The 10 Best Wine Decanters in 2019

Storing some types of wine for an extended time allows sediments to form on the sides of the bottle. Though these sediments do not have any harmful effects on the body, they give your wine a bad taste and smell. Opening the bottle is not enough to do away with the smell, and more needs to be done. This is where decanters come for your rescue. What a carafe does is to aerate your vino by striking a balance between the smell and taste enhancing your wine texture and quality.

Due to increased demand for these accessories, more and more brands continue to flood the market. Evey wine breather will differ in one way or another, and the fact that most decanters are designed using glass, you ought to be careful with the model you choose. Glass materials are of different grades, and poor quality material will not serve you for long. For a better experience, here is a list of the best wine decanters we have reviewed with what makes them stand out from other brands. 

Note that there is more to look in a wine breather other than its quality and in our shopping guide we have unveiled how to identify the right one that matches your decanting needs. Just have a look!

Best Pick

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Our best pick goes to Le Chateau Wine Decanter. The wine breather has been crafted to offer unmatched decanting process. Its 100% Lead-free glass remains crystal clear even after repeated use and cleaning. Its bottom is wide enough to allow air to mix and mingle faster with your wine invigorating its flavor, texture, and taste. The spout features a slanted design for a drip-less pouring.

Budget Pick

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Our best budget goes to Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer. The decanter aerates your vino instantly from your bottle inside your glass while bringing out a great aroma, taste, and texture. Its stylish design makes it stand out from other regular carafes. Using and maintaining the wine breather is easy with its ergonomically design and easy to dissemble aerator.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Wine Decanters

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1. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to fit the standard 750ml bottle
  • Large diameter for fast aeration
  • Has a slanted top for easy and mess-free pouring
  • 100% lead-free crystal

Liven up the taste and aroma of your red and white wine with this Le Chateau carafe. Whether you are an occasional or a regular wine drinker, this carafe will help you to end your decanting woes. The wine breather is hand blown with a 100% lead-free crystal clear glass to help you keep track of the poured wine, a great feature which enables you only to aerate what you can finish.

Le Chateau understands well the essence of a large surface area and has incorporated all the must-have features to this carafe to ensure you enjoy your drink to the last sip. The decanter boasts of a large bottom which measures 8.5 inches and probably the largest carafe you can get in the market.

Its top features a slanted design to facilitate easy pouring of your wine without messing your table. Its classy design brings elegance to your bar countertop or table.

2. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Highlighted Features

  • Aerates wine on the go
  • Has refined design for added elegance to your table
  • Ideal for use on any wine bottle
  • Serves as a carafe and a pourer
  • Facilitates a drip-less pouring through its slanted spout
  • FDA certified

Vontorio is a leading producer of high-quality FDA certified products, and this carafe has not been left out. Unlike other regular brands, this Vintorio carafe is unmatched to none. The decanter boasts of its unique design with a unique vino aeration process which makes it one of the best aerator and pourer in the market today.

While other brands allow you to pour your wine on the decanter and leave it for some time for it to aerate, this Vintorio carafe aerates your vino on the go. Before your wine reaches your glass, it is passed through the decanter where it is adequately subjected to oxygen via a Bernoulli Effect to invigorate its texture, aroma, and taste. This is one of the features which make it stand out from other brands.

With this decanter, you can aerate any wine regardless of the bottle size. Its rubber is well-ribbed and tampered to facilitate dripless free seal. Its spout is angled and well notched for a dribble-free pouring. Its classy design brings a refined look to your party or home and makes a perfect gift for any wine connoisseur. Cleaning the decanter is a breeze, thanks to its easy to dissemble aerator which allows you to run it through running water.

3. Menu Winebreather Carafe

Highlighted Features

  • Large surface area and flared bottom for fast aeration
  • Provides a dribble less pouring
  • Uniquely designed

This wine breather from Menu allows you to decant your wine in only one single step. The carafe is designed to accommodate your wine bottle and facilitate drip-free pouring. Once your vino is well aerated, you can either serve it or return it to the wine bottle.

This makes the decanter stand out from other models making it one of the great pick for your bar or party.  Its bottom is flared up to help fasten the decanting process. Its refined looks bring refined looks into your table or bar top.

4. Savino SAV4105 Dine-Decanters

Highlighted Features

  • Serves as a carafe and a storage container at the same time
  • Freezer friendly
  • BPA free
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Does not require special corks or expensive gases to keep wine fresh

In case you may be searching for a wine decanter for your holiday or outdoor use then you should give this Savino SA4105 series a try. The model has been designed using a clear and BPA free Tritan Copolyester which allows you to keep track of the already poured wine.

Savino understands well how leaving your aerated wine for long can ruin its flavor, and with this model, you do not have to force yourself to finish the entire bottle. The decanter not only helps you aerate your vino but also store it for up to a week which makes it an excellent pick for outdoor use or irregular wine lovers.

To keep your wine fresh, you do not need any special corks or expensive gases. The carafe has a special cork which floats when you pour your wine minimizing any chances of contaminating your drink which may later impact the quality of your wine. The cork is easily removable during cleaning making its maintenance easy.

5. Bormioli Rocco Misura PZ Wine Carafe

Highlighted Features

  • Facilitates a mess-free pouring
  • Wide-lipped rim for easy customization of your drinks
  • Made from high-quality crystal clear glass
  • Can hold 33.7 oz.
  • Ideal for any drink

Most wine decanters in the market today can only be used to aerate wine, but with this Bormioli Rocco, you will enjoy versatility like never before. The wine breather is made from high-quality materials to ensure you enjoy using it for generations to come.

Unlike some models which get cloudy when you pour your drinks, this Bormioli carafe remains clear even with regular cleaning or use. The carafe is designed using premium quality glass for increased durability. Its mouth is perfectly designed with lipped rim for dripless pouring. That’s not all; its mouth features a wide opening which gives you the freedom to add ice cubes to your drinks faster.

Alternatively, if you have run out of ice cubes no need to worry because the decanter is freezer safe. The material is also dishwasher safe allowing you to clean it when needed quickly.

6. Sagaform Wine Carafe

Highlighted Features

  • Lead-free crystal clear
  • 7.75 inches wide
  • Oak stopper for keeping your wine fresh
  • Ideal for any cold drink

Sagaform decanter is a 67-ounce classical designed wine breather with an oak themed style. Its bottom is large with a flared design for expediting the aeration process. Its lead-free crystal clear design allows you to keep track of your wine and minimize any chances of filling your carafe to the rim.

Aside from aerating your vino, the decanter is also ideal for use on other types of cold drinks. When not in use, the wine aerator can also be a great addition to your table or bar top for more refined looks.

7. Luigi Bormioli Magnifico Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Made from premium quality glass
  • Facilitates easy drip-less free pouring

Luigi Bormioli is a 35-ounce carafe featuring a high-quality glass. Its stems are well crafted and reinforce with Titanium for elegance and increased durability. Its bowl-shaped design helps expedite the aeration process while its spout allows you to pour your vino without messing with your table.

The material is dishwasher safe and does not lose its brilliance even after repeated cleaning or regular use.

8. WBSEos Wine Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Can hold up to 1500 ml
  • 100% Lead-free crystal clear
  • Hand-blown into a U-shaped design

In case you may be hunting for a large carafe which can decant more than one bottle, this WBSEos could be a good pick for you. The wine breather accommodates 1500ml which is higher compared to most regular carafes in the market. Its base is large enough and offers a maximum breathable surface for expedited aeration.

Its lead-free crystal clear glass is hand blown with classy U shape which adds elegance to any bar top or table. The spout is slanted and ergonomically designed for an easy drip-less pouring.

9. Sublime Gift New Upgraded Wine decanter set

Highlighted Features

  • 100% hand blown Lead free crystal clear
  • Drip-less pouring spout

If you may be looking for the best wine decanter and aerator, then this carafe could be the end of your decanting woes. The wine aerator has been tested to ensure you enjoy your vino up to the last sip. The package comes as a set of a 100% Lead-free carafe with a free wine pourer and stainless steel cleaning beads. This enables you to easy aerate your wine faster and easier.

Its premium glass is durable and can withstand heavy commercial use without losing its elegance. Its base is sturdy, a feature which gives you the freedom to store it on the table or countertop without tipping. Through its wine pourer, you can enhance the texture and intensify your wine aroma and taste giving you the freedom to enjoy your drinks just the way you would like to.

With this model, you can now say goodbye to strenuous cleaning or contaminated brushes. Thanks to its stainless steel beads which facilitate easy and hassle-free cleaning.

10. Famaid Superior Quality Wine Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Wide bottom
  • Holds 1800ml
  • Lead-free crystal clear glass decanter
  • Comes with a foam cleaning brush

Famaid decanter is a 1800ml wine breather which features stylish design. Its lead-free crystal glass brings elegance to any bar countertop or table. Its spout allows easy and mess-free pouring. The bottom side of this carafe is flared with a wide surface area to allow your wine to mix and mingle with oxygen enhancing its aroma and flavor.

A cleaning foam brush is also included in the package for easy and hassle-free maintenance.

Factors to Look at When Buying a Wine Decanter


Most wine decanters have refined looks for adding elegance and style to your bar or table. This is why you will find most models with unique designs costing higher than the regular types. In case you are looking forward to bringing stylish looks, then you should look at how the wine breather has been designed.


Decanters are designed using different glass materials with some colored and others clear. Colored models will hinder you from keeping track of your wine levels. However, glass carafes come in different grades depending on the lead levels. Never go for models that contain any traces of Lead

Lead particles may contaminate your vino making it unfit for consumption. Instead of going for lead glass models, you can opt for 100% lead-free crystal clear brands. Crystal clear decanters are not only safe to use but also allow you to see through the wine breather and know when the sediments have settled.

A freezer safe material is an added advantage especially in times when you need a cold chilled drink and for convenient storage.


The shape of your decanter plays a significant role in how fast your wine will aerate. Large bottomed carafe has a large surface area which allows your wine to breathe. However, this does not mean that decanters with small shaped bottoms are not ideal for aerating your vino.

The type of wine you intend to decant should help you identify your preferred wine breather. For instance, if you are decanting cheap wine go for models with wide neck and ample bottom.  Unlike cheap wine, old high-end brands require less exposure to oxygen and carafes with thin necks will work best for you.

Carafes with wide necks also make it easy for you to customize your drinks easily by adding fruits or ice cubes. This should not, however, be a big deal or a reason why you should use a wrong wine breather since you can also add your fruits or ice cubes directly on your wine glass.

Let the wine dictate the shape of the carafe to use.


Before choosing the size of your wine breather, you should first consider how often you drink wine. If you are an occasional drinker who only takes a glass or two, you should consider buying models that can serve as a carafe and storage container to ensure your wine does not go bad.

Large decanters are ideal for a party or busy bars. For commercial purposes, you can go for models which have the capability of decanting your wine from the bottle on the go.

Ease of pouring

A poorly designed decanter can mess up your table and stain your tablecloth. Wide mouth and slanted spout facilitate easy pouring. Besides, the mouth should provide a drip-less pouring to minimize any chances of staining your wiping cloth or your clothes.


Excessive exposure of your wine can ruin its tastes and aroma. Choosing models that have a cork or lid can help you keep your vino fresh for longer. In case you plan to use your carafe for outdoor purposes, ensure it can keep your wine for long, like a week or so.

Decanter type

While some models are recommended for both red and white wine, some are recommended for use on one type of vino. If you love both red and white vino or maybe shopping for a party, consider going for a universal decanter.


Glass material is delicate and can break if the bottom is not stable. A good wine breather should be able to stand on its own without any support.

Ease of maintenance

As your wine aerates, sediments get stuck on the walls of your decanter making it look cloudy. This calls for regular cleaning to enhance its clarity. Though some manufacturers may claim their carafe is easy to clean, looking at the decanter design can help you know how easy it is to maintain it.

Models with wide mouth and neck facilitate easy cleaning compared to the thin necked models. However, if your wine calls for a thin-necked carafe, a cleaning brush can help you keep it in excellent physical shape.

Taking advantage of decanter which comes along with a cleaning brush or stainless steel cleaning beads can help you save the hassle of having to invest in cleaning tools.


Most consumers pay attention more on quality that they forget about the warranty period. Great manufacturers care about their consumers, and aside from designing quality products that meet their needs, they cover them. A lifetime guarantee is an indication of a premium quality product and is highly advocated.

Best way to clean decanters

During the aeration process, the wine separates from the sediments which may cause staining. Dirty or stained decanters add unwanted bacteria to your drink affecting the texture, aroma, and taste of your vino. Knowing how to clean your wine breather perfectly well will not only keep these bacteria’s at bay but also give your carafe an extended lifespan. 

Here is how to clean a stained decanter

  • Clean your decanter immediately after use when the crystals are still wet using warm water and mild dish soap. If your decanter has a wide opening, feel free to dip your hand inside with a soft cloth when cleaning. For thick-necked models, you can use a cleaning brush and hot water. Note that glass material is delicate and may slip especially when your hands get wet and require vigilance.
  • In case you do not have time to clean your carafe immediately after use, put warm water and leave it for hours or overnight to prevent the stains from drying on the crystal.
  • Before cleaning, ensure you empty the decanter and wash it thoroughly with a brush and soap.
  • In case you do not have a cleaning brush or stainless steel beads, rice can still do. To clean your wine breather with rice, just add warm water inside the carafe and whirl it severally and empty it.
  • Add warm water, liquid soap and ½ cup of uncooked rice
  • Hold your decanter and swirl it ensuring that the rice strikes on the stained spots
  • Put the cleaning mixture in a clean container and rinse your carafe. In case you notice stains, you can pour the mixture back to your decanter and swirl again concentrating on the stained spot. If your carafe is clean, you can rinse it with plenty of water and dry it

Which is the best wine decanter?

Decanters will vary from design, material, style, shape, and quality. While buying a quality breather is what everybody wishes, the best wine breather should be selected in regards to your personal preferences. And no matter what you may be looking for in a decanter, there will always be that model which will help you achieve your needs.

Take time and outline your needs before deciding what works for you. All the above-reviewed products are ideal if chosen right.


Aerating your wine with a decanter makes a huge difference, and the industry has for years now supplied quality wine breathers which satiate different consumer needs. Wine decanters are not designed equal, and though they may differ in one way or the other, the goal is to get one that suits the type of wine you intend to aerate. All the above best wine decanters we have featured have different features to suit different consumer needs. 
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