The 10 Best Wine Glasses in 2021

The style of a wine glass, construction, shape, and size can dramatically alter the way the wine will taste. Dozens of specialized wine glasses are available in the market. Most of them have been grouped into white and red wine glasses. Red wine glasses usually are taller and have a more giant bowl in comparison to white wine glasses. The wider opening allows the wine to breathe which imparts a smoother taste to it.

The stem or the bowl holds red wine glasses. These do well when the rim is narrower, and the bowl is small. This helps in preserving the cooler temperature of the wine. No matter which wine you are drinking, serving in a great wine glass ensures that it tastes better. Not all wine glasses are created equal. These taste better in different glasses.

We carried thorough research on the wine glasses used most often. This practical guide is a compilation of the best wine glasses available in the market.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Wine Glasses

If you are looking for a wine glass that can add value to your collection, you need to look into the desirable features before investing in one. If you still find it challenging to pick one model for your needs, you can consider the recommendations offered by us.

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1. JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Design has a touch of elegant sophistication
  • Features modern style
  • Glasses curve to fit perfectly in your hand
  • Chic and protective encasement
  • Stemless wine glass can be cleaned conveniently in a dishwasher
  • Holds up to 15 ounces of white or red wine

JoyJolt Spirits stemless wine glasses are the newest and unique wine glasses available in the market. The designs are luxuriously chic and elegant. These wine glasses are shatter-resistant and impart a touch of elegance to your collection. These glasses can hold up to 15 ounces of white or red wine. These are ideal for serving cocktails and wines during any casual event.

This set of four wine glasses has been packed beautifully and would make a perfect present for wine lovers. These clear wine glasses feature a broad base and are resistant to sloshes and spills. The bowl shape enhances the flavors of your wine and lets you enjoy your drink to the last sip. JoyJolt wine glasses are also durable enough to withstand everyday use.

JoyJolt glasses are durable as they are made from superior quality materials. These have been expertly crafted and are nearly indestructible. This top quality product is dishwasher safe as these have been designed to withstand pressure and heat.


  • Ideal for serving cocktails and wines
  • Plus Circle
    Stemless base imparts stability to the design
  • Plus Circle
    Broad base makes the glass tip resistant to sloshes and spills
  • Plus Circle
    Eliminates the risk of steam breakage
  • Plus Circle
    Bowl shape enhances wine flavors  
  • Plus Circle
    Unique and attractive gift packing


  • The bottom is not flat

2. Govino Wine Glass

Highlighted Features

  • Features an exclusive design
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • Indentations have been positioned perfectly for resting the thumb
  • Can be used for serving liquor, cocktail, whiskey and beer

Govino wine glasses feature a unique design. These include indentations that have been perfectly positioned for your thumb. These are easier to grasp and swirl. These wine glasses are recyclable, reusable and unbreakable. These glasses are made from BPA-free and food-safe polymer.

Govino wine glasses are 100 percent recyclable. The ergonomic thumb notch ensures easy holding. The only drawback is that they are not dishwasher safe. However, these are easy to wash. These glasses perform better than any polycarbonate, silicone, acrylic and plastic glasses.

Govino glasses are ideal for drinkware and travel needs. These can be used for serving beer, whiskey, cocktail, and liquor. These award-winning glasses are not made from glass. It is made from BPA-free polymer, which is food safe. It reflects the aromatics and colors of the wine, much like crystal.


  • Made from BPA-free polymer
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal for travel needs
  • Plus Circle
    Easy to grasp and swirl


  • Is not dishwasher safe
  • The rim gets damaged in the dishwasher

3. Zeppoli Wine Glass

Highlighted Features

  • Features an elegant design
  • Easy storage and no spills 
  • Stable than traditional wine glasses

Zeppoli Wine Glass is made from shatter resistant, durable and high quality glass. Its elegant design makes it stand out from the rest of the models available in the market. It is easy to clean and is top rack dishwasher safe. The ergonomic design of this wine glass ensures that it fits perfectly into your hand.

Each glass can hold up to 15 ounces of wine or any of your favorite beverages. Stemless design ensures that you will require less space to store your wine glasses in the cabinets. These all-purpose wine glasses are practical for everyday use. The stemless design prevents spills and tipping. These can be given as gifts during weddings or any other occasion.

Zeppoli wine glasses are more stable in comparison to traditional wine glasses. You still get the full flavor of wine. The flat bottom ensures stability.


  • Made from high quality shatter resistant glass
  • Plus Circle
    Designed comfortably to fit in your hand
  • Plus Circle
    Stemless glasses are more comfortable
  • Plus Circle
    Durable, shatter-resistant glasses


  • Are super thin and flimsy

4. TOSSWARE Reserve Stemless Wine Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for use during formal entertainment, camping, by the pool or for everyday use
  • Does not crack, chip or break
  • 100% unbreakable

These stemless wine glasses are made from durable Tritan polymer. These glasses can resist heat up to 230ºF and are 100% dishwasher safe. These glasses are unbreakable and have been made from a unique process. Made from best shatterproof alternative to glass, the TOSSWARE wine glasses embody a smooth glass-like feel and crystal-clear look.

TOSSWARE wine glasses have been designed with remarkable ability to retain its clarity and shine. Versatile and timeless design of these glasses can elevate every moment you enjoy your favorite drink. This drinkware is not fragile and features a timeless design. It offers all the class with zero glass.


  • Each glass has a capacity of 16 ounces
  • Plus Circle
    Crystal clarity offers the feel and look of real glass
  • Plus Circle
    Heat resistant to up to 230ºF


  • Not dishwasher safe

5. Riedel Ouverture Red Wine Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Made from fine crystal
  • Set of two wine glass
  • Each glass has a capacity of 11.83 ounce

Riedel is a renowned family owned company and also the first one to realize that the taste of any beverage is significantly impacted by the shape of the vessel. It has been popular for its revolutionary designs. The wine glass collection from the company is perfect for everyday use.

Ouverture features a large bowl which helps it to release the aromas of the wine significantly. All glasses offered by the brand are dishwasher safe. The glasses offered by the company are lead free. The rims are thin and have been cut and polished to meet Riedel’s standards.


  • Plus Circle
    Rim opening is wide
  • Plus Circle
    Glasses are fairly sturdy for crystal


  • Stems are quite thin
  • Not comfortable to hold

6. Riedel Veritas Chardonnay Wine Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Set of 2 fine chardonnay glasses
  • Machine blown crystal of unsurpassed lightness and thinness
  • Has capacity of 13 ounce
  • Highlights supple and velvety texture of your drink

Offered by an Austrian clan of skilled glassmakers, the Riedel Veritas wine glasses feature a unique design based on the character of the wine. This functional glass wine is one of the lightest and finest wine glasses ever made. The glasses are visually stunning and have also been priced competitively.

Riedel Veritas is 15% taller than the first machine made line launched by the company in 1986. It is also 25% lighter. The glasses are dishwasher safe and also break resistant. These are suitable for everyday use. The technicians have created an excellent wine glass collection as per the needs of the 21st century wine connoisseurs.

The machine-blown design of this set has unsurpassed lightness and thinness. The bowls are based on the DNA of grape varietals. The elegant glasses are balanced and light. Machine made Chardonnay glass is ideal for everyday usage. The classic shape lets you sip the invigorating freshness of young wines. Mature wines deliver mineral, spicy and nutty flavors. 


  • Plus Circle
    Priced competitively


  • Stems are thin
  • Not comfortable in hand

7. Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Made from BPA and lead free materials
  • Set includes four 16-ounce stemmed wine glasses
  • Elegant bowl enhances flavors and aromas of your favorite drink

This all-purpose stemware set features a classically balanced shape. It offers fantastic value and durability to the users. The set offers unprecedented levels of resilience, clarity and brightness. It is great for everyday use and has been designed using state-of-the-art glassmaking process.

This versatile wine-glass set features all-purpose stemware works. It can be used for serving cocktails, chilled water and a lot more. The walls are thinner and offer a balance of strength and superiority. The laser-cut rim is chip resistant. The shape of the glasses is classically elegant. The fine blown design ensures authentic sip every moment.

This set features a classic stemmed base. It imparts stability to the elegantly curved bowl. The capacity of each wine glass in this set is 16 ounce. This versatile glass set can be presented as a gift during anniversaries, birthdays and during weddings. Each glass measures 9 inches tall. These are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.


  • Shaped to accentuate a variety of wine varietals
  • Plus Circle
    Versatile design with an elegant shape
  • Plus Circle
    Would make a great barware gift for birthdays, celebrations, weddings and anniversaries


  • Way too big for storage and for a dishwasher
  • Breaks easily while cleaning  

8. The One Wine Glass by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson

Highlighted Features

  • One perfect shape for optimizing all red wines
  • Designed by award winning TB host and Master Sommelier
  • Features a perfect shape for most of all red wines
  • Has perfect depth, rim size, bowl size and precise angle to channel the aromas of your drink
  • Made from lead-free crystalline formulations

This beautiful set of red wine glasses has been designed by wine educator, TV host and Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson. The design has been optimized for bringing out the character of all kinds of grapes and red wine types. This premium wine glass beats the performance of grape specific glasses.

The red wine specific bowl is larger than that of white wines. This is to permit enough aeration for opening up the flavors of red wines. Each glass can hold 6 oz. of your favorite drink. The rim is thin and has been designed in a way to enhance the entire wine tasting experience. The unique pulled-stem technology imparts durability and elegance to the design.

These glasses are grape specific crystal glasses that promise superior value to the users. The stylish pack can be used for corporate and personal gifting.


  • Unique pulled-stem technology 
  • Plus Circle
    Height and shape makes it eligible to fit in most dishwashers
  • Plus Circle
    Not prone to etching in dishwasher


  • Opening is small

9. Riedel VINUM Reisling Grand Cru/Zinfandel Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Made from fine crystal
  • Set of four machine made glasses
  • Would make a beautiful addition to your home bar collection
  • Capacity of each glass is 14 1/8 ounces

This Riedel wine glass set consists of four glasses offered at the price of three. The shape and size of these glasses command attention with their versatile nature. These multifunctional glasses are perfect for Sangiovese, Chianti Classico and Zinfandel. Riedel VINUM was the first line of machine made glasses in history. These were based solely on the characteristics of grape varietals.

The VINUM series had a permanent and strong impact on wine glass culture all over the globe. These glasses have become immensely popular amongst restaurateurs and consumers. Developed by tenth generation George Riedel the design of these wine glasses commands the shape.


  • Plus Circle
    Items in the box are safely packed in separate compartments


  • Wine glasses are quite fragile 

10. Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass

Highlighted Features

  • Glass design inspired by earth’s tilt
  • Luxury stemware offers unparalleled experience

If you are looking for a new generation of dishwasher safe and lead-free wine glasses, then you can consider adding this to your collection. You can sense the luxurious stemware with your fingertips as soon as you sense it. This wine glass set is distinct from other models and you can feel it with your first sip.

The extraordinary design of this wine glass has been perfectly executed. The glasses seem delicate to hold. This glassware stands out from the rest. The development of Denk’Art series have been influenced by the tilted angles of the Earth. The curve of the bowls in the universal wine glass has been tilted at angles of 24 degrees, 48 degrees and 72 degrees.

This wine glass is recommended for powerful to full-bodied wines. Wines with smooth character and minerality would taste just perfect in this wine glass. The design of the universal glass accentuates finesse and complexity of flavors. This glass is dishwasher safe and is made from lead free materials.


  • Ideal for wines with smooth character and minerality
  • Plus Circle
    Glass design accentuates finesse and complexity of flavors


  • Is quite fragile

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Wine Glass

Size of a wine glass

Size matters if you are fond of devouring red wine frequently. Red wine glasses should offer room for the wine to breathe. These glasses also allow you to get your nose in to inhale all the delicious flavors. Some bars serve wine in stubby, thick, and short wine glasses. It would be best if you looked into the weight, thickness, and balance offered by a wine glass before actually investing in one. Go for a design that is light and easy to hold.

The thicker the glass, the more difficult it becomes to taste the wine. Thinner glasses let you swirl the drink and enjoy it with much ease. Wine glasses also need to impart a certain level of balance. Whichever glass you opt for, you must be able to spin the glass around effortlessly. Balance is everything, and it is something that you should never overlook while hunting for a wine glass.

Clarity and shape

Going for transparent wine glasses helps you to appreciate the beautiful color of specific wines. It is vital to look into the shape of a wine glass as it has a tremendous impact on the release of aromatics.

Shape of the bowl

You must be wondering what the width of the wine glass has to do with your wine-drinking experience. The science behind this is that the width of the bowl lets you identify the surface area that would be exposed to air. It also impacts the aroma that you experience while sipping your favorite wine. When the bowl is comprehensive, you can actually experience the aroma. Narrower bowls do not promise you this experience as less wine is exposed to air. 

Choose shape based on the kind of wine you like

If you want to derive bold flavors and aromas from your wine, you need to go for a wide bowl. Wider glass bowls permit aroma to waft up. This also results in aerating the wine and thereby releases more flavor. White wines tend to have delicate aromas and also tastes. You should therefore go for narrower wine glasses if you intend to channel their subtle scent. Narrower bowls also expose lesser surface of the wine to air for preserving the chill of your white wine. 


It is up to you to decide whether you intend to go for a wine glass with a stem or without one. It boils down to personal choices. Experts believe that drinking from wine glasses without any stem can shoot up the temperature of your wine. This is because the heat gets transferred directly from your hand to the bowl. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which variant you need to go for. 

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