this accessory, you will enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a handheld aerator which makes the model one of the best red wine aerators in the market today.

5. Wine Aerator Pourer by TeTen Labs

Highlighted Features

  • Serves as a decanter, aerator, and pourer
  • Comes with a gift box
  • Ideal for use on both white and red wine
  • Enhances the taste of your cheap wine in seconds

This TenTen Labs aerator is handy and ideal for aerating both white and red wine. The accessory features a small air chamber which is dedicated to drawing-in adequate oxygen through a Bernoulli Effect exposing your drink to the air enhancing its flavors.

Unlike most aerator models which allow you to pour wine from the bottle, this TenTen series will enable you to aerate your wine from a carafe, wine bottle, any glass or crystal cup. This gives you the freedom to enhance your vino taste after decanting.

However, this does not mean the aerator does not have the capability of enhancing your vino tastes. The accessory is designed using high technology to allow you to improve your cheap wine instantly. The model comes as a two pack at an affordable price giving you every reason to enjoy your vino just the way you would love to.

Its spout is ergonomically designed to facilitate dribble-free pouring. Cleaning the accessory only requires running it under warm water making its maintenance easy.

6. Soireehome - In-Bottle Wine Aerator

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for aerating new and old wines
  • Intensifies the aroma of your vino in minutes
  • Comes with a stand and drying rank
  • Has a food grade silicone seal which fits all wine bottles

Soireehome aerator is hand blown using a premium quality borosilicate glass to ensure you enjoy pure well-aerated vino. Regardless of the wine brand you are looking forward to aerating, this Sorieehome will help you achieve the desired results faster. The accessory allows you to regulate the amount of air which comes into contact with your vino depending on the type of wine you are aerating.

The accessory achieves this through it's in bottle design which offers optimal aeration to all wine types when the bottle is entirely inverted. Its food grade silicone seal accommodates all wine bottles making the process more manageable. Included to this aerator is stand and drying rack for use after cleaning and for storing your aerator.

7. Aervana Original Wine Aerator

Highlighted Features

  • Unique and elegant
  • Operates on 6AAA batteries
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for all wines brands

Aervana has designed a premium quality aerator which gives unmatched results instantly. The electrically operated model boasts of two tubes which help draw-in adequate air to perfectly aerate your vino. With a press of a button, the aerator will intensify the taste of your wine and pour it in the glass within seconds leaving all the sediments at the bottom.

Unlike most models which require you to invert the wine bottle, you do not have to struggle to lift. With this Aervana you only need to unscrew your wine bottle and fit your aerator on top of the bottle, then hold your wine glass near the dispenser and press the push button. And in a jiffy, you will have a better tasting wine in your glass.

The fact that the aerator does not require you to lift the bottle makes it one of the best wine aerators for people with dexterity. Unlike other regular models which require you to clean with soap and water, you do not need all that to keep this aerator clean. All you need is to fill up an empty wine bottle and fit the aerator and press the button and wait for the aerator to do the cleaning.

8. Rabbit W6127 Super Wine Aerator

Highlighted Features

  • Recommended for aerating red wine
  • Aerates wine on the go
  • Sleek and compact
  • Well-designed spout for easy drip-free pouring

Rabbit W6127 series is a premium quality aerator which helps you aerate your red wine and blends to achieve your preferred bouquet and flavors. The aerator usually aerates your vino straight from the bottle into your glass within minutes.

With this accessory, you do not have to worry about your wine bottle. The aerator has been designed to accommodate all bottles and facilitate a drip-free pouring through its spout. When not in use, the aerator can be a great addition to your wine table or countertop.

Rabbit understands well how critical it is to keep your aerator well maintained and has not only designed an accessory which can withstand the test of time but also easy to clean. All you require is water and a mild detergent.

9. Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomically designed to facilitate easy pouring
  • Aerates wine instantly without removing the cork
  • Helps preserve wine for long through the Coravin’s capsule technology
  • Comes with a bag and three extra needles
  • Pours wine faster
  • Fits on different sized bottles

This aerator boasts of its Coravin proprietary technology which allows you to aerate your wine straight from the bottle to your glass without exposing the remaining vino to oxygen. The aerator has a thin-walled needle which pours your wine 20% faster as compared to the original stylus.

With this model, you can compare, taste, explore, and share your favorite wine with friends and family without the hassles of having to unscrew the cork. Once you are through pouring your wine into the glass, Coravin’s capsule technology secures the rest of your wine from exposure to air. Usually, the capsule technology contains 99% Argon gas which prevents any oxidation from taking place.

Its ergonomically designed trigger and handle help facilitate easy and drip-free pouring. For better user experience, the aerator comes along with three extra needles and a sleek carry bag. This makes the aerator easy to move around with be it when on holiday, a weekend gate away or an outdoor party.

10. Alpina iFavine iSommelier Smart Lead-Free Wine Aerator

Highlighted Features

  • Improves the quality of your wine within seconds
  • Allows you to preset your wine temperatures and decanting time
  • Can be electric or battery operated
  • Removes all lousy odor, moisture, impurities, unwanted gases and dust from your wine
  • Has a digital dial
  • Professionally designed

Alpina aerator is where the state of technology meets your wine. The accessory is one of its kinds. This is not like any other regular model in the market. The aerator gives you a touch of luxury as it aerates your wine. With its revolutionary air filtration system, the aerator correctly gets rid of all dust, impurities, odors, unwanted gases and moisture from your vino and diffuses it with concentrated oxygen to enhance its aroma, texture, and taste which would have taken years to achieve.

The smart aerator has a dial where you can customize the aeration time depending on the wine brand giving you flexibility like never before. Besides setting your decanting time, the aerator also allows you to set your wine temperatures depending on your preferences, a great feature which makes it an excellent choice for your next party.
Though electric operated, the aerator allows you to run it using batteries making it ideal for outdoor use.

Benefits of Using a Wine Aerator

Saves time

Aerators offer a fast and convenient way of aerating wine, so you do not have to wait for hours for your wine to breathe as in the case of decanters. The accessories have been designed to help you achieve the same results within seconds giving you the freedom to enjoy your vino on the go.

Improves the quality of wine

Wine aerators are designed to allow air to mix and mingle with your wine as it pours into your glass. This helps get rid of sediments, bad odors, moisture, and any unwanted gases, giving your cheap wine a great taste as compared to carafes.


You do not need to be a trained professional to use an aerator. The accessories are simple and easy to use giving you the freedom to enjoy your vino anytime without any challenges.

Factors to Consider When Buying Wine Aerators

Even though wine aerators are designed to accomplish the same purpose, they are designed differently to suit varied user needs. Just like decanters, wine aerators are different and you ought to be careful the type of accessory you choose to minimize any disappointments. To help you make the correct decision, below are major aspects you should look at when hunting for a quality wine aerator.

Aerator type

Aerators come in three different categories; the handheld, in glass, and in bottle models. Handheld aerators usually feature a bright screen and a base. Handheld aerators are heavy and can be tiresome especially if you have dexterity, carpal tunnel or aerating a large amount of wine.

However, handheld aerators are useful and allow adequate air to diffuse with your wine faster and are recommended for use at home and in bars. Some of these models come with a stand for preventing any contamination or bacterial growth ensuring quality wine in every sip you take.

In glass models look almost the same as handheld aerators in design but do not require you to hold it when pouring your wine. In glass models require you to insert them on the decanter or glass. This minimizes any chances of spillages. However, when using the in glass model, you need a lot of vigilance to avoid pouring too much to prevent any overflows.

In bottles, on the other hand, is one of the most convenient models you can take advantage of. The accessories are designed to fit perfectly well on the bottle allowing you to pour your drink straight from the bottle into your glass. The spout is designed to facilitate a drip-free pouring minimizing any chances of messing your carpet or tablecloth.

Some of them may require you to remove the cork while others do not. Regardless of whether your models need you to unscrew the cork or not, the aerator will help you prevent any oxidation to take place in the bottle. This makes them an excellent pick for outdoor purposes due to the high oxygen levels.

Operation mode

Aerators can be manual, battery operated or electric modes. Manual aerators are ideal for those who are looking forward to cutting down electricity bills or probably planning to use in an outdoor party without any hassles of recharging it or having to replace batteries. However, most manual models do not have smart features which you can enjoy as compared to when you invest in a battery or electric operated mode.

Battery operated models are effective and convenient to use for outdoor purposes and allow you to enjoy added features as compared to the manual models. Most of them come with carrying bags and are compact to facilitate easy transport. In case you invest in a battery operated model, ensure you have extra batteries to avoid ruining the fun.

Electric operated models, on the other hand, are convenient and ideal for use in a bar or home. Some models have a smart dial which allows you to preset the decanting time depending on the wine you intend to aerate and customize the final wine temperatures. In case you intend to use it for outdoor purposes, go for models with rechargeable batteries for convenience.


Modern aerators feature different design and shape to satiate different consumer aesthetic tastes. Though your personal preferences should influence the design of the aerator, when choosing the size of your accessory you should take into consideration where you intend to use it.

Outdoor aerators should be lightweight and compact for convenience.

Type of wine the aerator can aerate

Different aerators are designed to help you aerate specified kind of wines. Using your aerator to aerate the wrong kind of wine will ruin the tastes. The type of wine you love should influence the type of aerator you choose. This will depend on personal preferences.

Ease of maintenance

Most people pay more attention to the aesthetic design of the aerator that they forget to check out its ease of maintenance. Note that not all models out there are dishwasher safe. Some are not recommended to come into contact with water especially for the battery and electric operated models. However, lack of proper maintenance of the manual models can increase bacterial growth which will later contaminate your wine making it unfit for consumption.

Bacterial growth can also impact the quality of your aerator and may ruin its performance. Models with stands help prevent any contact with bacteria but will require proper maintenance to keep them in good physical shape.

Before spending on any aerator, ensure you have factored in its ease of maintenance to gauge if it is an excellent pick for you.


The cost of aerators is influenced by several factors among them the technology used, materials, features, and design. Identify what you want in an aerator and compare how the features will help you achieve the desired results. However, it is a great idea to stick to your budget.

What type of wines benefit from aeration

Just like decanting, not every wine is recommended for aeration. Usually, high-end brands do not require aeration and aerating them will not make any difference. Exposing high-end wines to excessive air can ruin their flavor.

But for an old wine that has been restricted from the air will work best with an aerator. Normally these wines have high tannin levels which make them have bad odor and taste. Diffusing your old vintage wine using an aerator is one of the great ways of getting rid of these unwanted odors, and improving the quality of your vino altogether. Red, white or any young tannic wine with high fruit concentrations can also benefit massively from exposure to air.

Tips for enhancing your wine tasting experience

Use the right aerator

While investing in a high-quality aerator is one of the best investments, aerating your wine with an aerator which is not recommended for the type of wine will end up running its taste. Choose your aerator properly.

Choose your wine glass correctly

Just like aerators, different wine glasses are recommended for the different type of wines. The kind of wine you are aerating should dictate the type of wine glass you use.

Normally, modern wine glasses are made of glass but not every glass is ideal for drinking wine. Some glass may contain lead which when it comes into contact with your wine becomes poisonous. Always go for unleaded glass models.  

Keep your wine temperatures in check

For your wine to release its hidden flavors and bouquet, it needs to be at certain temperatures. White wine is recommended to be served when chilled while red wine should be served at room temperatures. Taking advantage of smart aerators will enable you to customize your wine serving temperatures and invigorate the taste of your vino.

Maintain your wine levels

For great results avoid filling your wine glass but rather pour it up to the widest part. This allows your vino to aerate properly enhancing its texture and flavors. Swirling your wine slowly can help expedite the aeration process.


Wine aerators allow you to invigorate the hidden flavors in your wine while giving it better bouquet enabling you to enjoy your drink on the go. While the market will offer a wide variety of brands to choose from, not every aerator in the market will help improve the quality of your wine.

 The best wine aerator will depend on one's preferences and might have worked for someone else may not work for you. Regardless of the model you choose, a good aerator should be handy, quality, useful, easy to maintain, and poses excellent features to help accomplish its function. Choose yours today from our list of quality aerator brands, and let us know what works for you.
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