What to Serve with Fajitas?

Among all the Mexican dishes, fajitas’ popularity is at the peak because of its own reasons. Fajitas are easy to prepare, delicious and versatile when comes to a serving. Starting from busy weeknight dinner to fancy parties, fajitas are always easy to go and win-win dishes! Traditionally, fajitas were made with grilled beef or skirt steak but now, chicken and vegetables are also used or included in fajitas. If you don’t like the hard and fast rules of cooking and eating, fajitas would be a big yes for you.

That is because you can serve it as and along with whatever dish you like! And we all have to admit that the decision gets harder with how to serve fajitas and what to serve with fajitas. So let us help you a little with choosing it and you’ll eventually be able to find out what dishes and side dishes to choose according to your mood and occasion.

How to serve fajitas: Interesting dishes

Before hopping into the side dishes let’s talk a little about the versatility of serving fajitas. Other than traditional fajitas, it is really hard to come up with a few dishes of fajitas because you can literally be as innovative as you want to be when it comes to serving it! So, without further delaying let’s go for some alluring and easy ways of serving fajitas:

Fajita Wraps/ Fajita Burritos 

Fajita Wraps Fajita Burritos

Since fajita and tortillas go side by side, this is the most common dish made of fajitas. If you want to make your table a look a bit neater and more organized, this would be the perfect fajita dish to prepare! Instead of serving a stack of tortilla bread, you can simply make a wrap with the bread and serve guacamole and corn salad separately.

And if you’re a fan of burritos, this could be a great two-in-one dish for you! Just put some refried beans and extra cheese in it! Even if you’re a beginner, you can easily prepare these Fajita Wraps and Fajita Burritos!

Fajita Quesadillas 

Fajita Quesadillas

Speaking of two-in-ones again, this would be another great combo of two of your favorite Mexican dishes. Doesn’t matter if you like your quesadillas fried or not, just simply change its fillings with chicken or beef fajita, gooey cheese, pepper, and onions.

Depending on the size of quesadillas, you can serve it as appetizers to main courses. Now isn’t that a great catch? This Chicken Fajita Quesadilla is easy to make and will become one of your go-to dishes once you start making them.

Fajita Sandwiches

Fajita Sandwiches

Sandwiches never get a “no”. You can transform your favorite Mexican dish as the handiest possible snack! If you’re preparing fajitas, fajita leftover is a common thing. Transform it into your favorite sandwich for breakfast!

This fajita sandwich is perfect for your lunchbox, party snack and even for your breakfast. Pro tip, try making a Mexican sandwich with fajita fillings. The taste burst will be amazing in that.

Fajita Pasta

Fajita Pasta

Fusion Cuisines have always been a great fantasy for cooking enthusiasts. Let’s shaken up your taste buds a little with all the Mexican flavors in an Italian dish. Fajita pasta is perfect for family dinners, grand parties, and occasions. A little suggestion to our culinary artists would be to fry the pasta and fajitas together for better flavors. But you can also do it separately if you prefer neater cooking.

Fajita Pizza 

Fajita Pizza

You'll see many cooking enthusiasts and chefs giving their favorite dishes the shape of a pizza. You can bake a pizza with absolutely any topping you want! As chicken and beef are the essences of any pizza, fajitas could be a great topping!

Fajita pizzas could be perfect for weekend nights or holiday dinners. If you ever feel a little monotonous with your regular pizzas, you can try this Chicken Fajita Pizza to make both cooking and eating a bit more fun.

Fajita Rice

Fajita Rice

Rice is always an option with any kind of dish. You will love flavored rice at your dinner table. As a host, you can serve Mexican Chicken Fajita Rice which will leave your guests amazed!

It is cooked with rice, chicken or beef, vegetables, Mexican spices, guacamole, and cheese, making it a full-fledged cuisine itself.  If you’re having a lazy day to make side dishes, this would be a perfect go for you. Pro tip, add a poached egg or sunny side up to make it look more lucrative!

Vegetarian Fajitas 

Gear up, vegans! There comes the good news for you. Even though fajitas are made of chicken and beef mainly, you can switch them with colorful, fresh and healthy veggies. And when it comes to veggies, you have a lot to choose from.

But the good thing is, you can choose whatever you want without considering anything. As a replacement of meats, our suggestion would be to use Portobello mushrooms. Just enjoy the smoky, sizzling fajitas as a veg dish. Here’s a simple recipe of vegan fajita you can try.

Fajita Casserole

If you’re having a lazy day, bake your fajita chicken, onions, peppers, tomatoes, sour cream in creamy cheese. It is really easy and time-saving to prepare and tastes extremely delicious. Once you start having them, this will surely become your favorite casserole. You can try this Chicken Fajita Casserole.

What to Serve with Fajitas: Side dishes

Side dishes hold the meal together, so they must pair up with your main dish. And Mexican cuisine brings good news to you since it has its fame for side dishes. Let us help you again to choose the perfect side dishes to serve with fajitas among the hordes of Mexican entrees.

Mexican Rice 

Mexican rice is easy to go with almost all the Mexican dishes. This rice is cooked with cumin, onion, tomato sauce and chicken broth giving it the perfect Mexican flavor. They could also be an easy replacement of tortillas.

In fact, any type of rice, flavored or not, will taste good with fajitas. But our suggestion would be Mexican rice since the flavors perfectly match with fajitas. And since you’re trying a Mexican dish, why not the side dishes be Mexican too?



It was an easy guess, right? Corn goes with everything and makes it a little more fun. But for a Mexican dish, let's go for something particular that is, Mexican street corn. It is nothing but grilled corns tossed with mayonnaise, sour cream, and Mexican spices. You can also pair any of your favorite corn salad or corn dish with Fajitas. But if you’ve never tasted Mexican street corn, you are really missing something out!



We do not need to talk about the pairing skill of potatoes, do we? They can be served with anything! But speaking of a Mexican dish again, we'd suggest you go for Mexican style potatoes. These are some recipes of roasted Mexican potatoes and skillet Mexican potatoes, Mexican potato casserole. If you want to keep everything low key, you can simply go with your own recipe of mashed potatoes!

Refried Beans

Any Mexican dish would remain incomplete without refried beans, no? This is the best side dish you can serve with your fajitas. Refried beans are usually mashed beans baked or fried with spices and oil. Since it’s a dip, it would be the perfect side dish to serve with fajita wraps, burritos or quesadillas. Black beans will also be a great choice here.  


While talking about side dishes, salads always come to the savior. You can serve salad with any fajita dish you’re preparing. Since there haven’t been any hard and fast rules in making a salad, you're allowed to be as creative as you can be with this. Starting from veggies to fruits you can go with anything you want. And do we really need to talk about its nutrition value?


We don’t really have to mention guacamole separately while talking about fajitas. Traditional fajitas remain incomplete without guacamoles. Guacamoles are a special kind of avocado-based salad, dip or spread that is served with fajitas.

You can serve guacamoles separately as a dip or salad but if you want it in fajitas, you can use it as a spread. In addition to avocado, it consists of tomatoes, lime juice, and onions. So if you want to sign up for something healthy, just go for guacamoles!



Last but not least, beverages. Dinner doesn't feel complete without it, does it? And when it comes to tex-mex dishes, tequilas win the beverage game. Cocktails are perfect to serve with fajitas.  So you can absolutely go with your favorite flavors of margaritas or simply mojitos.


Fajitas are easy to prepare. So even if you’re a beginner, you can get started with fajitas. You can start with basic fajitas and simple dishes. And to the cooking enthusiasts, you can be as creative as you want to be. Goodluck!
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