The 10 Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for Smokers in 2019

People who cook frequently and are obsessed with getting the details right in the meat, be it juiciness, scrumptiousness or the perfect tenderness will benefit from the use of a thermometer. You may wonder why you need an additional one if your oven is already equipped with one.

To begin with, some old models aren’t. And some tie your oven or grill may have indistinct markings. Or at other times, it is simply easier to set the accurate temperature and apply greater control on your cooking. A wireless thermometer does just that.

It gives accurate temperature readings, gives readings over a distance (usually between 150 to 3000 feet depending on the model purchased) and allows users some control like setting a high and low-temperature range, using an alarm notification system and monitoring both the meat and oven temperature simultaneously.

Best Pick

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

The ThermoPro TP20 is our best pick because it is a well-designed, functional meat thermometer that covers a greater distance and provides a wider variety of settings.

Budget Pick

ThermoPro TP-16 Food Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP16 is our budget pick because it is functional, gives accurate temperature reading and is an affordable thermometer.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for Smoker

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1. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

Highlighted Features

  • Monitors temperatures of meat and oven/grill up to 300 ft. away
  • Large LCD display; backlit for dim lighting or no lighting conditions
  • Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • 1-year warranty; 3-year extendable warranty upon registration
  • Well-calibrated; well-designed; functional; intuitive controls

This wireless meat thermometer from ThermoPro comes with dual probes. It features a bright orange body and a large LCD display for easy reading and setting of both the temperatures of the meat and the oven/grill.

The LCD display is also backlit for the convenience of reading in dark/ night conditions. This unit is easy to operate and requires absolutely no setup. Furthermore, the thermometer has preset temperatures for nine different types of meat like poultry, pork, beef, veal, lamb, sheep, etc.

The preset settings also include some cooking levels that can be selected as desired including medium rare, well done, rare, etc. The user can easily reset those temperatures as required or desired. The wireless stainless steels are of solid construction and can withstand high temperatures of up to 700 degrees.


  • Durable; lightweight; easy to carry with the clip-on
  • Plus Circle
    The receiver unit does not lose connection ever and can easily cover the claimed distance
  • Plus Circle
    Excellent customer service


  • Rubber shock absorbing layers protects the unit but upon removal of the casing you will find that the plastic is not that high quality and seems flimsy
  • The temperatures on the units are inherently different from the actual reading by 10 to 20 degrees, as noticed by almost all the users
  • The LCD display drains the battery quickly; you may need to replace soon or keep the batteries out for a while

2. ThermoPro TP-16 Food Meat Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • The unit features a magnet at the back as well as a pop-up stand
  • Stainless steel design; step down tip for the probe; steel mesh cable of decent length

The ThermoPro TP16 meat thermometer is an affordable and functional unit that can measure temperature in both Fahrenheit and degree Celsius, with a range of 30 to 570 degrees. The unit features both Count up and countdown timers, that run up to 99 hours.

The stainless steel single probe features a step-down tip design for easy insertion and accurate temperature readings. The stainless steel cable mesh features a 40” length and connects to the base. The thermometer’s cook mode is suitable for oven, grill, stovetops, etc. It has some preset setting for various meat types like pork, poultry, beef, etc. and some preset cooking levels like medium rare, well, rare, etc.

The user has the freedom to change preset temperatures easily.


  • Well-designed unit; functional; intuitive controls
  • Plus Circle
    All stainless steel parts; the probe has an angular tip for ease of insertion
  • Plus Circle
    Easy to read display; unit easy to set up


  • The main switch is at the back- it may get mundane and irritating to pick up the unit again and again for access of switches.
  • The thermometer and timer functions do not work at the same time
  • The alarm setting is inconvenient for some users- it will not set beyond or below a certain temperature, not stop once set or the beeping is continuous and low
  • No wireless signals included

3. ThermoPro TP-08S Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • Count down and count up timers; dual probes; reads the temperature in both Fahrenheit and degree Celsius
  • A range of temperature can be set; loud alarm or beep system

Packed with a hoard of functions and a modern interface, the ThermoPro TP-08S allows you to set a minimum and a maximum temperature and rings an alarm when the temperatures changes outside this range. The transmitter and receiver units are pre-synchronized and can be made to start working as soon as you insert batteries included with the product.

This unit helps you measure both meat and oven temperature, and notifies you with a flash and an alarm. The dual probes are connected to stainless steel mesh cables. Temperatures readings can be obtained in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. The timer features a countdown and a count up timer.


  • Large screen; large fonts for ease of reading temperatures; backlit for low lighting conditions
  • Plus Circle
    The temperature readings are accurate


  • The interface is not as intuitive and clean as the users would like it: it takes a lot of manual reading and several uses to get the hang of things
  • The distance covered is not very high; it works efficiently for about 50 to 60 feet as pointed out by some users but this depends on the room type or obstacles around
  • The cables kink a lot and you need to be cautious while removing probes to avoid tangles or damage

4. Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Smoker Meat Thermometer Set

Highlighted Features

  • Four AAA batteries included along with two hybrid probes, one transmitter, and one receiver unit
  • Large LCD screen; easy controls and switches
  • Two color variants- copper and black
  • The transmitter unit is water protected via rubber casing or gaskets
  • 15 preset meat types and four different levels of cooking preset

This wireless smoker meat thermometer comes in two color variants-copper and black. It has fifteen different meat presets like beef, pork, poultry, etc. and four different preset cooking levels including medium, rare, well, and medium rare.

The dual probes can either be used to monitor the temperatures of two different types of meat or the meat and the oven/grill/stove temperature. For the second probe, it is possible to set both high and low temperatures. The backlit mode allows you to view readings at low light or night conditions. Furthermore, the kickstand at the back provides support and helps you stand your unit. The wireless feature allows you to receive signals on your receiver unit 300 feet away.


  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Plus Circle
    The distance covered by this unit is very impressive- even with obstacles around, it will not lose signals at all


  • Some users find it hard to program or set- there is a learning curve and it is not very intuitive; more usage will help you master it
  • Not built to last- cheaply constructed; many users complained of the probes or  few function buttons failing within a few uses
  • The housing is plastic- must be kept away from direct heat; not water resistant

5. DOZYANT Wood Smoker Temp Gauge Grill Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • Large dial for temperature readings
  • 3” stem goes into the oven to get the correct temperature
  • Comes in two purchase variants-single pack and two-pack variants

This grill thermometer from Dozyant is made out of stainless steel for durability and toughness. It features a large 3 1/8” dial for ease of reading and a 3” stem for inserting into the grill/oven panel. The unit can measure from 100 till up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dial itself has temperatures has been color divided into different ranges of temperatures for meat types and to make it easier for users to select an appropriate temperature. The glasses don’t fog making it easier to read the dial. The fog proof glass does suffer from condensation at times; this problem is heightened by people who do the boil test on their units and immerse it in boiling water; no need to do this if you want to prolong its life span.


  • Strong; tough; durable; easy to set up by drilling a hole through the grill or oven
  • Plus Circle
    Easy to read the temperature; color-coded zones help users select the correct temperature depending on meat type


  • No adjustment or temperature reset button; sometimes units are prone to becoming off by some degrees
  • Several users reported receiving units with inaccurate readings.

6. Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe Meat Thermometer Set

Highlighted Features

  • Preset temperature settings for different types of meat
  • Wireless temperature data transmission of about 300 feet
  • Dual probes; 30 feet cable length

The latest wireless thermometer from Maverick features 3ft long wires connected to two-hybrid probes. The large LCD display shows two temperature readings. You can set a range for one probe to include high and low temperatures. The unit produces beep and flash to notify users. In addition, the thermometer includes fifteen preset temperatures for different meat types and various cooking levels for each. The user can easily change them as desired.

This operates on four batteries, which are included with the product. The transmitter unit can send signals to the receiver unit up to 300 feet. The LCD display is backlit for low light conditions. The transmitter unit is made out of plastic so a protective casing should be used if placed near the hot oven/grill. The probes must be treated with care. Do not immerse in water or liquids for cleaning. Wiping off grease would prolong its lifespan.


  • Great accuracy; low power consumption; long wireless range


  • Users complained of odd viewing angles of the LCD screen, low visibility for the temperature reading and even fading out of the screen after several uses despite battery replacement.
  • Some users complained of one of the two probes not giving any reading after some time
  • Short lifespan and short warranty period- works decently for a while then the temperature readings are way off; malfunctions within several months of usage
  • Many users faced difficulties changing the settings; needed to consult the manual each time

7. Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer - Black ET732

Highlighted Features

  • Count up and countdown timer
  • Programmable temperatures; ability to set a range of high and low temperatures
  • Wireless signals transmitted up to 300 feet away.

This meat thermometer is equipped with two ports for measuring the temperature of two meat types. The temperatures can easily be programmed and set at the desired level for convenience. Alarm or beep system notifies users when the meat is cooked. The wireless temperatures signal range is about 300 feet. This device measures in both Fahrenheit and degree Celsius.

The unit also allows users to set a range of high and low temperature range. The product comes with bear paw meat grabber to handle meat. It also features a count up and a count-down timer for greater accuracy and an advance notification mechanism.


  • Strong connections to the probes; good signal strength
  • Plus Circle
    Good build quality; tough; strong


  • Works well while it lasts but users complained of device malfunctioning after several uses
  • Temperatures remain stagnant at times; doesn’t register any changes; sometimes the readings are off by a significant amount

8. Keenstone Morpilot Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

Highlighted Features

  • 6 ports for 6 probes to monitor temperature at the same time
  • 4 probes included with the product, along with batteries and meat grabbers
  • Bluetooth range of about 160 ft.
  • Preset temperature levels and cooking level
  • Alarm system for the receiver unit and for your smartphone
  • Additional features on the app; graphing of temperatures available

This well-designed meat thermometer from Keenstone comes in an attractive combination of orange and black. It is a functional unit to buy, especially if you cook frequently and like to entertain a lot of people. The unit has 6 ports to house 6 probes. With the purchase, however, you will be provided with four probes and can buy additional ones if desired. The large LCD display provides several pieces of information for each probe separately.

The wireless connection can transmit signals up to 160 feet. Not just that, you can take control in your smartphone. Just download the app and set it up- you can change the meat temperature levels or temperature. When the meat is ready, an alarm rings both in the receiver unit as well as the transmitter unit. Meat grabbers and batteries are provided with the unit. It is a good value for money, based on the varied functions it is capable of.

One has to employ caution with the probes- do not expose to the dishwasher, microwave, direct flames, or oven cleaner. The probes can withstand a maximum temperature of 716 Fahrenheit.


  • Great battery life
  • Plus Circle
    Large wireless range; transmits accurate temperature readings without losing connection even once
  • Plus Circle
    The app is a must-have addition if you want to make use of additional, beneficial features


  • The app is only able to graph temperatures below 120 degrees; no graphing for ambient temperature
  • Some users complained of the unit not being durable enough
  • Some users faced probes failing within several months of usage: however, the company stands behind its products and send replacement probes when notified

9. Maverick Et-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • Dual probes; monitors temperatures for two meat types
  • Preset temperature levels and cooking levels
  • Temperature reading transmission for about 300 feet

This attractively-designed smoker meat thermometer comes in burgundy. It is designed to provide accurate temperate readings for up to 300 feet away. The unit notifies users when the connection is lost or the distance is exceeded for over a minute.

Measuring in both Fahrenheit and degree Celsius, this unit can measure using two probes at the same time. For each, you can view the actual temperature and set a desired one. You are even allowed to set a range of temperatures, specifying the highest and lowest temperatures allowed.

Probes wires are meshed for durability and are about 3 feet in length. Preset temperature levels for 9 meat types and 6 cooking levels are set by default but the user can easily change the values.


  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Plus Circle
    Large screen; Great battery life


  • A certain viewing angle is required for the LCD screen to give you optimum results
  • Some users struggled with the set-up guide and complained of there being a learning curve for knowing how to apply necessary settings
  • Many people found the probes to be damaged by water; in that case, it is best to wipe off after use rather than immersion in water
  • Poorly constructed;  not as durable as expected

10. Elite Meat Digital Wireless Meat Cooking Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • On/Off buttons; single port for one probe
  • A backlit, large LCD display
  • Monitors current temperature; Display set temperature
  • Alarm for notification when the desired temperature is reached; Timer included

This smart-looking wireless thermometer from Elite Meat Digital features a large LCD display that keeps you updated about the current temperature and allows you to set and view the desired temperature. The color of the model is silver and black.

The unit has an alarm system that notifies you when the meat is ready or the desired temperature is reached. The magnet on the back of the device may help you attach it easily to the grill or carry it when not attached. The unit can provide temperature readings for a distance of up to 65ft. In addition, the display is backlit.

Eight different meat types’ presets are installed and 5 different cooking levels for those who need a reference. The purchase of Elite Meat thermometers come with a bonus gift of meat brush, one extra probe and a cookbook for recipes.


  • Lightweight; works well; easy to use and set


  • There is a port for a single probe only- you may receive an additional one as a bonus gift but there is room for using one at a time only
  • Slow response to temperature changes; inaccurate at low temperatures
  • Manual on/off buttons; doesn’t shut down automatically

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Meat Thermometer for Smoker


Most digital thermometers are equipped with one or dual ports for the connection of one or two probes. The single probe ones are cheaper but it is helpful to buy a dual probe one- you can monitor the temperatures of the meat and the oven simultaneously.

Probes are made of stainless steel with temperature sensors at the tip. The tip must never be directly exposed to heat, flames or even water.


This is one of the most difficult parts of using a thermometer and m=probes. The units usually have preset temperature levels for meat type and cooking level types like Medium Rare, Well Done, Rare, etc.

You must consult your instruction manual and never ever lose the manual because you might need it for future settings. It is quite easy to change the preset levels but there is a learning curve involved- the more frequently you have to do it, the better you get at it


A difference of about ten degrees can alter the taste, aroma, tenderness, and flavors of the meat being cooked. This means that any thermometer you buy must register an accurate temperature.

It is helpful to check accuracy with other know devices or thermometers, Then you may adjust discrepancies or get a replacement.

Shut down mechanism

This is important because digital thermometers run on batteries and to prolong battery life it must be able to shut down automatically after detecting inactiveness. If not, you would have to power on or off manually, using a button or switch, usually located at the back of the device.

People who are forgetful may find this distressing.


Analog: These are usually of the oven-proof type and mostly involve drilling into the oven lid or surface to measure the temperatures inside. These are always made of stainless steel, iron, or some durable metal and have the ability to withstand high heat.

They feature large dials and a large range of temperatures. They have one or two temperature scales, and sometimes are equipped with zones or chart to guide users with specific types of meat

Digital: The digital thermometer run on two or four batteries. They do not to be drilled onto the oven surface, rather they can be placed anywhere as long the probe wire can reach up to that distance. They use probes inserted into the meat or oven and the other end connected to the transmitter unit. A digital thermometer allows you more flexibility, wireless temperature reading, and greater features.


Most thermometers have large or medium LCD display screens that can give the temperatures readings of all the probes on the same screen. For units with more than two probes, you may have screens dedicated to each probe and you can shift between those.


Most wireless thermometers make use of two units- the transmitter and the receiver unit. The transmitters send temperature recording while the receiver unit receives it. The user can receive a signal usually if they are about 50 to 300 feet away, depending on the specific model.

This is helpful because you should be able to know what your oven temperature and take necessary measures immediately.

Alarm system

An alarm system is a vital component of making the most out of your wireless thermometer. If you are involved with the other preparations of the meal or you are in another room, you want a timely notification mechanism.

You want a unit that has a loud alarm or beep. The alarm should not ring once so you don’t miss it while you’re in a noisy room. Some thermometers even use an app connection on your smartphone for notification.


It is useful to have a wireless meat thermometer if you barbeque often and entertain guests. We have compiled a list of the best wireless thermometers to help you narrow down your search and opt for the best.

We have compiled the list based on factors like functionality, temperature range, affordability, features, number of probes, accuracy, etc.
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