Tramontina Cookware Reviews in 2019

Looking for cookware proudly made in the US? The Brazilian company Tramontina manufacture a range of their cookware in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and if you want to just replace, or even update your cookware, then Tramontina can offer something suitable for your kitchen, whether stainless steel, ceramic coated or hard-anodized cookware.

In the following Tramontina cookware reviews, we review several types of cookware sets and look in a little more detail at the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of cookware, as well as offering a few hints on how to maintain and clean different cookware to keep it at its best.

Best Pick

Tramontina 80110 525DS 10 Piece Gourmet Ceramica Deluxe Cookware Set

The Tramontina 80110/525DS 10 Piece Gourmet Ceramica Deluxe cookware set is our best pick, offering US-assembled aluminum ceramic cookware that is lead, cadmium, PTFE and PFOA free.

Budget Pick

Tramontina 80154 567DS 9 Piece Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Base Cookware Set

The Tramontina 80154/567DS 9 piece stainless steel tri-ply base cookware set is our budget pick as a stainless steel cookware set suitable for all types of stovetop, including induction.

Quick Comparison: Top 6 Tramontina Cookware

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1. ​Tramontina 80110/525DS 10 Piece Gourmet Ceramica Deluxe Cookware Set

Highlighted Features

  • A 10 piece set of metallic black ceramic cookware and tempered glass lids
  • Made from cold forged, heavy-gauge aluminum, the outer coating is metallic black porcelain and the inner is an ivory ceramic coating
  • Suitable for gas, electric or ceramic hobs, they are oven-safe up to 350°F and dishwasher-safe
  • This cookware is made in Italy, then assembled and packaged in the US
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

The Tramontina 80110/525DS 10 Piece Gourmet Ceramica Deluxe cookware set is heavy-gauge cold forged aluminum coated with a metallic black porcelain outer and a PTFE-free and PFOA-free ivory ceramic inner coating. This cookware is also free from lead and cadmium.

This set includes 1.5 quart and 3 quart saucepans, a 5 quart covered Dutch oven, an 11″ covered deep skillet and two fry pans - 8″ and 10″. The lids are tempered glass. This cookware is suitable for using on electric, gas or a ceramic hob and you can also use them in the oven up to a temperature of 350°F. You should avoid using ceramic cookware on high heat – low to medium is usually fine for most cooking needs.

Like any ceramic coated pans, use of metal utensils should be avoided to prevent any damage to the ceramic, and there can be a higher risk of the coating chipping. You may also prefer to season these occasionally to minimize the risk of food sticking.

This product is made in Italy and assembled and packaged in the US. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.


  • 10 piece ceramic cookware set
  • Plus Circle
    Aluminum coated with porcelain outer and ceramic inner
  • Plus Circle
    Does not contain PFOA or PTFE
  • Plus Circle
    Made in Italy and assembled and packaged in the US


  • As there are no vent holes in the glass lids you will need to offset the lids slightly to vent excess steam
  • You may need to season the cookware before use by coating the inner with cooking and oil and heating over a medium burner for two to three minutes
  • The inner may be prone to staining from dark and acidic foods such as spaghetti sauce
  • Cookware needs careful handling to minimize the risk of chipping

2. Tramontina 80154/567DS 9 Piece Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Base Cookware Set

Highlighted Features

  • 9 piece 18/10 stainless steel starter cookware set with tri-ply base for all stovetops
  • Have tempered glass lids and the cast stainless steel handles are riveted for strength and safety
  • Oven safe up to 350°F and are suitable for dishwasher cleaning
  • These come with a lifetime warranty and are made in Brazil

Tramontina 80154/567DS 9 piece stainless steel tri-ply base cookware set is a kitchen starter set with 1.5 quart and 3 quart covered sauce pans, a 6 quart covered sauce pit and two sauté pans; 8″ and 10”. It also comes with a steamer basket to fit the 3 quart sauce pan.

The cast stainless steel handles are riveted for extra strength and the lids are tempered glass for easy monitoring of your cooking. Like any stainless steel pans, food can stick, particularly at higher temperatures, so you may want to season occasionally, or be prepared to soak and/or scrub after use to get them clean.

The tri-ply base is impact bonded and 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum core and magnetic stainless steel, making it suitable to use on induction stovetops as well as gas, electric and ceramic. Oven-safe up to 350°F, this 18/10 stainless steel set is also dishwasher safe. Made in Brazil, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 18/10 stainless steel kitchen starter set
  • Plus Circle
    Tri-ply base for use on induction and other stovetops
  • Plus Circle
    Riveted cast stainless steel handles
  • Plus Circle
    Tempered glass lids


  • As these are stainless steel, you may choose season before use to prevent food from sticking
  • Can need soaking and scrubbing to remove burnt on food

3. Tramontina 80157/506DS 11 Piece Ceramic Deluxe Cookware Set

Highlighted Features

  • Deluxe ceramic metallic gray 11 piece cookware set suitable for electric, gas and ceramic stoves
  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction with durable porcelain outer finish and ceramic interior
  • Metallic gray color cookware with soft-grip silicone riveted handles for comfort
  • Oven-safe up to 350°F, these are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • Made in the US, this PTFE/PFOA free cookware comes with a lifetime warranty

The Tramontina 80157/506DS 11 piece ceramic deluxe cookware set is made in the US from heavy gauge aluminum with a metallic gray durable porcelain finish. They are PTFE and PFOA free. The interior is ceramic and easy to clean. This cookware is suitable for electric gas and ceramic cooktops and can also go in the oven up to a temperature of 350°F.

The set includes a 2 quart and a 3 quart covered sauce pans, a 4 quart covered deep sauté pan. A 6 quart covered stock pot and an 8″ and a 10″ sauté pan. There is also a lock and drain strainer. The lids are tempered, shatter resistant and heat resistant.

This cookware is dishwasher-safe and comes with riveted handles that have a soft-grip silicone coating for stability and comfort.


  • 11 piece ceramic coated aluminum cookware set
  • Plus Circle
    Easy clean ceramic interior
  • Plus Circle
    Soft grip silicone handles
  • Plus Circle
    PTFE/PFOA free


  • May need to season regularly to minimize food from sticking
  • More prone to chips and dents than stainless steel cookware
  • You may want to wait until they are cool before cleaning to reduce the risk of staining
  • Need to avoid use of metal utensils to protect the ceramic coating

4. Tramontina 15 Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Highlighted Features

  • This is a US-made 15 piece set of hard anodized aluminum cookware with a Teflon Platinum non-stick coating
  • The glass lids are heat- and shatter-resistant and tempered for safety
  • Durable cookware which is oven safe up to 350°F

The Tramontina 15 piece hard anodized cookware set is made in the US from durable hard-anodized aluminum with Teflon Platinum PFOA-free non-stick coating. The handles are ergonomic and riveted for safer handling and the glass lids are heat-resistant and shatter-resistant.

The set includes sauce pans with lids, a Dutch oven, a deep sauté pan with a lid and three skillets. Tramontina advise that these pans be seasoned, and that you avoid using metal utensils which can damage the non-stick surface. Cooking temperatures should not be allowed to get too high, as hard-anodized cookware can warp with excessive heat.


  • 15 piece hard anodized cookware set
  • Plus Circle
    Teflon Platinum non-stick coating
  • Plus Circle
    Riveted handles
  • Plus Circle
    Heat-resistant and shatter-resistant glass lids


  • Not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Cannot be used on an induction store as core is aluminum
  • Need to avoid high heat cooking to reduce the risk of the pans warping

5. Tramontina 80143/600 12 Piece Select Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware Set

Highlighted Features

  • Copper colored 12 piece aluminum cookware set made in the US from imported components
  • Made from even-gauge aluminum alloy with a titanium reinforced non-stick lining that is free from PFOA
  • The glass lids are heat- and shatter-resistant and tempered

Made in the US with imported components, the Tramontina 80143/601 12 piece Select aluminum non-stick cookware set (copper) is made from even-gauge aluminum alloy with a metallic non-stick exterior and titanium reinforced non-stick and PFOA-free interior.

The set is two covered sauce pans, a 3 quart deep sauté pan and two fry pans; 8″ and 10″. It also has a 5 quart covered Dutch oven. It also comes with three nylon utensils. The lids are tempered glass and are heat-resistant and shatter-resistant. This set of cookware comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 12 piece aluminum cookware set
  • Plus Circle
    US made from imported components
  • Plus Circle
    Copper colored exterior
  • Plus Circle
    Titanium non-stick PFOA-free lining


  • Like any aluminum pans, extra care is needed when handling to minimize risk of dents
  • Not dishwasher safe

6. Tramontina 9 Piece Simple Cooking Non-Stick Cookware Set

Highlighted Features

  • Kitchen starter set of red Tramontina cookware and matching Gibson red handled four person flatware set
  • Pans have non-stick lining and glass lids
  • The flatware has plastic red handles and comes in a wire storage caddy

The Tramontina 9 Piece Simple Cooking non-stick cookware set (red) with Gibson Home Sensations II flatware set is an ideal starter set for any kitchen. The Tramontina set includes two covered sauce pans, a Dutch oven, a covered deep sauté pan and a small skillet.

All have a non-stick lining and glass lids to allow you to monitor your cooking. The Gibson flatware set is for four people and it has red plastic handles to match the Tramontina pans. The flatware also comes with a wire storage caddy and is dishwasher safe.


  • Red Tramontina cookware set with matching Gibson flatware set
  • Plus Circle
    Sauce pans, Dutch oven and sauté pan come with Glass lids
  • Plus Circle
    Flatware comes with storage caddy


  • Designed and priced as a basic kitchen starter set so is not as robust as other cookware or flatware sets
  • Pans are not dishwasher safe
  • No warranty information available for the cookware

Things to Consider Before Buying Tramontina Cookware

Tramontina has been around for over a century. In 1911, Valentin Tramontina settled into Carlos Barbosa, a small town in Southern Brazil and with his wife, he opened an iron mill. After Valentin passed away in 1929, his wife continued the company and then passed it down her son and a colleague who moved the company into modern manufacturing.

In 1986, Tramontina moved into the US market, selling knives to Houston retailers. The relationships developed, and cookware was soon offered to the US retailers. In 2005, Tramontina revived a Wisconsin cookware factory, allowing the local and skilled workforce to keep working and today, a range of Tramontina cookware leaves the factory with ‘Made in the USA’ stamped on it.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel is durable, hard and has a higher melting point than other types of cookware. Unless listed as dishwasher safe, they should be washed in hot soapy water. You can pre-soak to remove any burnt-on food. Steel wool can damage the surface of stainless steel, so do try to avoid using it.

Stainless steel can be prone to some staining. A common one is white spots caused by salts and you can often avoid this by adding salt to boiling water rather than putting it in the pan first. A stainless steel cleaner will usually remove these spots. Limescale deposit is also common in hard water areas, and you can remove this by gently warming a mix of half white vinegar and half water.

Benefits of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic coated cookware is not suitable for induction cooking as its aluminum bottom cannot conduct magnetic waves very well. It is fine to use on all other stove tops.

Higher quality ceramic finishes will not start to break down until they reach a temperature of around 800°F, but manufacturers often suggest that you always cook at the lowest temperature you can, especially as stains can be difficult to remove from ceramic linings.

Because ceramic cookware is usually aluminum, it is more at risk of dents and the ceramic coating can easily be damaged by use of metal utensils. It is always better to use wood or silicone utensils in ceramic pans as these do not damage the coating.

Although ceramic does not react with food in the way that other types of pan can, you may find it useful to season them regularly.

The inner ceramic coating is usually porous and light-colored which means it can stain if you are cooking acidic and dark foods such as spaghetti sauce. You can soak the pan in hot soapy water and if it is still not coming clean, then you can use a nylon or soft abrasive pad to gently scrub. You may want to re-season the pan after this to help future sticking. A rub around the pan with olive oil and two to three minutes over a medium heat will suffice. You can then wash the pan and use as normal.

You may also find there is less risk of staining if you always wash ceramic cookware when it is cold rather than hot. Some ceramic cookware is also dishwasher safe.


Hard anodized cookware is tougher and twice as hard as stainless steel, yet still lightweight as it has an aluminum core. Hard-anodized cookware is more durable and resistant to corrosion and chipping.

It is low-stick cookware unless it says that it is non-stick – in which case it will have a non-stick coated inner. If it does, then you should always cook lower than the maximum temperature recommended, as this reduces the risk of the non-stick coating breaking down.

Hard anodized cookware tends to clean easily with hot soapy water. If the pan is hot, then wash in hot water or if it is cold, then wash in cooler water as this will help stop any warping. If a pan is stained after use, a good soak in hot soapy water will usually resolve and if there are stains on the outside, a basking soda paste can help remove them. Stay away from wire wool or harsh cleaners as these can damage the cookware.

Do not wash hard-anodized pans in the dishwasher unless the cookware is dishwasher safe as the coating on hard-anodized cookware can discolor or wear down when it reacts with some of the chemicals in dishwasher detergent.


Although some of Tramontina’s cookware is made in its home country of Brazil or in other countries, some of its ranges are proudly US-made, or US-assembled and packaged from components that were made in other countries.

If you were unsure as whether you should invest in some new steel or aluminum cookware, or even opt for hard-anodized, then we trust that after reading our Tramontina cookware reviews you now know which type of cookware will offer the most advantages to your kitchen. You can also buy with confidence knowing that the majority of Tramontina cookware available comes with a lifetime warranty.
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