The 10 Best Whiskey Decanters in 2019

Whether you are fond of blended whiskies or prefer single malts, you can certainly benefit from placing each whiskey option in a decanter. You can instantly transform your ordinary beverage into an art with decanters.

A decanter helps your wine to breathe and imparts quality to every glass. If you are opting for blended whiskey, then you can utilize a decanter for replicating some of the aging process for heightening your experience. 

How to find the best whiskey decanter?

Decanters are basically made of either crystal or glass. Each option comes with various grades. If you are looking for a touch of elegance, then you must opt for a crystal decanter. However, it is vital to consider lead-free options. Although leaded crystal is the most affordable of all decanters, lead can seep into your drink and can cause much harm.

Decanting implies to the process of pouring the contents basically from a wine bottle into another vessel which is usually a wine decanter. These decanters are available in interesting sizes and shapes. This is the reason why decanters make popular and perfect gifts for wine lovers. The most important part is that a decanter brings your wine to its fullest potential thereby allowing you to savor all the delicious flavors.

Best Pick

Godinger Whiskey Decanter With Etched Whiskey Glasses

If you are looking for a hand blown whiskey decanter that features an elegant design and enhances your drinking experience, then you should consider purchasing Godinger Whiskey Decanter.

Budget Pick

James Scott 7-piece glass decanter & whisky glasses set

James Scott 7-piece glass decanter is a classic set that makes quite a bold statement with its timeless European design. The bold cuts, incredible designing, generous capacity and the desirable price tag makes it a perfect addition to your home bar.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Whiskey Decanters

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1. Godinger Whiskey Decanter With Etched Whiskey Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Features globe etched design and an antique ship in the bottle
  • Set comprises of mahogany stained tray, a decanter and whiskey glasses
  • Comes with a gold stopper which adds a touch of glass
  • Can also be used to serve juice, water, soda and iced tea
  • Makes perfect gift for whiskey & wine lovers

This hand blown whiskey decanter dispenser features an etched globe design. Its elegant designing with antique ship in the bottle certainly enhances your drinking experience. This patent pending set makes quite a bold impression. The set comprises of a whisky decanter with two matching old fashioned whiskey glasses. It is perfectly fitted into a mahogany stained tray.

The gold stopper adds a touch of class to the entire setup. The capacity of the lead free decanter is 850ml and that of cocktail glass is 300ml. This set can also be used to serve juice, water, iced tea, soda and other beverages. Godinger products make perfect gifts for special occasions.


  • Stunning piece and fantastic quality
  • Plus Circle
    Features classy detailing
  • Plus Circle
    The stand is stable and well designed
  • Plus Circle
    Would make a great addition to your style bar


  • Smarter than conventional designs
  • The glasses are quite thin

2. James Scott 7-piece glass decanter & whisky glasses set

Highlighted Features

  • Safe for use in a dishwasher
  • This whiskey drinkware can become a treasured handloom for its elegant designing
  • Designed considering health, pleasure and comfort in mind
  • Poses no health effects because every inch is lead free
  • Made from high quality glass so that chip won’t shard into your drink

This classic set features a timeless European design and makes quite a bold statement. This decanter set is much of a visual treat to the eyes. It is characterized by its bold cut designs. The decanter measures 33.75 oz. and comes with a stopper. Each whiskey tumbler offered with the set measures 9.5oz.

This decanter and whisky glass set is perfect for enjoying your favorite drinks such as brandy, mixers, cognac, blends, fine American bourbon, cocktails, Irish whiskey and a lot more. This beautifully packaged decanter set makes an incredible gift for all those who can appreciate its beauty and practicality. The excellent craftsmanship of this stunning liquid decanter makes it a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and weddings.

If you want to treat someone special, you cannot go wrong with this alluring decanter set. This high quality decanter set is made of best quality materials and is truly unique in every sense. The capacity is generous for storing alcohol of your choice. This elegant addition to your home bar is crafted sophistically with a heavy base.

This decanter set is 100% lead free. James Scott Decanter set has been designed from non-leaded glass which is safe for everyday use.


  • Is BPA free
  • Plus Circle
    Exudes an overall feel of boldness and luxuriousness
  • Plus Circle
    Balanced designing and ensures smooth pour
  • Plus Circle
    Cleaning is quick and easy


  • The tray that comes along the set is flimsy

3. Whiskey Decanter Set World Etched Globe Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Is a unique masterpiece that has been perfected by skilled artisans
  • Comes with a metal pour funnel and a glass stopper
  • Each component is made from high grade material

Don’t you want a whiskey decanter set that comes with a glass stopper and a pour funnel? The etched globe decanter measures 850ml and features a custom designed wooden base, ship, a glass stopper and a metal pour funnel. Each decanter is a masterpiece of a skilled artisan. This Whiskey Decanter Set World Etched Globe Decanter has been custom designed with a ship on the inside. This set adds a touch of class to your bar décor and is certainly going to ignite a great conversation.

The large size decanter can hold an entire bottle of wine, whiskey and spirits. The tight fitting stopper made of glass ensures that you drink remains flavorful and fresh throughout. The pour funnel that comes along the set helps you fill the decanter without any spillage.

This World Etched Globe Decanter is lead free and has been certified to be safe. The pour funnel, glass stopper and decanter have all been certified to meet stringent US FDA regulations. This set would make a perfect gift for your loved ones who are fond of treating themselves to great tasking wine or whiskey.


  • Wood is of fine quality
  • Plus Circle
    Beautifully designed with ship inside
  • Plus Circle
    Example of excellent craftsmanship
  • Plus Circle
    Made from certified materials


  • Etching has small spots here and there

4. James Scott Crystal Liquor Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with century old crafting techniques that have been perfected by Bohemian artists
  • It can hold whiskey up to 750ml
  • The Irish cut design is beautiful
  • Offers secure grip 

This elegant decanter is a true beauty that can add a touch of sophistication at your bar table. Made from crystal, the unique design of this James Scott whiskey and wine decanter features a unique design that is deeply faceted and hand cut for imparting the extra sparkle.

As this James Scott decanter is made from crystal, it requires delicate handling. You need to be little tender in handling in order to ensure that this artistic beauty lasts for a lifetime. You need to wash one piece at a time utilizing warm soapy water and dry the set with a soft cloth.

James Scott 100% lead free decanter is made from ultra clarity glass. Backed by 100% guarantee, this stunning decanter comes packaged with a gift box. This would make a perfect gift for any scotch drinker and whiskey enthusiast.

If you are looking to impress your guests, then this James Scott Decanter is just perfect for you. This set is comfortable to hold and sturdy. It fits well in both large and small hands. Exquisitely chic and clubby, this James Scott Decanter enhances the pleasure of every sip that you take.


  • Plus Circle
    Unique design imparts a sophisticated flair at the bar table
  • Plus Circle
    Comes packaged in a gift box


  • Dishwasher can leave a film on the decanter and hence is not recommended
  • Requires delicate handling

5. Royal Decanters Skull Shaped Glass Whiskey and Liquor Decanter Set

Highlighted Features

  • Artisan decanter set comes with a skull decanter, a stand and four bar glasses
  • Wooden stand is hand crafted and beautifully curved
  • Natural shape complements rustic and cozy home décor
  • The bar glasses match wooden bases that match the decanter stand

Have you ever wanted to purchase a decanter that you could return if you weren’t fully satisfied with it? The Royal Decanter skull shaped whiskey and liquor decanter is backed by a lifetime and money back guarantee. You can request for a refund if you do not like it for any reason.

This beautifully crafted elegant decanter is entirely handmade. This patent pending set is absolutely loved by anybody who receives it as a gift. This lead free skull decanter features a hand crafted wood stand, a hand blown skull shaped decanter and matching shot glasses to the wooden base.

Attention has been paid to detail in order to craft this beautiful decanter for your home bar. The Royal Decanters Skull Shaped Glass Whiskey and Liquor Decanter Set come with a large decanter measuring 750ml. It comes with four bar glasses and adds a finishing touch to your home bar.

You can proudly present this set to your loved ones. The fitted glass stopper seals the decanter for storage. This keeps your favorite beverage aromatic and flavorful. The large patented decanter can hold contents of standard wine bottles.


  • Wooden bases serve as coasters to prevent watermarks
  • Plus Circle
    Ideal set for those planning to set up a home bar
  • Plus Circle
    Handcrafted set adds suave sophistication to your interiors
  • Plus Circle
    Preserves freshness of your favorite beverage


  • Glass is paper thin

6. Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Offered by the leader in handmade crystal for spirits and wines
  • Unique product that has been excellently designed
  • Perfect old world spirits decanter

You can consider adding Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter to your collection, if you are looking for an elegantly gift boxed yet functional decanter. Ravenscroft is a leader in offering lead-free, handmade crystal for spirits and fine wines. It only makes sense to purchase the offerings of the company if safety is your prime concern.

The beveled blade decanter from Ravenscroft is a massive hand cut gem. It is just a perfect old world spirits decanter. You would be dazzled with the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into designing this decanter. This brilliant lead-free decanter has been designed with hand cut, lead-free crystal. The decanters are produced by the European craftsmen using the most expensive ancient mineral deposits.

This eliminates the need for lead to be used as a clarifying agent in the process. It has been proven recently that leaded decanters result in leaching of lead into the content during long-term shortage. This can result in health complications in the longer run. 


  • Plus Circle
    Functional lead free crystal decanter


  • Poor stopper fitting  

7. Pacific Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Highlighted Features

  • This stunning piece holds 800ml of scotch, brandy, rum or other drink
  • Stylish packaging which makes it perfect for gift giving
  • Manufacturer from lead free ultra-clarity crystal glass

This stunning liquor decanter features a unique and exceptional design. This beautifully packaged decanter makes a perfect gift for engagement, wedding, birthday and anniversary. The classic bourbon crystal ware exudes luxury through every inch. Pacific Whiskey Decanter Gift Set comes packed in an exquisite and stylish box with a protective cushion and magnetic closure. The bold style and European design is more of a treat to the eyes.

Pacific Whiskey Decanter Gift Set is characterized by bold cut designs. This gorgeous spirit decanter set is styled artistically and adds a distinct touch to your barware. This decanter and tumbler set is just perfect for enjoying your favorite shots, cocktails, blends, mixers, scotch, Irish whiskey or fine American bourbon.

This premium quality designer set has been crafted sophistically with a heavy base to fit in hands of all sizes. This decanter set doesn’t fail to add a touch of timeless sparkle for both formal and relaxed occasions.


  • 100% lead free and made from non-leaded crystal glass
  • Plus Circle
    Heavy to hold and features a solid base
  • Plus Circle
    Perfect size for adding whiskey stones or ice balls to your drink


  • May seem hefty if your hands are quite small

8. James Scott European Made Crystal Liquor Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Made from century old crafting techniques perfected by Bohemian artisans
  • Artistically styled to add distinction
  • Comes with a narrow neck and matching squared stopper
  • Touch of timeless sparkle added by the flared sides

If you are looking for an affordable whiskey decanter that is large enough for your home bar, then you can consider purchasing James Scott European Made Crystal Liquor Decanter. This beautiful piece features deep decorative etchings for that perfect sparkle and nonstop glint.

Although this James Scott Liquor Decanter is not the largest whiskey decanter that you will find, it can still hold 750ml of your favorite drink. The Irish cut on the decanter ensures that you have a secure grip while using it. You need to hand wash this decanter with warm soapy water as the dishwasher can leave a film on it.

The classic design adds practicality to style. The excellent value of the set makes it a perfect gift no matter what the occasion is. This 100% lead-free decanter is made from ultra-clarity crystal and is free from lead. The quality of glasses ensures that whiskey remains at its temperature. The decanter is smooth to pour. The high end design coupled with a contemporary flair makes it an artistic alternative to plain liquor glasses.


  • Plus Circle
    Can be paired with other exquisite bar pieces from James Scott
  • Plus Circle
    Simple in design yet pairs well with contemporary and transitional décor


  • Noticeable air bubbles are present in several decanters
  • Surface does not have smooth finish

9. Badash-Enzo Square Mouth Blown Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Entirely mouth blown
  • Made from clear high quality lead free crystal
  • European handcrafted decanter
  • Best seller decanter with environmentally sustainable design
  • Unique engravable flat stopper

This mouth blown square decanter is quite a desirable piece that you would want to add to your home bar. It has been designed from lead free crystal and hence is safe to use. Badash-Enzo Square Mouth Blown Decanter features unique engravable flat stopper.

A stopper need to be sturdy and must fit well as it can result in excessive oxidation of contents of the decanter. This is one of the crucial things to consider before purchasing the best whiskey decanter. This European handcrafted decanter is entirely mouth blown which sets it apart from the rest of the decanters available in the market. You can use this to store your favorite whiskey, scotch or bourbon.


  • Plus Circle
    Is entirely handmade
  • Plus Circle
    Simple and elegant design
  • Plus Circle
    Cork offered along forms a decent seal


  • Doesn’t seal 100% which may result in evaporation  

10. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Whiskey Decanter

Highlighted Features

  • Made from quality Tritan crystal which is free from lead
  • Designed with crisp and sharp lines for a geometric look

Schott Zwiesel glassware is a result of innovation, technology and style. The company is renowned for offering the first fully automated product of glass blown glass stemware. The company is the first glassmaker to offer lead-free glass. Tritan Crystal was developed by Schott Zwiesel in 2001 when the glass industry was struggling with environmental issues. Dealing with lead in glassware was another prime concern gripping the manufacturers then.

Schott Zwiesel created Tritan Crystal by adding zirconium dioxide and titanium oxide for developing the best crystal glass in the world. The crystal developed in superb in brilliance and quality. It is also 100% lead free.
This lead free decanter from Schott Zwiesel is 100% dishwasher safe. It would not discolor, cloud or etch. Tritan crystal can resist damages of daily use, scratching and chipping. It is also thermal shock resistant.

This Schott Zwiesel decanter is made from brilliant and clear Tritan crystal. The rim is tempered along with the stem joint and the foot edge. This imparts strength to the design and prevents breakage and chipping.

All crystal products designed by Schott Zwiesel including this decanter are cut with the patented laser technology for obtaining an elegant and smooth thin edge. This decanter set is ideal for those looking for sophisticated decanter made from quality materials.


  • Is dishwasher safe
  • Plus Circle
    Rim is tempered for imparting strength to the design
  • Plus Circle
    100% free from lead


  • Lighter than standard decanters
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